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2013 Conference Agenda

Here's the full list of conference sessions that took place at V2X Europe 2013.:

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Day OneDay Two

Day One: 20th February 2013


9.20am Introduction by Telematics Update

9.25am Introduction by Conference Chair-person - Nick Ford, Lead Analyst, Frost and Sullivan

9.35- 10.30 am Redefine Business Models as V2V and V2I Converge

V2V and V2I communications systems have differing business models and cases. Understand their respective needs and deployment strategies to boost market penetration.

  • Evaluate safety vs. mobility business cases for OEMs and road operators, see how they will integrate their services to ensure safe and optimised traffic management
  • Assess the role of the government funding and deployment of both services. See whether V2V will pave the way for V2I or vice versa to plan your strategy
  • Gauge the investment needed from OEMs for V2V development and from road operators for RSU (road side unit) deployment to establish a viable business model

Markus Bauer, Integrated Vehicle Safety, BMW
Gert Blom, Mobility Advisor, Helmond Practice


10.30 am – 11.10am V2I for Cooperative Traffic Management

To accelerate the deployment of V2X, cooperative mobility devices are being utilised to enable ITS services in an aftermarket environment.

  • Learn how V2X tech is improving communication between road users and roadside units via intersection warning systems to improve traffic flow and safety in urban areas
  • Assess how co-operative warning systems can be used to manage both normal and critical situations from traffic jams to extreme weather conditions
  • Get an update on pilot studies from the Vienna region and the Helmond DITCM test site on how dynamic infrastructure-based warnings improve traffic flow

Carlo van de Weijer, VP Traffic Solutions, TomTom

Coffee Break – 11.10 – 11.40

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11. 40 – 12.30 - Next Steps in Smart Mobility

As the automotive community focuses on integration and deployment strategies, we look beyond to see what the future of V2X and smart mobility will look like.

  • Establish how V2V communication tech. is paving the way for autonomous driving and platooning projects and review examples from the iQFleet project in Sweden 
  • See how V2X applications like Platooning can be used meet EU targets of reducing Co2 emissions to prepare for impending legislations to create a sustainable and eco-friendly road network across Europe
  • Get an update on the latest advancements in deployment and technology for cellular net-works. See how cellular and cloud infrastructure efficiently supports V2X user cases
  • Learn about a current cross-industry initiative to facilitate the complementing use of different communication standards


Tony Sandberg, Senior Manager Predevelopment Electrics, Scania

Rene Rembarz, Senior Solution Architect, Ericsson

12.30 – 13.10 Getting Started: Integrating Vehicles and Roadside Units

Discuss interoperability protocols between RSUs and vehicles to see how OEMs will develop their develop their product strategy

  • Discuss the current level of integration and interoperability between vehicles and RSUs and map-out the next steps for developing a viable V2X architecture
  • Hear how automakers who are primarily focused on safety and road operators who are responsible for infrastructure are collaborating to create an array of V2X services
  • Learn how to manage channel congestion between mobile and immobile units by utilising multiple radio frequencies to aid these systems to scale up

Tom Alkim, Senior Advisor and Coordinator Cooperative Systems, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Tim Leinmueller, Info and Safety Engineering Department, Denso

Lunch – 13.10 – 14.20

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Technological Advancements

14.20 – 15.00 ADAS Systems Converging with V2X

Establish whether V2X tech will work in parallel to, or, as a complimentary system to prevailing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

  • Assess how V2V systems can be integrated with existing ADAS systems to combine emergency safety features with active and passive features to optimise driver safety
  • Discuss ADAS solutions such as vision-based lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and other radar based services to establish branding and pricing metrics
  • Explore how DSRC modems and LTE can supplement ADAS services to minimise black-spots with offerings such as cameras, radars and sensors to deliver a seamless experience


Jeremy Carlson, Analyst - Automotive ADAS Systems, IHS

Markus Bauer, Integrated Vehicle Safety, BMW
Tim Leinmueller, Info and Safety Engineering Department, Denso

Gabriel Simic, Project Manager, FIA

15.00 – 15.35 Technology to Safeguard V2X Communications

With increased data being passed between mobile and immobile units, examine the need for security certification and a robust back-end security system.

