Europe’s Biggest Connected Car Forum TU-Automotive Munich 2015 Date TBC

The Car Plugs into the Connected World: Auto Mobility Strategies for 2020  

We are busy researching the agenda for 2015. Delegates can again expect the connected car's most influential trends to be covered by the industry's most senior speakers.

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9:00 The United Nations Draws Roadmap to Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars are no longer a thing of future. Here we examine the efforts made by the United Nations to prepare a regulatory structure that will support this new era within the automotive industry.  

  • Explore the roadmap that UNECE is developing as they seek to update the regulatory framework pertaining to various levels of autonomy for passive and active safety features in the vehicle
  • Understand how UNECE will combat the fragmentation of autonomous technology by providing UN Regulations that will increase cost and time efficiency of production but also reliability
  • Eliminate tech. barriers and ensure safety standards. Enable the incorporation and delivery of autonomous vehicle technologies to Contracting Parties of UN Agreements under UNECE/WP.29 

Edoardo Gianotti, Mechanical Engineer, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

9:30 Telematics Munich Super Panel

In-car connectivity continues to simplify, improve and invigorate the driving experience.  The industry has reached a milestone.  Connectivity is here to stay and it is enabling a paradigm shift within the industry; one that is capable of delivering new services, tech and consumer insights.

There are new, previously unseen factors at play that are driving innovation and introspection from OEMs, TSPs and content providers - interest in the connected car is widening and altering the ecosystem beyond recognition.

As the connected car message moves from the margins to the mainstream, we bring you our most senior panel of automotive visionaries to date to deliver their assessment on how connectivity is set to enable the auto-mobility revolution.

Dr. Michael Ruf, Executive Vice President of Interior Division, Business Unit Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket, Continental AG
Christian Feltgen, Vice President, Technology, Visteon
Dr. Thomas M. Müller, Vice President, Electrics/ Electronics & E-Propulsion, Volvo

Moderator - Roger C. Lanctot - Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

10:05 The Road towards the Intelligent Car

Understand the transformation of the vehicle from a method of transport to a smart dimension of our digital life and uncover the possibilities that arise when vehicles provide services that are smart, social and personalised to the driver.

Floris van de Klashorst, Vice President Connected Driving, HERE

10:35 Coffee Break

11:05 The Evolution of a New Platform Paradigm

The old distinction between colourful and grey services is over. That together with demands on personalization and context based proactivity sets the base for next generation service platforms.

  • That Friday feeling! Move from a vehicle to personal connectivity mind-set to enable intelligent content that adds context such as time of day to personal preferences
  • Create layers of data in the cloud to securely manage access by OEMs, dealers, gov't, customers and 3rd parties to sensitive but valuable vehicle and user information
  • Leverage personal IDs to create a payment platform, incl. subscriptions and micro-transactions that is flexible to user needs, from fleet managers to kids purchasing apps

Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar

11.35 TU Industry Insight: Perspectives Surrounding The Connected Car - Live Interactive Survey

Several crucial industry questions will be put to the audience and via a live interactive poll, immediate industry statistics and market predictions will be made available to you right there and then.

11:45 The Real Killer App:  A Fantastic User Experience

While revenues generated from infotainment and telematics services remains critical on the supplier side, OEMs must reconsider their prime objective, selling cars and keeping their customers delighted with a positive user experience.

  • Creating a world class UX. How do you balance advanced technology, software, features, content and services to create a world class user experience for next-gen infotainment systems?
  • Reaching the finish line together. Discuss the competing views from different stakeholders within supplier and OEM communities
  • Setting the benchmark. Propose a new paradigm for developing, testing, and validating world-class HMIs and user experiences

Jim Robnett, Vice President, OEM Relationships, NNG

12:15 Lunch

1:45 Driving Business Value: the Internet of Things for the Connected Vehicle

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly enabling organizational and technological changes that are delivering business returns of increased efficiency, new business models and enhanced customer value.

