Navigation & Location USA 2008

2-3rd December 2008, Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Jose, CA

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Conference Agenda

Take a look at the sessions we have in store for this massive 2 day, 2 track conference!

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Agenda Day 1: December 2nd
8:40 am - 5:40pm


Agenda Day 2: December 3rd
8:40am - 5:00pm

Keynotes & Plenary Sessions


Keynotes & Plenary Sessions

  • Navigation & LBS - is the future all mapped out?
  • The GREAT Navigation Evolution Debate
  • Funding businesses in the LBS space
  • A Look into the Future - Traffic 3.0
  • Connected Platforms Change the Navigation Game
  • How to create the next generation navigation services using connectivity
  • Unlock new revenues through the web
  • The Advent of Open Location
  • Content for enabling pedestrian navigation and multi-modal pedestrian routing
  • User-generated Content; will consumers become a key source of generating, updating and sharing POI’s?
  • Mobile social mapping
  • What will it take for location based advertising to take off?








Application Focussed

Business Focussed


Application Focussed

Business Focussed

• Speech technologies in navigation explored!

• Perfecting the User Interface design

• Traffic Shoot-Out!

• Navigation vs. Orientation:
Mass Market Solutions

• Safe-guarding consumers with water-tight location protection

•The roadmap ahead...


• Developing pedestrian
navigation applications

• Application distribution channels explored

• Next generation location positioning technologies

• Navigation/LBS for the masses

• Can LBS application be for free?

• Content Management - aggregation and bundled services

5:40 pm - 7pm



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Day 1 Morning December 2nd

7:10 - 8:40


8.40 - 9.10 Opening Keynote:
Navigation & LBS – is the future all mapped out?
  • Get strategic insight into navigation device segments and a visionary outlook on how this is shaping the US market and its lucrative potential
  • Hear how consumer preferences are changing and what today’s world will be expecting tomorrow
  • Analysis of how recent mergers, acquisitions and partnerships will redefine the direction and momentum of navigation in specific market segments
  • New business models, distribution channels and trends for navigation

Thilo Koslowski, VP, Gartner

 9:10 -


Opening Keynote panel:
The GREAT navigation evolution debate

With more and more GPS-enabled mobile phones and smart phones entering the market, what roles will these devices play in the navigation and LBS sphere, and how will the PND and in-dash segments evolve?

  • Cross device comparison: who will rule the roost and claim the biggest stake in navigation
  • Cross platform business models PND-OEM, PND-Web, Web-mobile
  • Winning strategies that will differentiate each device segment and how application providers should realign their business accordingly
  • Will there be a convergence of devices? What type of standards, business models and costs would be associated with in-car, PND, mobile and moreover cross-brand communication?
  • Analysis of the emerging LBS value chain based on navigation

Kiley McEvoy, Product Manager – Automotive & Navigation, Google

Janne P. Salminen, Head of Context & Advertising Services, Americas, Nokia
Jim Nardulli, Director Content & Services, Magellan
Steve Andler, VP of Marketing, Networks In Motion

Moderator: Thilo Koslowski, VP, Gartner

 9:55 - 10:40

Venture Capitalist panel:
Funding businesses in the LBS space

  • Can turn-by-turn navigation vendors support a shift from subscription to advertising?
  • Can emerging social mapping players gain traction or is this just a natural extension for entrenched players like Facebook and MySpace?
  • Does the iPhone App Store and gradual opening of carrier location APIs move LBS application ecosystem away from carriers?
  • Google and Nokia – friendly acquirers or formidable competitors that can subsidise "free" business models?
  • Are emerging LBS players more likely to become smaller tuck-in acquisition targets, or will some achieve enough scale for initial public offerings?
David Rolf, Vice President, VantagePoint Venture Partners
Shawn Carolan, Managing Director, Menlo Ventures
Dev Khare, Vice President, Venrock
Jeff Crowe, General Partner, Norwest Venture
Jodi Sherman Jahic, Partner, Voyager Capital
Moderator: Peter Friedland, Vice President, Analyst, Seasons Capital
11:20 - 12:00 Super panel session:
A look into the future - Traffic 3.0
  • Why have US consumers’ traffic subscriptions skyrocketed, from tens of thousands to millions of users in just a few short years? Find out what the key drivers for large scale adoption over the next three years
  • The technologies on the horizon for integrating traffic into dynamic routing and other connected services into the car
  • Coverage, accuracy, price, flexibility? Discover the key criteria companies use in selecting their traffic partners
  • What are the compelling user scenarios for real-time, historical, and predictive traffic in on-board, off-board and hybrid implementations?
  • Which broadcast and 2-way network connectivity options – RDS, HD Radio, Satellite, WiMAX, GPRS, Voice, or Data over Voice – will succeed in delivering dynamic traffic into and from the vehicle?
  • Benefit from millions of dollars and years of market research and learn what consumers really want. Examine innovative business models that are driving mainstream adoption beyond traditional, standalone embedded navigation systems