  • Assess how data can be securely transferred between OEMs and road side units using encrypted certification codes and credentials to ensure safe and reliable information exchange
  • Discuss how Europe is testing pre-production safety systems to forecast security issues. See which solutions are being tested with current on-board units to maintain speed and accuracy
  • Assess how data collected from current FOTs will be utilised to improve technology and generate feedback for next generation systems whilst ensuring customer privacy

Martin Moser, Security Engineer, Escrypt

William Whyte, Chief Scientist, Security Innovations

Coffee Break 15.35 – 16.10

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16.10 – 17.00 Lessons Learned from the US Deployment Trials

Get updates on the infrastructure needed to make V2X possible. See what communication systems are required for open integration.

  • Explore how radio congestion issues, positioning and security can be improved by creating a harmonised certified frequency across Europe
  • Evaluate which safety services such as vision-based ADAS, fused safety platforms and V2X systems will be the key for deployment
  • Get an update on US deployment trials such as the safety pilot and see how European and US FOTs compare and prepare for stage two

Faroog Ibrahim, Executive Director - Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Savari Networks

17.00 – 17.40 Commercial Vehicles: First Steps towards V2X Adoption

Commercial vehicles telematics (CVT) can forge the way for mass deployment of V2X services. This segment will be the first to witness the potential benefits of co-operative solutions.

  • Explore how smart mobility corridors will assist fleets with automatic inspections to protect and track hazardous goods and high-value cargo like oil to reduce theft and delays
  • Discuss how the adoption of V2X and ITSG5 will alter the movement of goods and people in the commercial vehicle segment. Explore geo-fencing possibilities to save time and money
  • Hear how V2X information is being moderated for fleet drivers. See how HMI systems are being designed to reduce driver distraction and information overload

Paul van den Avoort, Director of Innovation Safe and Clean Mobility, TNO

Theo Quick, Global Business & Portfolio Development Director - Transport & Logistics, CGI


17.40 - 18.20 - Exclusive Presentation from Kapsch

R. Tugrul Güner, Director for  New Technologies and international Standardization, Kapsch TrafficCom AG

18.20 – 19.30 Networking Drinks

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Day 1 Day 2 Top

Day Two: 21st February 2013


9.00 – 9.45 - European Commission’s Safety Pilots: Results and Timelines Unveiled

Hear directly from the European Commission on what lessons have been learnt so far from the numerous safety pilots taking place.

  • First look at the prelim results from the road safety pilot model deployment and from driver acceptance clinics to understand how technology expectations have developed
  • Discuss the provisional timelines and framework for the launch of eCall, and how this technology platform will benefit evolving V2X architectures
  • Hear how both the US and the Japanese governments are looking to support global mobility and environmental issues via connected vehicles through joint projects in order to map-out your product to market strategy

Mr Juhani Jääskeläinen, Head of Unit, DG Information Society and Media, European Commission

9.45 – 10.30 Develop a Sustainable ITS Deployment Strategy

For the successful deployment of V2X services in Europe, the value-chain will need to develop synergies and overcome challenges to create a strong ITS framework.

  • Hear how ETSI, CEN and ERTICO are working towards creating a common technical standard for deployment, interoperability and compatibility
  • Learn which V2V and I2V products like V2X radios are market-ready and learn more on how to overcome regulatory challenges and meet safety standards
  • Discuss OEMs’ pre-development projects and learn more about the memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will pave the way for V2V systems across Europe

Paul Gray, CEO, Cohda

Coffee Break 10.30 – 11.00

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11.00 – 11.35 Taking V2X Mainstream in Europe

Key players in the value chain work towards V2X product development. We assess how to launch mass-market projects.

