Big Data: The Power Behind New Business Models & Customer Insights

We organised a dinner debate between connected car experts from Volvo, Vodafone, Dolphin and Telit to look at the opportunities that in-vehicle sensor data offers within the realm of product and customer relations insights.

We recorded the whole thing.  By watching this video, it will help you:

  • Discover how strategically placed sensors can provide never-known before insights on engineering and parts upkeep, thus facilitating predictive maintenance and enhancing consumer satisfaction
  • Consider who owns the data and/or has the legal authority to control its usage - consumer or OEM? In the wake of the EU's "right to be forgotten" ruling, understand the legal ramifications collecting the data of consumers is subject to
  • Uncover strategies that are designed to convince consumers of the value of giving up personal data so that the 'chicken and egg' data scenario becomes a thing of the past

Newly-Released Video

  • Includes full audio and video
  • Produced by Telematics Update Editorial Team
  • Industry-leading representatives from Volvo, Vodafone, Dolphin and Telit


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Download the Video Roundtable Here

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