  • Hear how to efficiently capture, manage and action high volumes of data within a robust and scalable IT infrastructure, from edge to enterprise, that is always available, flexible and secure
  • Explore opportunities as the intelligence of in-vehicle devices increase, as do the gateways to capture, manage and communicate vehicle data from the vehicle to the Enterprise applications, securely and at scale
  • Enable enterprise applications to take advantage of that IoT data for event processing, business intelligence, big data and analytics, driving decisions and actions both in the enterprise and at the edge

Simon Nicholson, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle  

2:15 Unlocking The Layers for Future Personalised Mobility

Vehicles are no longer indistinguishable modes of transport. They are a pod for customized mobility , ushering in a new era of transportation. BMW will demonstrate live  how they have achieved this.

  • Personalized mobility experience. Understand what data holds the key to a personalized driving experience and how you can offer routes from A to B and then onto Z
  • The BMW Cloud. Learn how an in-house cloud data system can enable the instantaneous updates of in-vehicle applications and offer the driver the ability to add software functionality to the vehicle remotely
  • The BMW live demo! See first hand how you can use smart devices (watch or phone) to remotely install new apps to the vehicle and enhance the driving experience completely dependent on  an individual's preferences 

Simon Euringer, Head of ConnectedDrive, BMW


2:45 Monetising Safe, Happy, Connected Drivers (Auditorium)

Learn how driving data can create safer drivers and generate more OEM revenue.

  • Explore how in-car technology can be used to have a one-to one conversation with people who drive their cars and close the gap between consumer and automaker
  • Understand the opportunity offered by collecting dynamic driving behavioural data to improve safety, driving performance and provide financial benefits to OEMs
  • Breakdown ways to offer driver incentives and rewards to improve their driving and share information, such as insurance rewards and lifestyle rewards

Richard Smith, Commercial Director, Wejo

2:45 Event-Based Interaction – The Real Value of Insurance Telematics (Ammersee Room)

Up until this point, insurance telematics services have only scratched the surface of their potential. Usage based premiums might become mainstream in the near future but are they really changing the game?

With the importance placed on security and safety services in new vehicles, learn how event-based interaction can help car insurers provide a service built upon strong customer relationships, thus creating differentiation from competition and the perfect way to escape the commodity trap.

Harald Trautsch, Founder & CEO, Dolphin Technologies

2:45 So You Think Your Phone Is Smart? Wait Until You See Your Car! (Alpsee Room)

Much has been said about the smart phone but what about the intelligent car? Driver expectations are now dramatically higher for in-car systems. Come learn about best-of-breed navigation capabilities that can help you differentiate and enhance your vehicle’s brand.

  • Understand the business and UX implications of brought-in navigation solutions
  • Learn how can the hive of connected cars fundamentally change user experience
  • Understand how data from the car, mobile phone, and driving environment can create a truly delightful experience

Philipp Kandal, General Manager, Telenav Europe


3:15 Who Will Control the Dashboard? OEMs or CE Tech Giants?

Either the auto industry offers in-car connectivity features that consumers have come to expect from mobile devices, or begins preparations to cooperate or compete with CE tech companies.

  • Look into how turning away from ‘intruding players’ will protect brand value by upholding a differentiated connected car offering and a way to maintain control of dashboard interface
  • Preparing to cooperate. Discover how the automotive world can leverage the CE community so that innovative, familiar content and interfaces, unrestricted by vehicle product cycles can attract consumers
  • Learn how OEMs can operate in unison with CE players whilst retaining autonomy over key areas of the connected car thus controlling brand identity and the crucial consumer relationship

Scott Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Airbiquity
Marcus Heitmann, Head of Product Management Car-Net, Volkswagen
Jim Robnett, Vice President, OEM Relationships, NNG
Georg Steimel, Head - M2M Solutions, Huawei

Moderator: Frederic Lassara, Consulant, Ptolemus

3:45 Convergence of Industries & Emergence of a New Eco-System 

In the last decade one of the biggest thing that has happened to consumers around the world is the proliferation of the internet and thesmartphone. It has had an impact on almost all other industries including the automotive industry. The role of smartphones in the future of In-Vehicle-Infotainment is a widely discussed topic.

Now a clearer picture is emerging. There is a new eco-system shaping up which depends on both these industries. Discover how to seize this opportunity?

Remith Ravi, Solution Architect and Program Manager, Honda Connect, Honda

4:15 Coffee Break

4:45 Going Beyond Car Connectivity

Getting the connectivity into the car is no longer the challenge. Now we have to harness connectivity to maximise the value that it brings to the consumer and ultimately back to your business.

