The Topics Defining the Auto Industry..

Automakers are making some big bets on the future: data, services, mobility, automation… tapping into innovation like never before as the race to define the auto landscape for the decades to come intensifies.

TU-Automotive West Coast (formerly Telematics West Coast) is the key forum for West Coast connected car and auto tech execs; bringing together over 200 experts to network and identify the crucial partnerships and the R&D innovations that will unlock the auto business models of tomorrow.

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TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 Agenda

Day One


What If We Could Start Again? Connectivity Square One

Imagine you had an opportunity to develop a new car brand from the ground up, but that instead of focusing on design and performance you initially focused on connectivity…

  • Work together to build the ultimate connected automaker. Define strategy, choose partners and adapt organizational structure to fully leverage the commercial value of a connected car
  • Real-world OEM case studies: Quantify the potential value of different connected car use cases to OEMs, drivers and 3rd parties to avoid the pitfalls faced in realizing this value
  • Learn how disruptors like 5G, privacy regulations, IoT and deep learning will affect the connected car business model to identify opportunities for new business and products

Jeffrey Hannah, Director, North America, SBD

Unlocking New Automotive Revenue Streams

Uncover the new sources of revenue in our vehicles from now to the future as automotive adapts to new vehicle use-cases, consumer habits and the digital economy.

  • Realize the untapped income from existing resources, such as optimizing the data we already have to hand in vehicles, and define new high-value services
  • From “Metallurgy” to “Services” business model: Harness revenue streams from the car use, not only from the sale, and identify potential income from new mobility services
  • Re-envisage the role of the car in the future mobility economy in order to maximize the role of the automaker, including how to position the brand in this new paradigm

Sebastien Henot, Business Innovation Manager, Renault

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Ready, Set, Innovate! The Silicon Valley Effect (panel)

It's not Silicon Valley v Detroit, it's about shared learning and resources. Explore the role of the west coast and R&D offices as a part of global strategy for automakers and their partners.

  • Going global: From technology to corporate culture, identify the role of R&D centers in informing global automotive strategy
  • Make & break: How OEM R&D centers can lead innovation, and how to structure to ensure you stay ahead and make the most of these offices
  • Agile development: Foster a culture of innovation in auto - transform OEMs into digital-first companies innovating at the speed of consumer electronics

John Suh, Executive Director, Hyundai Ventures
Adi Singh, Senior Scientist, Ford Motor Company
Evangelos Simoudis, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Synapse Partners

Moving from Concept to Reality (panel)

Get to grips with how to scale up from R&D to deliver realizable products and business models.

  • With so many pilots - which ones will last? Get the viewpoint on what the experts are thinking and to what extent to mitigate risks by investing in different services and models
  • The language gap: Assess how to communicate the value of new ideas and technologies to HQ so that it doesn’t get lost in translation
  • Scale to deliver: Discuss how to go from isolated concept or pilot to full scale roll out. Learn how to turn localized experiments, e.g. car sharing in condos, into global solutions

Michael Mikos, CFO, car2go N.A. LLC
Moderator: Kristen Hall-Geisler, Automotive Reporter, TechCrunch

It's Business Time! Making Mobility Pay (panel)

With the automaker model changing, explore how to create new monetizable services and revenue streams from new technology, use-cases and partnerships.

  • Identify new partners bringing in opportunities for B2B and B2C, e.g. sharing/ hailing companies to sell vehicles, tap into revenue and offer joint services
  • Tech Trojan Horse: Explore how new mobility companies can act as a catalyst for new tech and branding by introducing consumers to concepts, e.g. electrification and infotainment
  • Transactions: The next big money maker? Make the car the payment point to make services pay as you take a cut of transactions, while giving external brands visibility through your own
  • Sharing is Caring: Identify what the car can offer to the ecosystem, e.g. insurers, cities, and health and the new revenue streams this can open up, e.g. selling on contextual data

Sylvano Carrasco, Vice President Hardware & Telematics, Getaround
Akshay Anand, Manager, Commercial Insights, Kelley Blue Book
Roderick MacKenzie, Founder & CEO, Drive Time Metrics
Greg Basich, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics

Autotech Council Presents Start-Up Pitches and Competition

As the connected car space matures, OEMs and tier 1 have begun working with the Autotech Council to spot technology trends and engage with a new breed of automotive start-ups.

  • Hear from hand-picked start-ups
  • Each has 7 minutes to spike your curiosity!
  • Start-ups will be available for questions and live demos during the breaks

Liz Kerton, Executive Director, Autotech Council

TomTom Presentation

Details coming soon!

Frans de Rooij, Director Product Marketing, Automotive, TomTom

Fostering New Consumer Relationships (panel)

With digitization, touch and sales points with the consumer are evolving. What new forms of engagement are there, and how will this affect the traditional channels?

  • Understand what the customer wants from connected services and how to deliver these quickly and effectively, incl. leveraging third parties like Android Auto and CarPlay
  • Determine the role of retailers once OTA and more direct consumer interaction with the OEM gain scale, plus increased services retailers can offer  e.g. encouraging trust in new tech
  • Create diverse touchpoints with the consumer to engage with your brand and improve visibility, both through retailers and direct OEM-customer interaction e.g. car sharing

David DiMeo, Director, Connected Car Innovations, FordDirect

IBM Presentation

Details coming soon!