Scott Sedlik, Vice President Product Marketing, INRIX
Kiyoshi Hamai, Senior Director Sales & Product Management, Mio Technology USA
Mark Neff, Senior Director of Business Development, Networks In Motion
Adam Elman, Sr User Experience Engineer, Tellme
Moderator: Dominique Bonte, Research Director, Telematics & Navigation, ABI Research

12:00 - 12:35

Case Study:
Connected platforms change the navigation game

  • Understand the unique services that are enabled by a connected navigation platform, such as networked traffic, local search, etc.
  • Gain an insight into consumer reaction to connected navigation, including usage behaviour
  • Find out about the new partnerships and business models that connected navigation has enabled
  • Get Dash’s outlook on what the future of connected navigation will look like

Jim Geison, Senior VP of Business Development, Dash Navigation Inc.

12:35 - 1:15

Super panel debate:
How to create next generation navigation services using connectivity


Access to back-end and off-board services opens the door to a lot of applications. Is connectivity a way for companies with a heritage in GPS navigation to safeguard their stake in the market?

  • Evaluate the connectivity standards and their attached business models and create a winning strategy
  • Real-time content to the device, but at what cost and to whom?
  • Will connected services eliminate the misery and cost of software updates, and will this balance the cost of being connected?
  • Will the mobile phone segment erode this space for the PND and in-car market – or will consumers buy into connected services on multiple devices?

John Horn, National Director, T-Mobile
Dr. Kal Mos, Engineering Director, Mercedes-Benz R&D NA
Jeff Zabel, Senior Engineer, BMW Group Technology Office
Ralf Hug, VP Marketing & Product development, Airbiquity
Moderator: Roger D. Dewey, CEO & Managing Member, M2MV, LLC


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Day 1 Afternoon – December 2nd


Just announced!

There Is Life Between The Streets - Taking LBS To Where The Money Is

2:45 - 3:15

  • Street navigation takes you to your destination - but then what?
  • Shopping centers, tourist attractions among others hold immense commercial potential for LBS
  • Analysis of the mobile LBS market from a local, contextual point of view
  • New directions and business models for local, contextual, mobile services

Antti Saarinen, CEO,


Day 1 Afternoon – December 2nd



3:15 - 4:00 Navigation vs. orientation:  Solutions for the mass market
  • Understand the limitations of a navigation-only focused path and the slow adoption (GPS chips, memory, data plans, pricing)
  • Learn the best methods to implement a program by reviewing success stories
  • How to develop successful business models for orientation and where advertising comes into play
  • What is the potential profitability for feature / functionality up-selling?

Kate Edwards, CEO, Jentro

4:20 - 5:00

Safeguarding consumers with watertight location protection

  • A carriers perspective on LBS-related privacy issues
  • The consumers perspective - what are they looking for before handing over their location information?
  • How to make users trust your application. What types of privacy management features are required, including “opt-ins” and age restrictions

John Horn, National Director, T-Mobile

5:00 - 5:40 The roadmap ahead...
  • Debunking the mobile/local advertising myth--where fact meets fiction
  • How location-aware are you, or rather, how location-aware do you *need* to be?
  • When world's collide: the demise of the PND (viz mobile device) has been greatly exaggerated
  • What's next: forget strategic vision, what will we be shipping in 2009 and who will lose?

Ian White, CEO, Urban Mapping Inc.


Day 1 Afternoon – December 2nd


Just announced!

How Deep Is Your Map?

2:45 - 3:15

  • See examples of the depth of POI content other than pictures and reviews
  • What is Web 3.0 local search/POI filtering technology and why it can be a "killer feature?"
  • How to incorporate owner-published data in real-time on your map and search results
  • Why an advanced location-based data management platform is key to broaden your LBS offerings?

Joe Chen, CEO, GeoSpot


Day 1 Afternoon – December 2nd



3:15 - 4:00 CASE STUDY:
Exploring the growing role of Speech technologies in navigation

Come to grips with how speech technologies (ASR, TTS) are revolutionizing the navigation user experience.

