Automakers are making some big bets on the future: data, services, mobility, automation… tapping into innovation like never before as the race to define the auto landscape for the decades to come intensifies.

TU-Automotive West Coast (formerly Telematics West Coast) is the key forum for West Coast connected car and auto tech execs; bringing together over 200 experts to network and identify the crucial partnerships and the R&D innovations that will unlock the auto business models of tomorrow


Top Speakers in 2016:

Alisyn Malek

Alisyn Malek
Investment Manager
GM Ventures
Sebastien Henot

Sebastien Henot
Business Innovation Manager
John Suh

John Suh
Executive Director
Hyundai Ventures
Michael Mikos

Michael Mikos
car2go N.A. LLC
Henry Bzeih

Henry Bzeih
Managing Director, Kia Connected & Mobility
Adi Singh

Adi Singh
Senior Scientist
Ford Motor Company
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Key Topics Featured at TU-Automotive West Coast 2016

Months of independently conducted research have allowed us to present you with a complete break-down of the most crucial topics facing the IVI ecosystem.

See below this year's leading topics:

  • Make Mobility Pay:

    Identify the new revenue streams, incl. data and payments that will keep the revenue rolling in as auto pivots from the business of selling cars to providing mobility services

  • Move Fast and (Don’t) Break Stuff:

    Translate the West Coast’s agile R&D culture into the global auto product portfolio at the speed of digital

  • The Internet of Moving Things:

    From the connected home to the smart city, choose the partnerships and tools that will integrate the car as a valuable part of the networked society

  • New Kids on the Block:

    New automakers are redefining the auto industry! Shed the auto legacy to design vehicles with connectivity, software and tech. at their core

  • Data; From Hype to Application:

    Harness driver data to create tailored services, build brand loyalty, understand driver behavior and lay the foundations for the intelligent, self-driving vehicle

  • The Investment Drive:

    The auto industry is snapping up start-ups for $billions. Analyze investment trends to ask the big question; invest, partner, acquire or be acquired?

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Experts Speaking This Year:

Featured at TU-Automotive West Coast 2016


    What would you do if you could start with a blank sheet of paper? Take part in an interactive session to design a connected car business from the ground-up


    Hear from and meet representatives from start-ups and the companies investing in them through panels and pitch battles. Define your scouting strategy and meet new companies


    More speakers, more attendees this year is bigger and better! Come find out what all this connected car hype's about and learn from industry experts in this burgeoning sector

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Facts & Stats from 2015

  • of attendees were C-Level Executives & Senior management
  • Content Provider attendance
  • OEM attendance
  • of delegates rated our speakers good to excellent
  • of delegates rated the quality of information they learned at the conference good to excellent
  • of attendees rated the opportunity to meet relevant industry executives as good to excellent

The Industry Verdict On TU-Automotive West Coast

  • Nokia Location & Commerce

    "The place where car companies and content people come together to make great things happen."

    - Nokia Location & Commerce
  • Hyundai

    "Perfect atmosphere and place to share and talk about open innovations with each other. This conference is the right opportunity to gain very fruitful outcomes and directions. "

    - Hyundai
  • Pandora

    "Great opportunity to hear what is happening in such a dynamic space, and a phenomenal networking opportunity."

    - Pandora
  • Microsoft

    "Recommended event for all creating and supporting automotive content and applications. I was able to get up to speed quickly on the hot topics and future concerns of the industry. "

    - Microsoft
  • Mitsubishi

    "The go-to source to get up-to-date on Content & Apps. "

    - Mitsubishi
  • Agero

    "Finally a show that wasn't all hugs and kisses and got down to the real issues at hand. If we had more shows like this the industry will just grow stronger through the whole value chain. "

    - Agero

If you are interested in TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 please contact me on the below details:

Annie Reddaway

Annie Reddaway

Project Director
+1 877 331 2547 (US)
+44 (0) 203 869 6720 (Global)

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