5th Annual Conference and Exhibition Telematics West Coast 26-27 October 2015 | Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa, CA

2015 Agenda

The official agenda for Telematics West Coast 2015 will be the result of months of independent research, reflecting the latest trends, market activities and exciting growth in the connected content & services space.

We are currently in the process of finalising this years topics; in the meantime take a look at the questions we answered last year.

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9-9:10 Welcome & Chairman's address

9:10-9:40 Behind the Scenes at the Jaguar Land Rover Portland Office

Get a sneak-peak into the latest advancements at the JLR R&D center to see what's in the pipeline; from their work with Automotive Grade Linux and GENIVI, to revolutionizing their platform with over-air updates, and all the latest in connected infotainment.

Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist - Infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover

9:40-10:05 Fireside Chat: Think Holistic: Putting Data at the Center of the Car Business

Explore how Ford is taking advantage of big data by incorporating data analytics across the whole company.

  • Understand how Ford manages and mines data
  • Learn about how data analytics can drive key business decisions - from CRM to car features
  • Map out the future opportunities for big data as everything becomes connected through the Internet of Things

Dr Michael Cavaretta, Data Scientist and Manager, Ford 
Liz Kerton, Executive Director, The Autotech Council

10:05-10:30 Big Data, Big Revenue for the Car Industry

Learn how to deploy monetizable business models utilizing big data

  • Explore the different business cases for big data in the auto industry and how it can deliver higher value for customers, automakers, and other businesses in the value chain
  • Case Study: Analyse the fast growing OBD II Plug in devices market, where the USP is all about big data, and application areas such as insurance, diagnostics, and services
  • Understand consumer needs, demands and willingness to pay for different services and features from a connected services and content viewpoint.

Praveen Chandrasekar, Automotive Market Analyst, Frost & Sullivan


11:00-11:25 Infotainment: From Apps to Experiences

Analyze the need for the auto industry to move beyond a collection of isolated “apps” towards providing consumers their preferred services as a set of easy to use, seamless experiences.

  • Evaluate how to design connected vehicles with upgradable experiences including OTA updates that will allow the platform to be as relevant to the second owner as the first
  • Beyond applications: Today's in-vehicle app frameworks do not provide the feel that consumers are looking for but, what's the alternative?
  • As personalization becomes taken for granted in our daily lives, explore the key elements such as estimated driving times for popular routes that are most relevant to the car

David Taylor, Managing Director and CTO, AUPEO! GmbH

11:25-11:50 Best of Friends: The Car That Knows You Best

Explore how data analytics can help sift through increasingly complex in-car information and features to offer a more personalized driver service.

  • Break down the challenges facing machine learning and data analytics, such as ensuring smooth data collection during intermittent network connectivity
  • Know your driver better: understand how to harness data to anticipate the needs of the driver and provide a better, personalized consumer experience in the vehicle
  • Utilize usage information to eliminate feature redundancy and reduce distraction by developing systems that adapt their HMI based on the user and driving situation

Rick Kreifeldt, Vice President - Research & Innovation, Harman

11:50-12:15 Beyond the Forecast: Taking Weather Data to the Next Level

Discover how adding contextual intelligence to insourced weather data can provide real-time, relevant information to the driver.

  • Your weather, your way: Explore the science behind filtering location, road, weather and even soil data to enable highly personalized information and alerts to drivers
  • Scope out the deeper benefits of weather data for improving driver safety and awareness by allowing drivers to anticipate dangerous conditions and adapt their driving style
  • Identify use-cases for granular weather data within the connected car, including maps, apps, safety and UBI, and how simple APIs will allow integration into the vehicle

Chris Carr, Director of Business Development, Baron Services


2:00-2:45 The Car Steps Out Into The Connected World

With the entrance of new players and companies diversifying across the IVI value chain, the industry is poised for a decisive shake-up. Who will be the winners and losers once the dust has settled?

  • Debate the impact of OEMs bringing traditional tier 1 functions in house while other companies expand their role into the area traditionally controlled by TSPs
  • Address the entry of non-traditional players into the connected car and ask yourself the question…do you see this as an opportunity or a threat?
  • With so many different players now in the cockpit, discuss whether the content providers, software architects, tier 1s or OEMs will take ownership of the in-car experience

Scott Burnell, Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management, Ford 
Steffen Neumann, Portfolio Manager, App Development Group, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Silicon Valley 
Ted Cardenas, Vice President, Car Electronics Division, Pioneer Electronics
Zach Brand, VP for Digital Media, NPR
Bret Scott, Future Technologies Lead, Chrysler
Dr. Eshwar Pittampalli, Director Market Development, Open Mobile Alliance

2:45-3:15 Not Your Average Mobile Device

There is no question about it - a vehicle is not a smartphone. Take a deep-dive look into the characteristics of in-car content and how it influences the experience of consuming content and accessing data.

