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Korean Telematics: Markets & Players

Please note: The conference will be translated into Korean and English only

Day 1 - Start approx. 8.50 am
Chairman: Sed Saad, Senior Consultant, GITS-Waseda Telecom School (Japan)

8.50 Keynote Panel:

The international landscape explored: An in depth guide to global telematics strategies and opportunities

  • Learn from the different challenges met in these global marketplaces – Different consumer needs, different marketing strategies, different price strategies
  • Find out who’s leading the pack and how they’ve fought their way to the front: The strongest market potential in each global region:  
    • Europe : Navigation, traffic information, terrestrial digital TV, Bluetooth technologies, Wireless Application Protocol, and digital tuners
    • North America : Safety
    • Japan : Navigation, entertainment
    • China/India : A look into these markets
    • Korea: An ever expanding marketplace: New opportunities

Moderator: Phil Magney, Principal Analyst, Telematics Research Group

Jimmy Huang, Vice President, Sales, Siemens VDO Automotive (Singapore)

Ken Kim, General Manager, Hyundai Motors

Roger Dewey, Vice President, The Americas, M2M of Sony Ericsson (M2M) Communications Unit (USA)

Peter Roessger, Business Development Human Factors, Harman Becker (Germany)

Euiyoung Kim, Solution Executive, IBM Telematics Solutions (Korea)

9.40 Presentation:

Who is paving the way in Asia? Explore these different markets and understand where the opportunities lie

Since the start of the millennium Asia has emerged as the worlds largest telecommunication market. Critically, Asian economy such as Korea and Japan, have established a position of leadership in the technologies that will dominate tomorrows markets. This is notably the case for broadband and high-speed mobile communications.

  • Take a look at the development of telecommunications and telematics in Asia
  • Japan vs. Korea. Explore these strikingly different markets
  • Discover the major market opportunities for domestic and international companies over the next 1-2 years and beyond
  • Learn what critical partnerships you need to be developing in order to secure market prominence

Seungwon Yang, Senior Analyst & Consultant, CNET Research & Consulting Unit (Korea)

10.15 Case Study : How to map out traffic information to support telematics services in Korea

  • Hear the strategy on establishing and distributing Public Traffic Information

JungYup Lee, President of the Committee on Northeast Asian Cooperation Initiative (Korea)

10.50-11.10 Networking Break

11.10 Case Study: Telematics Valley - Together for Tomorrow’s Vehicles

  • Communication
  • Competence Development
  • Collaboration

A look at what Developments have been made in Sweden with Telematics Valley

Greg Geiselhart, Executive Director, Telematics Valley

11.40 Case Study: The Current Status of Telematics Market in Singapore

Tan Ching Yee ,CEO, IDA

12.15 Presentation: Japans telematics case: Today and the future of telematics services

  • A look at the Japanese cooperation model between Industry-Government-University joint initiatives
  • The current state of telematics in Japan today
  • Learn about Japans technical development projects

Professor Hideyoshi Tominaga, Dean, GITS-Waseda Telecom School, Waseda University (Japan)

12.50 - 14.20 Networking Lunch

14.20 – 20.50         Telematics Model City: Opening Ceremony,

               Test Vehicles, Networking Dinner

- Organized by ETRI

14.20 – 15.00

Opening Speech

DaeJe, Chin(Minister of Ministry of Information and Communication)

15.00 – 15.10

Congratulatory Speech

(TaeHwan Kim, Governor of Je-Ju Privince)

15.10 – 15.30

       Support Policy of Telematics in Korea

15.30. 15.50

The future operation plan of telematics Pilot City and Vision

(Je-Ju Province)

15.50 – 16.10

The Backgroud and Progress of Pilot Project

(National Computerization Association)

16.10- 16.30

The Current Status of Telematics technologies and foreign cases


16.30 – 17.20

Introduction of   6 Services and demonstration of Pilot City Project

(SK Telecom)

17.20- 17.40



Education and Awareness Program of Telematics in Korea

(Je-Ju University)

18.10 – 18.40

Master Plan of Telematics Promotion Plan in Je-Ju

(JeJu Knowledge Industry Promotion Agency)

18.40 – 18.50


18.50 – 20.50


DAY 2 - Starts approx. 9am

Chairman: Phil Magney, Principal Analyst, Telematics Research Group

Opening Remarks

9.10 Presentation:

Cross industries value net collaboration to succeed in Telematics Business: A look at the bigger telematics eco system

The Telematics Industry learnt the lesson that a limited service,
provided only to the end-consumers on a subscription fee business model, didn't generate the expected profits

  • Hear examples of Telematics Service Providers making profit on their offerings while addressing a broader service portfolio with solutions from different industries on an on demand "pay per use" business model
  • Understand the importance of  open standard based implementations
  • Find out how this allows flexibility in the service delivery infrastructure for changes in the service portfolio to attract customers
  • The bigger picture: Explore the cross industry telematics solutions value networks

Erich Nickel, Director of Global Telematics Solutions, IBM (Germany)

9.40 Car makers and Telecom operators: A global in-depth analysis of the telematics value chain

The question of who owns the customer, Telecom players (via mobile phones/networks) or Car makers, is still not yet answered.