  • We explore the number of factors driving the increase of connected cars being built, giving a particular focus to the most prominent factor, regulation
  • Understand the real opportunities to extract value from the connected car and how they spread across the ecosystem, from car makers and drivers, through to suppliers
  • Looking round the corner and into the future. We contemplate the almost limitless range of services and capabilities that cars of tomorrow will be able to provide

Erik Brenneis, Director of M2M and CEO of Cobra, Vodafone

5:15 Hard Sell or Slow Burn? Seizing the Financial Opportunity of IVI 

The discussion surrounding how best to monetise the connected car still splits industry opinion. Hear how OEMs, content providers and MNOs need to carve out their own responsibilities and clear ROIs.

  • Context-aware ads hold the key? Discuss the role of advertising (once dismissed within mobile device apps but now widespread) in offering a model to make in-car content pay
  • Evaluate connectivity models between OEMs and MNOs such as split billing and shared data plans to market penetration and customer access to services
  • Discover how the scalability offered by Apple’s Car Play and Google’s Projected Mode platforms will revolutionise IVI business models within the realm of returns on resources

Derek Williams, GM, Telematics Programme & Multimedia Product Planning, Toyota
Holger G. Weiss, CEO, AUPEO!
Arturo Pereyra, Communications Industry Advisor, Oracle
Stéphane Petti, Director - Business Development, M2M, Orange

Moderator - Niranjan Thiyagarajan, Senior Consultant, Automotive & Transportation Practice, Frost & Sullivan

5:45 The Car That Knows You: Aware, Adaptable and Upgradeable

Context is king: Debate how to harness contextual data to create a connected car experience that makes driving safer, more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Driver preferences on the go:  Utilise data from changing environments (impacts such as weather, traffic, crowdsourcing info) to deliver context rich content and apps to the car
  • Preparing for the road ahead:  Leverage situational driver feedback to create a safe, yet essential app experience appropriate to the on-road driving scenario
  • Discover how future user interfaces are being designed to enable greater interaction as more responsibility is given to autonomous driving features

Christina Rux, Project Manager, WirelessCar
Martin Green, Advanced Technology Planning Manager, Visteon

Moderator - Claudia Bacco, Managing Director, EMEA, RCR Wireless News

6:15 End of Day One & Networking Drinks


3:15 The Connected Car - An Essential Arm of the Internet of Things

We are still in the nascent phase of the IoT but it has been predicted that by 2020 there will be nearly 50bn connected devices.  We discuss what this will mean for the telematics vertical.

  • With a total connected lifestyle being the end goal, discover the role that the connected car has to play in filtering back driver information that will affect and shape other areas of the IoT
  • Discover changes to traditional business models forced by the entry of players from horizontal markets such as retail, healthcare and financial services to move with the M2M curve
  • Prepare for the roll-out of connected devices that seek to communicate with the car with automotive grade solutions that protect data and are robustly secured

Martin Birkner, Director Product Marketing Connected Driving, HERE
James Dawson, Managing Director, Connected Car, Jasper
Dr. Werner Steinhögl, Research Programme Officer, Complex Systems and Advanced Computing, European CommissionCONNECT

Moderator - Wakana Fujisawa, mAutomotive Project Director, GSMA

3:45 The Driving Force for a Networked Society

With the ability to wield mobile broadband connection to cloud solutions, the car moves on from becoming a connected dark spot to a central part of the Networked Society.  

  • Fuelling the connected ecosystem. Leverage the Connected Vehicle Cloud to create new channels of communication between OEMs, dealers, developers, insurance companies etc.
  • Raining innovation from the cloud. Get to grips with global prototype solutions enabled by cloud management, from goods delivered to your car, to road friction data shared with drivers and administrators
  • Utilise the car as a central data point to evolve from using extrapolated predictions to real time engagement as well as hone in on customer experience management

Magnus Lundgren, Head of Connected Vehicle Cloud, Ericsson

4:15 Coffee Break

4:45 The Convergence of IoT and Telematics

By 2020, the number of connected devices in use will reach approx. 7.3 billion units, whereas the IoT will connect a population of about 26 billion units. Examine how IoT will meet the connected car and its implications.