  • Identify the unique requirements of the in-car app experience and how to create an auto-specific partner ecosystem that understands that the car is not just any mobile device
  • Understand the strategic importance of in-car platforms as they relate to influencing purchase decisions and overall brand
  • Think globally and explore how connected innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) apply to the US telematics market

Chris Ruff, CEO and President, UIEvolution

3:15-3:40 Driven by Data - The Internet of the Automobile

  • Top megatrends driving the internet of the automobile
  • The benefits of a connected world
  • Connected infrastructure for the movement of things

Tim Streck, Director, Sales Engineering Team, INRIX


4:15-4:45 The Branding Battleground: Differentiate or Die?

As in-car apps and connectivity move from luxury to mainstream, find out what you can do to make your brand stand out in this increasingly competitive space.

  • Assess the importance to consumers of non-automaker brands in the car and whether brand names still influence consumer buying behavior
  • Conceptualize the interior of the future: Debate differentiating factors such as a digital cockpit and controls which would deliver a unique, brand-specific customer experience
  • Get Over It! Evaluate whether branding is a short term distraction in the wider connected services picture. Pinpoint which battles to fight and where to allocate resources

Henry Bzeih, Head of Telematics and Infotainment, Chief Technologist, Kia Motors America
Justin Overdorff, Head of Mobile Business Development, Yelp
David Taylor, Managing Director and CTO, AUPEO!
Geoff Weathersby, Director of Product Management, Novatel Wireless
Greg Basich, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics

4:45-5:15 It's Business Time for Connected Services!

So far, it has been hard to see the core business value in content & services, however as the connected car becomes more sophisticated new ways of generating revenue are emerging.

  • Understand how improvement of tech. such as voice command can enable better driver interaction with content, increasing traffic for providers and driving up revenue
  • Focus on breakthroughs in e-payments and the implications for making the vital conversion from action to transaction, whether it be coffee, fuel or hotel rooms
  • Discover how context-savvy adverts can do more to attract the consumer, and discuss its role in offering a new way of making in-car infotainment pay

Katherine Bose, Director Business Development, TripAdvisor
Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director, Panasonic
John Ellis, Global Technologist Connected Services Solutions, Ford
Brian Radloff, Director, Automotive Strategic Accounts of the Mobile Speech Division, Nuance
Greg Basich, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics

5:15-5:40 Managing In-Vehicle-Infotainment Systems Growth:  A Complexity Problem

The automotive infotainment industry is facing an exponential growth both in the software size and the product complexity of their embedded system solutions

  • Identify the most significant areas of concern and the challenges that automotive engineers need to overcome to successfully create, build, and release new infotainment products in the market
  • Understand the challenges posed by significant developments in the areas of concurrency, safety, and security while running multi-core, multi-operating-systems, multi-network environments, and the necessary modifications to existing software architectures

Explore the increased complexity of the next generation of infotainment products as enhanced IVI systems, ADAS, Cluster, and more, demanding multi-core processing hardware not yet developed.

João Silva, Ph.D, Senior Systems Architect, General Motors


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9:00-9:25 Managing Relationships: Where Connectivity Really Pays

Look at how Volkswagen is using data to realize the value of telematics through improving customer relations, back-end services and vehicle design.

  • Understand how vehicle health data is being used to improve CRM by keeping drivers up to date on vehicle status - offering a more informed and stress-free ownership experience
  • Look at how data can be integrated with dealers and service providers to enable them to give a more efficient and affordable service in maintaining vehicles
  • Goodbye Recalls? See how usage and vehicle data can be fed back into vehicle R&D to create a better, more relevant products for the driver

Henri LaFrance, Technical Program Manager, Connected Vehicle, Volkswagen Group of America

9:25-9:50 The Connected Car Maze - The Complexities of Selling Connectivity

The rush to infotainment innovation is placing immense pressure on auto dealerships, which face an expansion of their role from purely selling cars, to helping consumers understand, set-up and troubleshoot their new in-car technologies.  

  • Understand how dealerships are being pushed to their limits with the rapid introduction of new technologies
  • Listen to how automakers are implementing strategies to support their dealer networks (including the much-hyped Genius Bar)
  • Hear about the best practices and innovative solutions to overcome the disconnect between consumers, in-car technologies and auto dealers

Andrew Hart, Director, SBD

9:50-10:30 Selling Telematics: What's the Big Deal?