  • Understand the available speech technologies, how they differ and how they work in a navigation device
  • Hear directly from a Loquendo customer about the challenges they faced and how speech played a role in improving and simplifying the consumer navigation experience
  • See where the trends towards connected navigation and specialized location based services can be enabled by new speech technologies

Luisa Cordano, Sales Manager Embedded Technologies, Loquendo

Marc Prioleau, VP Marketing & Business Development, deCarta

4:20 - 5:00

Perfecting the user interface design

  • How to integrate technologies such as touch-screen and voice into your applications to make them user friendly and intuitive
  • With the supreme iPhone interface raising the bar on UI, what enhanced features are consumers expecting that need to be developed into your application
  • User behaviour – how to optimise UI so that it delivers information to the user as and when its expected

Just announced! Jonathan Lee, Senior Engineer, Volkswagen Group of America

Blake Bullock, Product Line Manager - Navigation, Motorola
Adam Elman, Sr User Experience Engineer, Tellme
Andrew Poliak, Automotive Segment Manager, QNX
Moderator: Clement Driscoll, Founder and Managing Partner, CJ Driscoll & Associates

5:00 - 5:40

Traffic shoot-out!

  • Historic vs. predictive vs. real-time traffic – understand the distinctions and how they work together
  • Understanding traffic data quality
  • Networks for delivering traffic information into the car, satellite, HD radio, GPRS …
  • New data sources that can help build a more widely distributed traffic content service
  • Is probe data the fastest and most accurate method to deliver real-time traffic data, compared with road sensors or TMC/ TPEG data?

Marc Gordan, Product Manager, Hughes Telematics
Len Konecny, Vice President - Business Development, Total Traffic Network
Scott Sedlik, Vice President Product Marketing, Inrix
Doug Finlay, CEO, SpeedInfo
Moderator: Danny Kim, Global Analyst - Portable Devices & LBS Research, iSuppli


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Day 2 Morning December 3rd

7:40 - 8:40


8:40 - 9:20

Opening Keynote presentation:
Unlock new revenues through the web

  • Converting your mapping cost centers into profit centers
  • Combining Microsoft properties to enhance your map experience
  • Free money from spatial intelligence you already have (but aren't using)
  • Exchanging Microsoft customer brands so everyone wins

Chris Pendleton, Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Virtual Earth

9:20 - 10:00

Keynote presentation:
The Advent of Open Location

  • Place-based indexing: open location identifiers
  • Open User Location: an overview of location based platform
  • Personal Geo-relevance: providing a first-person view of the Web

Tyler Bell, Advanced Products Manager - Geo Technologies, Yahoo! Inc.

10:00 - 10:40

NAVTEQ Presentation:
Content for enabling pedestrian navigation and multi-modal pedestrian routing


Increasing consumer adoption of mapping and LBS, along with improving mobile devices and carrier capabilities, is creating a new growth opportunity specifically for pedestrians.

  • How NAVTEQ defines pedestrian navigation
  • What pedestrian and multi-modal enabling content NAVTEQ has available today to power pedestrian solutions
  • Why pedestrian content is well-suited for location-based advertising models and how it can help open up new markets and revenue opportunities

Ogi Redzic, Director - Global Pedestrian, Visual & Voice Products, NAVTEQ

11:20 - 12:00

Keynote presentation
User-generated content – will consumers become a key source of generating, updating and sharing POIs?

  • What types of user-generated content are emerging and where do further opportunities lie?
  • How to convince consumers to contribute content and accept and embrace using this type of content
  • How will traditional models of selling map updates and content be affected?
  • What process will be needed to manage, verify and validate the accuracy and quality of user-generated content?
  • Will specific user-generated content, such as restaurant reviews, be just one aspect of social networking, or is there potential for more?

Jocelyn Vigreux, President, TomTom

12:00 - 12:40 Social Networking Insight:
Mobile social mapping
  • Get Loopt’s insight on which features are relevant to users for mobile social mapping
  • What Loopt has learned from launching its service on multiple carriers and device platforms
  • Find out about Loopt’s emerging revenue models, both on-deck and off-deck
  • Loopt integration points for mobile social mapping with additional content feeds (local search, navigation, etc.)

Eric Carr, VP of Location Technologies, Loopt

12:40 - 1: 25

Super Panel Debate:
What will it take for location-based advertising to take off?

