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Advanced Automotive Safety USA 2014

July 8-9th 2014, The Baronette Renaissance Hotel, Novi, Michigan


The Road Safety Revolution: Auto Safety Tech moves from Test-Bed to Reality

The DOT have made their move and announced their positive move toward a vehicle-to-vehicle mandate process in 2014. The time to investigate the full potential of this advanced safety revolution is now. 2014 is the year that advanced safety visions become a reality, and strong business strategies are crucial to harness this period of activity and growth.

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Key Topics Covered at Advanced Automotive Safety USA 2014:

Take a look at the key issues that will be addressed, debated and clarified during the 2014 event:

  • V2V Beyond Ann Arbor: With the positive 2014 NHTSA announcement approving a vehcile communication technologies mandate we explore the exciting transition and mass of opportunity that lie in the intelligent transport systems that are prepared and ready to hit the roads
  • Human vs. Machine - The Great Debate! Discern the capabilities of ADAS tech. such as emergency braking and automated parking to envision how far this technological revolution will enable vehicles to claim driving sovereignty and become fully autonomous
  • Optimizing Data Processing: Uncover the potential processing solutions for data networks such as filtering, message validation and algorithmic approaches that could eliminate harmful messages and prevent bottlenecking, maximizing network security and efficiency

  • Cellular Networks Nipping at DSRC Channel’s Heels! Discover how cell phones could not only aid the battle of penetration into non DSRC equipped vehicles, but also extend the network to pedestrians and cyclists and enhance safety for those around the vehicle, as well as inside it
  • Creating Value For Consumers: Assess the attitudes of consumers towards this innovative and niche tech. revolution by examining rare end-user feedback, allowing you to plan ahead for a marketing strategy that generates a sense of value for your product
  • The Blame Game, Where Does Liability Lie? Discuss how liability concerns will affect certification, insurance, regulation,  manufacturing and system design once the technology becomes responsible for safety on the roads to ensure your products are prepared for legal scrutiny

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The Prestigious Speaker Line Up from Advanced Automotive Safety 2014:

We invite only the most respected speakers from the active safety value chain. Here is a snapshot the leaders who will be shared their expertise:

  • Scott Belcher, President & CEO, ITS America

  • Jay Joseph, Senior Manager, Honda

  • Eric Williams, Attorney, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

  • Seii Sai, Information and Communication Engineer, Toyota Infotech. Center Japan

  • Zachary Doerzaph, Director, Virginia Tech. Institute

  • John Suh, Managing Director, Hyundai Ventures

  • John Kenney, Senior Manager, Toyota Infotech. Center

  • Donald Grimm, Global R&D Senior Researcher, General Motors

  • Roger Berg, VP Wireless Technologies, Denso

  • Deborah Bezzina, Senior Program Manager, UMTRI

And many more....

Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available

Unparalleled networking opportunities:

  • 20+ hours of networking with automotive V2X specialists: Network with top level executives from across the automotive V2X value chain with networking coffee breaks to ensure optimise business opportunities
  • Pulling the Advanced Auto Safety Chain Together: The only conference that will pull together executives and companies from every level of the value chain and ensure an entire representation of the industry
  • 150+ senior level executives: Meet top executives from the V2X and Auto Safety industry, from policy makers and OEMs to vendors and service providers
  • 30+ Pioneers & Leaders: Learn from those moulding and driving V2X systems by gaining their insight as they take the platform to speak

Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available


See what the industry said about the 2014 event:

Take a look at some of the top-class industry endorsements and testimonials that the Telematics Update's Conference have received:

This is a great conference to get focused content on V2X communications for safety and vehicle automation

Hyundai Ventures:

Excellent representation from all players within the V2X community


Great opportunity to catch up with existing partners, meet new entrants to the market and build partnerships

Security Innovation

Very well organized and very informative conference


I met people at the conference who had answers to questions I had


Well attended across many involved industries. It met my expectations and was well worth the investment.

Johnson Controls

Excellent show - time well spent!

State Farm Insurance

The V2V and V2I conference is continuing to gain traction as it broadens its focus to include active safety and ITS topics


Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available

Attendees by Industry Sector:

Attendees by Industry Sector:

Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available

Attendees by Job Title:

Attendees by Job Title

Conference materials, including the audio and presentations from the event, are now available

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