Sachin Lulla, Global Watson IoT for Auto Leader- GTM (Sales) & Application Development (AutoLab), IBM Watson

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Day Two


Auto Meets Disruption; The Start-Up/OEM Relationship (panel)

“Start-up” is the word of the moment, but who should you be working with, and how? Get to grips with the rapid-fire world of start-ups and investing in success.

  • Identify the role start-ups should play in your strategy, whether filling a gap (e.g. tech, resources) or bringing an exciting new concept. See how to successfully find and integrate new companies
  • Key investment trends: Who, what, where, why? Automakers and their partners are making big bets, identify the trends and the reasoning behind the choice
  • Invest/ Incubate with speed: Start-ups and technology move fast, while auto typically moves slow. Capitalize on opportunity by engaging quickly - but not rashly

Alisyn Malek, Investment Manager, GM Ventures
Tony Cannestra, Director of Corporate Ventures, Denso International America
Moderator: George Stepancich, CEO, Invisionate, LLC

Designing for New Mobility (panel)

Understand how vehicle design is changing with new technology as well as to facilitate new use cases and business models, while also gauging what will go from concept to the shop floor.

  • As OEMs enter the access economy, what features can be designed for vehicles with high usage and multiple users, incl. camera technology and personalization across vehicles?
  • From big passenger carriers to small, nimble vehicles, what concepts are being drawn up to adapt the car to modern mobility?
  • It’s not here yet, but autonomy will make huge changes to the way we spend time in our vehicles. Envision the digital cockpit and features of the future

Matt McElvolgue, Associate Creative Director, TEAGUE
Henry Bzeih, Managing Director, Kia Connected & Mobility, Kia
Moderator: Derek Viita, Senior Analyst, User Experience Practice, Strategy Analytics

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The Recipe for Success in the Sharing Market

‘So you’ve decided to become a mobility business, what does that mean?’ Analyze automaker moves in the mobility market, and using the case study of car sharing, assess what works and what doesn’t.

  • Map out the different models for car/ride sharing, incl. peer to peer and free floating. Clarify terminology by seeing and which automaker brand is doing what
  • Picture different journey types to match up use-cases and demand to supply, by identifying which model suits the most number of users for ‘best fits’ in the overall mobility picture
  • Create stickiness and brand loyalty by providing the service most needed by the community and the right mix of options that fill the gap in the local mobility experience

Derek Viita, Senior Analyst, User Experience Practice, Strategy Analytics

Partnering to Deliver Intelligent Mobility (panel)

Break down the mobility myths and identify the key technology, infrastructure and partnerships that will make the vehicle a vital part of the wider mobility ecosystem e.g. with smart city projects.

  • More than just auto: Build the relationships that will facilitate and advance projects, including V2X communications, as the industry needs to partner with cities, and more…
  • Look at the car as part of a wider transportation network, e.g. first/last mile solutions as well as a key data source, to identify opportunities for new products and revenue
  • Analyze how vehicle data can be shared with cities and other parties, incl. what data is useful and the optimum speed and volume, as the car gives back to the ecosystem

Carla Bailo, AVP - Mobility Research & Business Development, The Ohio State University
Dan Lukasik, Vice President, Parsons & Chair, ITS California
Vishwas ShankarProgram Manager, Global Business Strategy and Innovation, Frost & Sullivan

It’s Time to Think About Patents!

The auto industry is now a hotbed of innovation with huge opportunities for growth and new entrants, leading to risks and opportunities surrounding patents and other IP.

  • Understand patent risk, beyond the traditional risk of competitor suits, learn to deal with the coming tide of patent lawsuits as CE “patent trolls” turn their sights on the market
  • Explore the technology spaces within automotive which have seen an uptick in patent filings to understand what it will take for your organization to remain competitive
  • Get to grips with best practices and strategies in developing IP and building the best patent strategy. Learn about industry-wide initiatives that could mitigate the risk of patent wars

Richard Martinelli, Intellectual Property Attorney, Orrick
Christopher Broderick, Partner, Orrick

Putting the Consumer at the Center of the IoT (panel)

The IoT is finding some tangible applications, but still needs definition. Identify partnerships, products and technologies to deliver an IoT that improves and offers value to the consumer.

  • Fridges to thermostats: Identify which crossover opportunities in the IoT are most useful to the driver (e.g. remote garage control) and concentrate efforts to deliver a great UX
  • Identify the partnerships that will enable a seamless IoT experience, and what data would be valuable to exchange from the consumer’s life to the vehicle, or vehicles to other industries
  • Building blocks: Learn how to connect to the IoT through networks and established APIs that allow OEMs and 3rd parties to design, develop and deploy their own IoT applications

Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director - Product Planning Strategy & Innovation, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America - Silicon Valley Center
Joel Hoffmann, Automotive Business Development Consultant, Open Mobile Alliance
Moderator: Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

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