3GSM News: SiRF launches SiRFstarIII™ for the cost conscious

3GSM News:  SiRF launches SiRFstarIII™ for the cost conscious

SiRF Technology has introduced the SiRFstarIII GSD3t, a compact multimode A-GPS satellite signal processor that combines radio frequency and analogue signal processing capabilities in a single 90 nm RFCMOS die.

The GSD3t uses SiRF’s Adaptive Power Management and Trickle Power™ technology to deliver high performance while consuming very low power.

Available in both WLCSP and FBGA packages, the GSD3t is able to deliver -160 dBm signal acquisition in A-GPS mode and better than -160 dBm signal tracking capability to provide location data under the harshest outdoor conditions and in many indoor locations.

The SiRFNav® software runs on the host processor in parallel with other host applications, supporting autonomous GPS navigation, multimode A-GPS navigation (both user plane and control plane) and SiRF’s exclusive SiRFInstantFix™, a service that minimises start-up wait time for GPS systems.

The GSD3t also supports SiRF’s patented SiRFLoc technology, which improves GPS location capability in wireless system environments by using various modes of wireless infrastructure assistance to improve weak signal reception. In A-GPS applications, the GSD3t can achieve time-to-first-fix (TTFF) in about 60 seconds at -160 dBm signal levels, typical of indoor reception environments.

The GSD3t’s GPS performance is fully compliant with the industry-standard Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) TS25.171 and CDMA TIA916 requirements.

According to company founder & vice president of marketing, Kanwar Chadha, SiRF will partner with a number of wireless and other consumer platform providers to provide fully validated and tightly integrated solutions that make it easy for customers to successfully adopt the GSD3t for their platforms.

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