  • How will location-based advertising feature in the PND, mobile and in-car contexts, and what’s the best way: Local search? Wireless portal? Homepage?
  • User profiling: what information and sources can be used to profile users and target markets
  • New approach to traditional “buy me impressions” - how to talk the language of advertisers
  • Push or to pull? What advertising model will be most compelling in the LBS space and which applications will appeal most to advertisers?
  • How to convert flat advertising into more reactive and service-related functions that swing in favour of the advertiser and the consumers, e.g. purchase through adverts

Stefano Landi, Head of Business Development, Nokia Point & Find

Roger Jollis, Director of Garmin OEM & Mobile Marketing, Garmin

Blair Swedeen, VP Market Development, 1020 Placecast

David Klein, VP Advertising Sales, NAVTEQ Media Solutions

Moderator: Lisa Peterson, President, Peterson Mobility


Day 1 Morning | Day 1 Afternoon | Day 2 Morning | Day 2 Afternoon

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Day 2 Afternoon – December 3rd



2:45 - 3:30

Navigation/LBS for the masses

  • Understand why independent (map) suppliers are important to open up the LBS/Navigation market
  • How to create the perfect map for LBS/Navigation by using Web 2.0 technologies
  • Discuss why Navigation should be a standard feature of LBS applications
  • Learn how new pricing models and other licensing conditions might help to bring LBS/Navigation to the masses

Maarten Oldenhof, CEO, AND Automotive Navigation Data

3:30 - 4:15 Can LBS applications be free?
  • Pay-per-use, annual subscription, data plan deduction, monthly subscriptions, flat rate purchase – which customers want which pricing plans? And how can you provide an array of packages that are appealing as well as sustainable?
  • Strategies to inspire consumers to renew their subscription
  • The different revenue models that are emerging for the different device segments, and anticipating how consumers will receive them
  • Evaluating indirect pricing models such as licensing agreement or revenue share models
  • Analysing “all you can eat” data plans - working for or against LBS?

Dave Daetz, Senior Director - Corporate Development, Palm Inc.

Rich Rudow, Managing Director, Trimble Navigation 
Hakan Kostepen, Director of Planning & Innovation, Panasonic
Kate Edwards, CEO, Jentro

Moderator: Eric Chan, Mobile Evangelist, Mobileslate

4:15 - 5:00

Content management aggregation and bundled services


With a vast amount of content such as traffic and weather coming from different specialist providers, there is a need for an aggregator of this content to provide a menu of services to the consumer

  • Who will be the aggregator? Map provider? Content provider? Wireless carrier? Device manufacturer?
  • Understand how the business model will change and how each content provider stands to make their money
  • Importantly, who will own ”the customer?

Clint Steiner, Senior Manager OEM Automotive Sales, Garmin

Kendal Koontz, Manager Product Marketing - Advanced Data Solutions, ALLTEL Wireless

Chris Brozenick, Vice President, Mobile, WeatherBug
Kiyoshi Hamai, Senior Director Sales & Product Management, MIO Technology USA

Pankaj Mathur, VP Sales - Data licensing division, InfoUSA
Moderator: Thomas R. Elliott, Vice President, North American Consulting, Strategy Analytics


Day 2 Afternoon – December 3rd



2:45 - 3:30

Updated session!
Developing pedestrian navigation applications

  • Japanese market background
  • Overview of core technology
  • Introduction of service in Japan, including business models, user profiles, and other key marketing factors
  • Introduction of overseas service

Kanji Morishima, General Manager - Global Business Division, NAVITIME JAPAN Co. Ltd.

3:30 - 4:15

Application distribution channels explored!

  Will mobile carriers still be the most cost-effective channel for application providers to reach out to users?
  • Overcoming the main challenges for a publisher to launch a mobile service:
  • Multiple platforms and devices - a 'moving target'
  • LBS - specific content licensing - containing costs
  • Distribution channels - Is there any real alternative to carriers?

Mario Proietti, CTO, TechnoCom

4:15 - 5:00 Next generation location positioning technologies
  • Cell ID, GPS, WiFi – which technologies will win the race on accurate positioning and speedy first fixes?
  • Overcoming issues such as urban canyons and indoor location positioning
  • How can the car and PND keep up with the multitude of location technologies that the mobile has to offer?
  • Tips on developing solutions combining different positioning technologies that automatically switch from one to another

Jed Rice, VP of Market Development, Skyhook Wireless
David Murray, Director of Marketing, GPS Business Unit, Wireless Connectivity Group, Broadcom
Dave Reid, Director, Business Development - Wireless Segment, SiRF Technology, Inc

Moderator: Dominique Bonte, Research Director, Location Aware Services & Telematics, ABI Research



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