  • Turning the IoT key: Understand how telematics will generate the data (location, destination, time, etc.) to tie all the connections together for the truly connected lifestyle
  • Everything connected? Get to grips with the rapidly expansive telematics ecosystem as the vehicle begins to connect with disparate ecosystems, from utilities to healthcare and insurance
  • Map out the scenarios in which telematics will transcend the car and enter other facets of the connected lifestyle, such as data sharing with the home to adapt to specific situations and circumstance

Kevin Link, Senior Vice President, Verizon

5:15 The Rise of Car-Hacking: Threats, Challenges and Solutions for the Auto Community

As cars become connected to the internet and external devices such as smartphones, smart keys and other vehicles (V2V), discover how a proactive and comprehensive cyber security approach is needed to promote vehicle connectivity, safety and innovation.

  • Get a detailed overview of the cyber security arena, understand what new threats and challenges the industry faces and apply this to new security use cases
  • Is your car vulnerable to a cyber attack? Foresee potential attack scenarios and penetration methods, including those relevant to telematics and infotainment systems so that you can battle the next frontier of cyber security
  • Build a framework that prevents costly cyber recalls by learning from case studies that are designed to help the entire automotive value chain react to cyber security challenges

Brigadier General (res.) Nadav Zafrir, Cyber Advisor, Argus Cyber Security

5:45 Security Challenges of the Convergence of the IT and Automotive Industries

Cyber-security has not been an issue the automotive industry has previously had to address. However, mitigating the impact of hackers has become an industry priority due to the huge forecast rise in connected cars on Europe's roads.

  • Understand how ‘doing nothing’ could mean total business shutdown.  Analyse best practice and what your competition is doing in this space to establish the effectiveness of your cyber security structures and resource allocation
  • Hear real-world examples of the motivations, methods and tools used by organised crime groups involved in today’s car crime and how these are likely to evolve into cyber attacks
  • Discover how a holistic approach to security, combining architectures and implementation strategies, will be the industry's best hope of minimising the threat of cyber security breaches

Mike Bell, Global Connected Car Director, Jaguar Land Rover
Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder & CEO,
Argus Cyber Security
Chuck Link, CTO, Verizon Telematics

Moderator - Mike Parris, Head of Secure Car Division, SBD

6:15 End of Day One & Networking Drinks


3:15 The Future of V2X:  Will V2Cloud/V2I Leapfrog V2V?

The European ITS industry has been touting the safety benefits of V2X systems for some years.  However, the economic justification for implementing these solutions on a large scale is increasingly viewed as unrealistic to many regional/federal governments, OEMs and consumers.

  • Discover the merits and disadvantages of V2V/V2I systems in their current form and if they will ever be applied more widely than within certain corridors of city centres in select countries
  • Uncover insights into whether the next gen of advanced automotive computing (e.g. autonomous vehicles, ADAS and other vehicle sensors) can surpass the original benefits of V2V at significantly lower costs
  • Consider the capabilities of a hybrid approach that leverages V2I and Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) tech to become the new focus for the industry

Lars Möreke, Manager Innovation, Volkswagen
Scott Sedlik, Vice President of Product & Market Development, INRIX
Richard Wisburn, Manager, Traffic Management, BMW
Frank Foersterling, Sales & Portfolio Innovations, Continental
Bernd Datler, Managing Director, ASFINAG

Moderator - Dominique Bonte, Vice President and Group Director, Telematics & M2M, ABI Research

3:45 Software Strategies for Driving the Autonomous Car

Even for semi-autonomous cars to become reality, automakers and Tier 1s must tune their approach to embedded software. Explore the need for software platforms that address conflicting demands for cost, reliability and flexibility.

  • A cost-effective route to autonomy. The self-driving car will become pervasive only if systems that enable it are produced economically. Explore software architectures that can minimise both development and BOM costs.
  • Discover how OEMs and Tier 1s can navigate the intensive process of certification to the ISO 26262 standard with the least risk of product delays 
  • A consolidated approach. Discuss the demand for platforms that can manage a mix of safety-critical and non-safety critical tasks while minimising costly certification efforts

Emil Dautovic, Business Development Manager, European Automotive Market, QNX

4:15 Coffee Break

4:45 The Meaning of Mobility towards 2020

The growth of metropolises around the world places a great strain on the transport networks of those densely populated areas.  Connectivity needs to play an integral role in alleviating this pressure. 

