3GSM News: SiRF announces new products, technologies and alliances

3GSM News:  SiRF announces new products, technologies and alliances

SiRF anticipates that wireless will be the fastest growing segment of the GPS marketplace this year, has announced a list of new location enabled products and technologies.

  • A partnership with Skyhook to to deliver the first positioning system, SiRF’s Multimode Hybrid Location Platform, that combines both GPS and Wi-Fi location data seamlessly to provide instant and accurate location information both indoors and outdoors.
  • An alliance with Openwave to integrate SiRF’s SiRFLoc Multimode location server with Openwave’s Location Manager, significantly reducing the time to deployment for location enabled services.
  • A key technical milestone towards the widespread adoption of location enabled services through successful Secure User Plane for Location (SUPL) protocol interoperability testing with NEC, a leading supplier of location-information infrastructure.
  • A collaboration with NXP Semiconductors to location-enable 3G handsets by the integration of SiRFstarIII A-GPS solution onto the Nexperia cellular system platform.
  • The ultra-mobile PC ASUS R2H with integrated SiRFstarIII GPS capabilities, to bring location awareness to Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) users.

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