Hear first-hand from the people who actually sell your telematics products to the customer, the dealers! Assess how to work in harmony with this front line of the auto industry.

  • If they don't get it, how can they sell it? Understand dealers' experiences of getting to grips with connected platforms to see if they offer the simplicity OEMs desire
  • Hear how customers react to new telematics technology in vehicles, and their most common questions and quibbles, to grasp how well it is received
  • The Selling Factor: Learn the most important purchasing influencers for customers when buying a vehicle, and where (or if) telematics features on that list!

OEM Dealer Trainer
Auto Dealers
Andrew Hart, Director, SBD



11:10-11:35 The Inevitable Road to Cooperation?

With fragmentation rife, evaluate the need for an industry-wide open platform to attract developers and allow a mutually beneficial ecosystem for automakers and developers.

  • It's all about scale: Understand how an open platform would present the car as a viable business option by saving developers time and money while delivering content consumers love
  • Do or die? Weigh up the options and see how automaker hesitancy to open up developer programs is leaving gaps for outside parties to squeeze through the cracks
  • Explore how, like within the mobile space, a singular open platform still allows individual OEM branding and identity through customized HMI to create a unique feel

Scott Burnell, Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management, Ford

11:35-12:05 Connecting the Dots: Making an Integrated Infotainment Platform

Understand the different elements that come together to create a total infotainment platform that satisfies consumers.

  • Explore the layers involved in an IVI platform, from base software stack to app interfaces (HTML5 and Java) and see how they fit together to make a complete infotainment solution
  • Discuss how to overcome challenges such as connectivity and end-to-end security with OTA delivery, to ensure that platforms are secure while delivering up-to-date features
  • Re-address the role of the smartphone in the connected car, including established solutions i.e. Mirrorlink, plus new kids on the block in the form of CarPlay and Google Automotive Link

Rudolf J. Streif, Infotainment Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover
Antti Aumo, Vice President, Marketing, Car Connectivity Consortium
Dr. Walter J. Buga, CEO, Arynga

Egil Juliussen, Principal Analyst- Infotainment, IHS

12:05-12:30 Monetizing Safe, Happy Connected Drivers

Learn how driver data can create safer drivers and generate more OEM revenue

  • Explore how in-car technology can be used to have a one-to-one conversation with people who drive their cars and close the gap between consumer and automaker
  • Understand the opportunity offered by collecting dynamic driver behavioral data to improve safety, driver performance and provide financial benefits to OEMs

Breakdown ways to offer driver incentives and rewards to improve their driving and share information, such as insurance rewards and lifestyle rewards

Richard Barlow, CEO, Wejo


2:00-2:30 Paving the Way to Smarter Mobility

Assess the changing role of the car and what increased communication between vehicles and their surroundings mean for transportation systems and the smart cities of the future.

  • Explore how pooling granular data from different sources can offer real-time information on road conditions, parking, traffic and weather to improve driving experience and safety
  • Identify how to eliminate data errors, such as by comparing data from multiple vehicles or sources, to ensure that data is of sufficient quality to inform driving decisions
  • Debate the way mobility is changing in cities as schemes offering more flexibility like car sharing become more popular, and how this is shaping transportation

Robert Gee, Product Manager, Connected Solutions, Continental
Sylvano Carrasco, Vice-President of Hardware and Telematics, Getaround

 Richard Wallace, Director, Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research

2:30-2:55 Delivering a Secure Autograde Connected Platform

The opportunities presented by connectivity in the car are huge. However, it opens the vehicle up to previously un-encountered risks. From a single car to a network of connected cars, get to grips with how to overcome the security challenges posed by telematics and see how to create a secure end-to-end architecture for the connected vehicle.

Toshiro Muramatsu, Director, Vehicle Information Technology Division Silicon Valley, Nissan

2:55-3:20 Whose Data Is It Anyway? The Data Ownership and Privacy Conundrum

When it comes to data, there are still substantial questions regarding ownership, privacy and legal implications. Learn from our resident lawyer all about data regulation.

  • Assess customer attitudes to data privacy and the importance of transparency in informing consumers what information is being collected and how it is being used
  • Who owns the data: automaker or consumer? Navigate the gray areas of who has rights to data and who ultimately should have the say in its usage
  • Discuss what tools and regulations are needed to anonymize selected vehicle data sets in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction and guard against cyber security issues

Gail Gottehrer, Partner, Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider LLP


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