  • Contrast the views of different market segments towards vehicle ownership (e.g.  do millennials even aspire to own a car anymore?) to determine a clear strategy to market mobility as a service
  • Understand how the concept of platooning and connectivity can safely and efficiently regulate the transit of more vehicles in congested urban areas
  • Beyond the vehicle.  Appreciate the value of an intermodal service platform that integrates personal, public and shared transportation to make getting from A to B as easy as possible

Lars Möreke, Manager Innovation, Volkswagen
Nico Anten, Managing Director, Connekt – ITS Netherlands
Dr. Ulrich Fastenrath, Head of Traffic and Routing, BMW

Moderator - Holger Meinel, Independent Consultant (former Daimler Researcher and Automotive Radar Specialist)

5:15 Investing in V2X Tech: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain?

What came first - the chicken or the egg?  V2X communication systems face a challenge of convincing consumers of their worth without visible benefits.  Investment is needed to take V2X to the next level.

  • Evaluate safety and mobility business cases for OEMs and road operators and see how they will integrate their services to ensure safe and optimised traffic management
  • Who pays for the infrastructure?  The cost of V2V can be laid at the door of OEMs, while multiple stakeholders need to invest in wider V2X technologies
  • Consider the merits and challenges of a cellular/TSP based approach that is enriched with V2X information as a first step towards transferring safety information between vehicles

Tim Leinmuller, Info and Safety Engineering Department, Denso Automotive
Thierry Le Hay, Manager - Advanced On Board Systems, PSA Peugeot Citroën
Gert Blom, Innovation Manager Mobility, Helmond Region, Netherlands

Moderator - Luca De Ambroggi, Principal Analyst Automotive Semiconductor, IHS

5:45 IoT and Telematics Collide

The increase of connected devices is due to sky rocket in the coming years but what does this mean to the automotive industry and the key players within the telematics space?

  • Debating the data. What data sets will be all important when devising services based on the vehicle being connected to everything in its surroundings?
  • The IoT Big Bang: In an ever expanding connected universe, which industries are set to thrive, from utilities to healthcare, insurance and beyond?
  • New modes of connected living: Revolutionise the way people plot their transportation and create services around destination settings for environment and mood control of the home

Fredrik Östbye, VP of Business Development, Telenor
Mark Rose, Head of Automotive, Consumer Electronics and SOBE, Vodafone
Cyril Zeller, Vice President - Global Telematics, Telit
Eva Buschkrei, Head of IT International Business Integration, Audi

Moderator - Dominique Bonte, Vice President and Group Director, Telematics & M2M

6:15 End of Day One & Networking Drinks


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9:00 The Automotive Crystal Ball

As the car gains more connectivity we are able to get a better understanding of the world around it. Explore the connected car technology that provides us with what to expect from around the corner. 

  • Uncover the potential for more advanced driving assistance systems that enable the driver to see through buildings and other opaque objects utilising big data and augmented reality
  • The future of on-board routing. Realise the power of predictive analytics coupled with on on-board cameras and sensors so you can build a picture of your route before you have taken it
  • Make the important decision of on-board vs. off-board processing and diagnostics  so you can synthesize telematics data to gain vital understanding of the car functionality and environment

Roger C. Lanctot - Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

9:30 Connecting Cars for Smarter Cities

One aspect of connected mobility within the IoT is abundantly clear - the future of the automobile and transportation will be data driven. Connecting cars to smarter cities offers a unique opportunity for industry and governments to work better together to improve urban mobility.

  • Utilise navigation systems that harness multimodal transportation which can detect when public transit is a faster alternative and discover the new technologies that are helping governments engineer smarter highways to transform urban mobility
  • Discover what type of connected car data (beyond traffic) can offer benefits to drivers as well as cities in their efforts to respond faster in an emergency situation, during a major storm or civic event.
  • Truly the Internet of Things? Learn how real-time insights into the movement of people and commerce across transportation networks can extend beyond daily traffic operations and city planning to other industries.

Bryan Mistele, President and CEO, INRIX

10:00 The Evolution of Business Models on a Global Scale

As automotive connectivity branches out across the globe the OEMs will need to identify how to adapt their business models to match the needs of regional consumers and increase adoption rates.