  • Renault elaborate upon their SCORE@F project and map-out deployment and testing strategies. Benefit from early feedback and lessons learnt
  • Devise a plan for scalability and feasibility for deployment and uptake. Discuss how to design subscription models to deflect production costs and increase customer buy-in
  • Hear which platform standards and geo networking protocols are being standardised like IEEE 802.11p and IEEE1609. See how the preferred standard will determine applications requirements

Gerard Segarra, Engineering ITS Innovation Pilot, Renault

11. 35 – 12.10  Safety - The Stimulus for V2X Offerings

In higher-income countries, road traffic accidents are amongst the top ten leading causes of mortality. V2X technology is poised to deliver an advanced suite of safety features to reduce causalities and related costs.

  • Explore how OEMs are leveraging V2V technology like driver warning applications and immediate braking assistance to improve driver safety
  • Asses how the automakers, suppliers and operators are combining their services to meet common ITS standards to reach a pre-deployment phase
  • Hear which V2X safety initiatives like simTD and DRIVE C2X are performed in close cooperation of the automotive industry, road operators and policy makers to improve traffic safety and efficiency

Christian Ress, Technical Expert Connectivity Global Driver Assistance & Active Safety Europe, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe

12.10 – 13.00 An Automotive Supply Industry’s Perspective on the Upcoming V2X Deployment

Both the Car2Car Communication Consortium MoU and the DoT expected decision on mandating V2X point to 2015 as the likely roll-out of V2X technology in Europe and US. How is the automotive supply industry preparing for that?

  • Understand the point of view of both a system integrator and a component vendor for V2X systems deployment
  • See how the automotive supply industry is preparing for the imminent market introduction of a technology which has unprecedented peculiarities
  • Grasp the main technical challenges that suppliers are facing in order to provide automotive-grade V2X systems in 2015

Roberto Baldessari, Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems Group, NEC Laboratories, Network Division, NEC Europe Ltd.
Frank Fosterling
, Sales and Portfolio Innovations, Continental

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Lunch 13.00- 14.20

Technological Advancements

14.20 – 15.15 Smartphones Pave the Way for V2X Penetration

The potential role for nomadic devices including smartphones to provide V2X services is growing. Their implementation could be the quickest route for penetration and commercialisation.

  • Understand how to harness the ITSG5 channel combined with smartphone tech. to launch standardised auto-grade open V2X platforms for wider VAS applications
  • Establish how aftermarket devices will be security certified for V2X applications such as collision avoidance to improve accuracy and reliability
  • Explore opportunities in tech developments like GM’s prototype that will enable smartphones to communicate with different transponders and embedded units seamlessly


Keith Mortimer, Chairman, ITS UK (Wyeval Consulting)

Frank Fosterling, Sales and Portfolio Innovations, Continental
Lin Lan, Senior Researcher - Transport Application' Engineer, Hitachi

Future Developments

15.15 – 16.00 The Rise of Connected Megacities

By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, up from 50% today. Discuss how to connect cars with people and ultimately with urban infrastructures.

  • Hear how megacities of the future will offer connected multi-modal transportation, including public transportation to create seamless passenger journeys
  • Learn how V2X tech will go beyond safety services and will give way to smart parking and congestion-free zones to reduce emissions and conserve fuel
  • Gauge how secure connectivity will facilitate urban transportation by enabling remote car management, road pricing, eCar charging and personalisation on own and rental cars

Nick Ford, Lead Anaylst, Frost and Sullivan

16.00 – 16.30 coffee break and day end.

Day OneDay TwoTop

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If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this topic, please do get in touch.



Shreya GanapathyShreya Ganapathy

Shreya Ganapathy
Global Project Director | Telematics Update
7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX
+44 20 7375 7150 (Europe) | 1 800 814 3459 ext 7150 (US toll free)

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