2018 Wards 10 Best Interiors: What a concept!

From an array of blazing colours and digital dials that perform multiple functions to an in-floor storage bin that can be used to both measure and preserve caught fish, this year's Wards 10 Best Interiors winners make it clear automakers are treating passenger compartments more like dazzling concepts than mainstream production cars and trucks.

This year's competition saw 40 nominated interiors that were all-new or significantly improved from the prior year, and even some of the vehicles that didn’t make the list pushed boundaries with regard to style, materials and colours.

Red was extremely popular this year, not only as an accent colour but covering complete seats and wide swaths of door panels on five vehicles in the competition – six if the burgundy-red Lincoln Navigator is included.

“Thank you to all the interior designers who have been urging their bosses to take chances and try colours that are less predictable,” WardsAuto senior content director Drew Winter says.

“We know a lot of consumers end up buying black, grey or beige interiors but there are also a lot of shoppers who want more excitement. This year’s class of winners will make those folks happy.” This article first appeared in WardsAuto.

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