  • Understand how fully embedded LTE will enable multiple data streams, a diagnostics channel that allows for software updates over-the-air and a new level of connected flexibility
  • Utilize this new level of connectivity for a dynamic mode of billing, price planning and product bundling by utilizing the cloud for flexible decision making so you can offer tailor made connectivity to the customer
  • Enable a trial and error process of selecting a connected car business model for a specific demographic through a combination of network based policies and rating models so you can minimize the cost of failure at global scale

Scott Barkley, Vice President - Products, Jasper

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Bringing Everything Together

Today billions of devices that are capable of being connected as the global IoT gains speed. Here we look at essential ingredients of M2M connectivity and functionality for the automotive industry.

  • Weigh up security and control versus universal understanding and insight. How can you strike a balance that allows for heightened data sharing and third party integration into the car environment? 
  • Take lessons learned from disparate ecosystems such as transportation, asset management, utilities and healthcare to apply them to automotive so we can place the car at the centre of the connected lifestyle
  • What's next? Consider the benefit of a horizontal approach to IoT. Learn how to improve M2M functionality from as early on as manufacturing and truly bring everything connected together in your business

Andrea Sroczynski - Head of Global Automobiles, Telenor

11:30 Mercedes Me - Reaching Out to the Customer

Discover what will feature in the automotive in-vehicle service system of the connected era.

  • Move me. Connect me. Assist me. Finance me. Inspire me. See how Mercedes sets the goal towards unprecedented customer experience by integrating the car into the Internet across 5 new fronts of action
  • Dive deeper into the connected world of Mercedes -Connect.Me. Hear how different services are integrated following a holistic approach covering platforms inside and outside the car
  • Hear how Mercedes are leveraging connectivity together with new business partners to increase the dynamics of the customer experience

Ralf Lamberti, Director of Telematics, Infotainment and Cabin E/E, Daimler

12:00 Managing the Connected Car: What’s it Going to Take?

As consumer expectations rise, regulatory requirements increase, and connected technology abounds inside the vehicle – automakers are facing a new challenge. As they seek to differentiate around the driver experience, they need new and better ways to manage, secure and update functionality.

  • How can carmakers both overcome the technological challenges, and ensure their drivers enjoy the best possible connected experience, wherever they are in the world, and throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle?
  • With more and more communications entry points in the vehicle, what is the role of data security and how can it be ensured?
  • What’s next for the connected car and how do we get there: We consider a vision of the future, the current reality and overcoming obstacles

Dominikus Hierl, CEO, Telit Automotive Solutions

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Alibaba and Automobile Eco-system

Alibaba’s resources cover the entire life cycle for customer’s car ownership (Selecting, Purchasing and Using). Here we explore the intricacies of these resources and how they work to empower the connected car owner.

  • Understand how Alibaba supports the automotive marketing and financial services innovations to better equip automakers in their connected car business
  • Explore the SAIC-Alibaba Internet car and the three main pillars of its foundations - Cloud, Channel and Terminal
    • Cloud: With the Support of Ali Cloud and Ali Big Data
    • Channel: Flexible and quality telecommunication channel provided by AliTelecom
    • Terminal: Automotive telematics system development based on Ali cloud OS
    • Terminal equipped with the basic ability of autonavi, alipay, ali digital and entertainment

Yongqi Yang, Director - Automotive Division, AutoNavi

2:30 Introducing's Volkswagen Car-Net 2.0

Get an exclusive look into the brand new online service portfolio from Volkswagen in Europe.  Get the OEM perspective on the business challenges and opportunities of building a new product and come away with an understanding of delivering a system based on new customer demands on a wide-ranging scale.

Marcus Heitmann, Head of Car-Net Product Marketing, Volkswagen

3.00 Coffee Break


3:20 Changing the Game with Real-Time Maps

What once was the remit of smartphones has extended to cars and appliances and the list of people, places and things that are interconnected will continue to expand.

  • Embrace connectivity and specifically, location-based information, to deliver a constantly up-to-date map that feeds back dynamic traffic information to complement the driver experience
  • Deliver a highly accurate, realistic mapping framework that supports highly automated driving technologies so that drivers can be relieved from some routine driving tasks
  • Reality sets in! Learn how user expectations and innovation with real-time mapping is taking a lead in the ever-more connected world

Charles Cautley, Managing Director, Map Production & Licensing Sales, TomTom

3:50 Turning the Corner with Navigation

In today’s connected world, the smartphone is seen as an extra limb that consumers feel lost without. Find out what OEMs can do to cater to the mobile device demands of consumers.

