1800+ Automotive Telematics Execs Descend on Telematics Detroit in Novi Today

1800+ Automotive Telematics Execs Descend on Telematics Detroit in Novi Today

The worlds’ largest gathering of automotive telematics execs, hosted by Telematics Update, is in full swing at the Suburban Collection Show place in Novi. 100+ expert speakers from innovative companies and influential organizations such as NHTSA, Facebook, BMW, GM, Suburau and Kia have taken to the stage today to discuss a new era for automotive industry: the connected car. Situated in Mo Town, the heart of the U.S. automotive industry, Telematics Detroit has united the entire auto telematics value chain, along with a host of local and international press, to capture the buzz in the telematics industry right now; that telematics can build brand affinity and create customers for life.

Precksha Saksena-Sood, managing director, Telematics Update is on the ground at Telematics Detroit: “It’s clear that the delegation is excited. We know that we still have challenges to overcome in this space, but this event itself marks the huge headway that has been made in the automotive telematics market. We’ve hit record numbers at the event and with GM and BMW set to make announcements on their vision for connectivity later today, the conference could be a game-changer for many companies’ automotive strategies for the year ahead.”

Just moments ago Thilo Koslowski, vice president – automotive vehicle ICT, Gartner, delivered his key note presentation on ‘Winning the Telematics Race’. All major automakers now have a connectivity program on the market. At this milestone, this session has provided key players with the opportunity to analyze industry leading solutions and crucial trends to create a strategy for the next phase in telematics.

From a media perspective, this year, Telematics Update has pulled out all the stops. Charlotte Wright, marketing manager at Telematics Update, also on the ground at Telematics Detroit, has commented:  “We’ve even got Damon Lavrinc, automotive editor, at Wired here to give an overview of the connected vehicle industry at the end of the day. We’re also getting set for the live industry poll we’ll be hosting later today to capture what the key trends and opinions in the industry are right now. The event is the biggest day in the auto telematics calendar so we didn’t want to miss out on the chance get the opinions of the experts working in the space.”

Telematics Update will also be conducting a series of video interviews with some of the conference speakers such as QNX, ahaHarman, NNG and WirelessCar and they’ll be released on the Telematics Update website over the coming weeks: www.telematicsupdate.com

The Telematics Update journalists are on hand to sum up all the key takeaways from the conference so those onsite, and those who could make it on the day, still won’t miss a trick.  The day one round-up will be available via the TU website tomorrow morning, Thursday June 6 and the day two round up will be available on Friday morning (June 7) on the TU website www.telematicsupdate.com


Charlotte Wright

Marketing Manager

Telematics Update



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