  • Assess the relationship between the consumer and the navigation and infotainment systems they use to create a personal experience that is akin to the one shared with their smartphone
  • Leverage the smartphone to allow drivers to easily integrate pre-planned routes that provide an end to end experience between car and home
  • Find out how mobile and embedded approaches can work in harmony to create navigation systems optimised to unique design and use case requirements of the connected car

Derek Williams, GM, Telematics Programme & Multimedia Product Planning, Toyota
Armin Fendrich, Vice President, Sales - Auto OEM Business Unit, NNG
Paul Hedtke, Senior Director - Business Development, Qualcomm

Moderator - Roger C. Lanctot - Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

4:20 Content that Simplifies the Driving Environment

Determine the value of driver-centric data to both aid the driving efficiency and help develop content of the future.

  • Discover how next-gen sensors can help the car and driver adapt to their environments, so factors such as weather, air quality and traffic can be factored into smart routing
  • Find the real value in data through accurate driver profiling and VRM services that provide invaluable insights into driver behaviour and vehicle wear and tear
  • Learn the value of OEMs giving content providers  a greater level of access to data that allows new products to be built by establishing a two-way, mutually beneficial relationship

Nick Piggott, Head of Creative Technology, RadioDNS
Martin Birkner, Director Product Marketing Connected Driving, HERE
Duarte Ramalho, Cross Car Line Team, Product Marketing, Kia Motors Europe, KIA

Moderator - Roger C. Lanctot - Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics


3:20 Cooking with Data! Balanced Ingredients for Driving Perfection

Mix different data sets from consumer feedback, TSPs and on-board car systems to develop a clear picture of feature performance to leave a satisfactory taste in the customer’s mouth.

  • Get the scales. Balance the quantity and freq. of data that is required to maintain a system that can serve up advanced predictive vehicle maintenance to keep them coming back for more
  • How will OEMs consume the data they need to get the edge in the telematics contest? Utilise impact data caused by potholes, curb clips etc. to improve mechanical components for optimum performance
  • The data sieve. Sync analytics between app, car and back-end systems to quickly discover driving-critical faults that can be communicated back to OEM design departments to rectify

George Ayres, Vice President of Global Automotive Solutions, Verizon
Robert Valton, Manager - Business Insight Big Data, WirelessCar
Jesús de la Fuente, Co-Founder & CFO, OBOT

Moderator - Claudia Bacco, Managing Director, EMEA, RCR Wireless News

3:50 Where the Internet of Things Meets the Road

Over the next decade it's predicted that Internet of Things (IoT) will drive over €9 trillion of economic activity (Cisco). Evaluate opportunities for the IoT in the vehicle and the impact on telematics.

  • Giving connectivity purpose. Grasp how in taking you from A to B, the data produced by the connected car (location, destination etc.) will be a key enabler for a total connected lifestyle
  • The Ecosystem of Everything: Mapping the telematics industry is tough enough but consider the implications as the vehicle begins to touch disparate ecosystems, from utilities to TVs and washing machines!
  • A Day in the life: Map out scenarios, such as 'returning late from the office' - its consequences on media, lighting, heating use to pinpoint the convergence of telematics with the IoT

Pradeep Suchdeo, Solutions Director, Oracle
Jonas Wilhelmsson, Global Sales Director Service Enablement, Ericsson
Emil Dautovic, Business Development Manager, European Automotive Market, QNX

Moderator: Frederic Lassara, Consulant, Ptolemus

4:20 Apps and Data. What’s the BIG deal?

Explore how you can harness granular data and the cloud to create next gen content and apps for a better understanding of your target demographics.

  • Putting data to good use. Establish the real uses cases of car data, thus aiding the vehicle R&D manufacturing process and minimising feature redundancy
  • The data goldmine. Discuss the worth of premium vehicle data to advertisers, retail giants and online community when collated by apps to make vehicle data pay
  • The race to data ownership. Discuss the implications of Silicon Valley owning the data and the car becoming a commoditised device vs. carmaker control and new revenues for automotive players

Andrea Sroczynski, Head of Global Automobiles, Telenor
David Green, Market Development Director, Volvo
Joerg Luetzner, Head, Services & Commercial Vehicles - Interior Electronic Solutions, Continental Automotive

Moderator - Niranjan Thiyagarajan, Senior Consultant, Automotive & Transportation Practice, Frost & Sullivan

4:50 The Legal Challenges of Auto-Connectivity Data

Stakeholders who seek to take advantage of in-car connectivity are facing substantial challenges. The use of vehicle, social media and customer relations data does not come without complicated legal implications.

  • Who owns the data and/or has the legal authority to control its usage - consumer or OEM? Understand how data is subjected to different legal requirements according to regulatory requirements
  • Privacy by design. Address the need to consider privacy laws at a system, process and product development level so that consumer data is protected
  • Consider the telecom regulatory requirements placed upon European MNOs (e.g. retention and validation of end user data) that also apply to OEM stakeholders that offer embedded connectivity

Dr. Stephan Appt, Legal Director, Pinsent Masons
Simon Hania, Corporate Privacy Officer, TomTom
Laurianne Krid, Policy Director, Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

Moderator - Douglas A. Bolduc, Managing Editor, Automotive News Europe


3:20 The Digital Mind-set for Insurance Telematics

The insurance telematics industry is bourgeoning. Insurers now need to consider a few crucial success factors when developing their telematics strategy. Here we explore the digital side of the discussion.

  • Targeting multiple demographics. Identify core values to disparate customer segments and develop flexible value propositions to drive loyalty for end customers, agents and brokers
  • Fully exploit digital channels to fully maximise the potential of telematics to boost retention and stickiness with the customer
  • Enter the Octo digital environment.  Realise the power of digital support mechanisms - via either web, box or smartphone apps - to facilitate mass market adoption of insurance telematics

Umberto Callegari, Head of Digital Marketing, Octo Telematics

3:50 Making Telematics Valuable to Consumers and Insurers

Usage-based insurance is far from mass adoption. Here we explore the key factors that enable and inhibit ROI for both insurer and consumer.

  • Explore how to streamline processes e.g. policy & claims management or the  development & acquisitions of new business to bolster the value proposition for  both insurer and consumer  
  • Calling for CRM. Utilise the smart phone to supplement embedded tech. to heighten communications between consumer and insurer
  • Lessons from across the pond. Consider the US value chain, broker networks and company infrastructure that enables mass engagement whilst maintaining a targeted approach

Jonathan Hewett, Group CMO, Octo Telematics
Andrea Jurkic, Insurance Telematics Product Manager, Generali Italia
Jacques Amselem, CEO, Allianz Telematics
Cyril Zeller, Vice President - Global Teleamatics, Telit

Moderator: Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director, Ptolemus Consulting Group

4:20 The ‘Internet of Everything’ is revolutionising Business Intelligence

By 2020 is it predicted that 50 Billion things will be connected to the internet. Everything is going to be built with a modem for connectivity, GPS for location as well as sensors. Vehicles are and have become hubs for all applications.

  • It’s no longer about just driving the transformation, but now driving the disruption. How can Automakers keep in step with the revolution and meet the needs of their customers business needs
  • “A day in the life” video of how Business Intelligence is transforming end users daily operations for: safety & driver behaviour, dramatic fuel cost savings, better fleet utilisation, conformance and customer service
  • Plus learn about why Telogis is the market leader for Commercial OEM Telematics partnerships globally

Kevin Moore, Vice President of OEM Sales, NATelogis

4:50 The Application of IoT to Fleet Operations

As more fleets become connected we look to expand the problem solving capability of telematics in the commercial fleet industry.

  • Get to grips with transport operator demands from authorities and society such as Road-safety, duty-of-care and rest & work directives before investing in holistic and costly solutions
  • Choosing from a selection of keys. Integrate software techniques from cross-over industries, IoT, Automation tools, data handling and the internet
  • The extended vehicle framework. Explore the issue that is pushed from ACEA making the vehicle available “in the cloud” rather than CAN-bus

Fredrik Callenryd, Senior Expert Business Analyst, Connected Services Development, Scania
Paul Drysch, Global Director – Connected Car, Jasper
Soeren Stempin, Product Manager - Information Solutions, John Deere

ModeratorMark Licht, President, Licht & Associates

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