Take a look at both sides of the story:

  • The Car makers: Hear where car makers see the potential of telematics services not only to increase revenue but to reduce costs
  • The Telecom players: Owning the mobile datacommunication pipelines (3G, 4G, Bluetooth...) allows huge potential to provide telematics services and increase revenues. What new business models and new partnerships are they looking for?

Sed Saad, Senior Consultant, GITS-Waseda Telecom School (Japan)

10.00 Telematics Future is about the ‘User’. Perspectives from Japan and Beyond

 'The creation of new telematics media content for the car users' Mariko Fujiwara , Director Research and Kenichi Yanagi, Director New Business Development Hakuhodo (Japan) 

-Telematics is about users’ needs

-What Telematics users really want?

-What is needed to be done to satisfy users’ expectations

'A combined Japanese and ITU perspective on Telematics'

Professor Mitsuji Matsumoto, Vice-Director GITI Research Institute/ GITS Waseda University ( Japan )

-Which type of services for which type of users

-Standardization is for the user’s benefit first, a Japanese and ITU perspective

-Final remarks and summary

10.40 Presentation:

The Carrier Frontier: The Telematics Business direction of SK Telecom

  • Buisness Status of Wireless Internet
  • Current Status of Telematics
  • Movement of Telematics related Network
  • Telematics Biz Model and Killer Application
  • Fee & Cost Innovation Model

Kyu-Kwan Lim, Vice President of Solution Business Division, SK Telecom

11.10 - 11.40 Networking Break

11.40 Presentation:

Success factors for convergence service: The case of telematics

  • What is the meaning of convergence in telematics?
  • Understand the key convergence issues in technology, service, business and the ecosystem of the telematics
  • Conformance Competition Model as a theoretical basis to characterize Telematics market competition
  • Success factors for telematics business in view of conformance competition model
  • Strategies for strengthening and achieving these success factors

Professor Suk-Gwon Chang, Dean, Institute of Information and
Communication, Hanyang University (Korea)

12.10 Presentation:

How to implement strategies that deliver the value and benefit expected by consumers for profit

  • How can service providers and manufacturers ensure user demands, needs and expectations are met in this rapidly changing industry
  • How to provision services to millions of different vehicles
  • How to deliver a set of applications to the car that are attractive to the largest set of users
  • Learn how to bring the most advanced infotainment systems with simple, intuitive user interfaces to the consumer
  • Understand the challenges in revenue and billing options

Jimmy Huang, Vice President, Sales, Siemens VDO Automotive (Singapore)

12.40 - 14.10 Lunch Break

14.10 Presentation:

How to leverage the usage of Bluetooth in automotive telematics and infotainment applications

14.10 Presentation:

Standards and Collaborations: The Strategic Imperative

  • A look into Hands Free Telephony, GPS Coordinates broadcast, Data acquisition from sensors, Remote Door unlock, etc
  • Security issues: How robust is the security model of Bluetooth?
  • Explore the most popular BT application - Hands Free Telephony (HFT)
  • How to build rapid HFT prototypes and products using frameworks
  • Interconnecting the Bluetooth network with wired in-vehicle multimedia networks - A case study
  • Connecting BT Networks with 1394-Automotive (IDB 1394) using gateways

Debashis Mukherjee, Solutions Architect, Wipro (India)

  • Key Technologies for Ubiquitous Communications
  • Current Developments
  • Rollout Strategies
  • Strategic Issues
  • Cooperative Motivations
  • The Business Challenge and Concerns
  • Strategic Imperatives for Deployment and a Solution
  • How Open Standards Help
  • The Role of Industry Collaboration
  • Stakeholders Map
  • Can Korea Set a World Standard?

Scott McCormick, Executive Director, AMI-C (USA)

14.40 Navigation Systems: How to strategically place your business in Asia for the most important upcoming navigation market

14.40 OSGi Platform Service: how the OSGi service platform is a core element in vehicle systems and systems that interoperate with vehicles
  • How to take navigation system hardware, car manufacturing and wireless networks to ensure a global presence
  • Consumers are increasingly tech-savvy; Learn how to drive demand for cutting edge navigation systems
  • Hear the latest in the Portable Navigation Systems' market
  • Which are the most cost effective ways to include high-accuracy location technologies into your navigation system?

Scott Stotelmyer, Director, Emerging Markets, Boeing Satellite Systems (USA)

John Barr, President of OSGi (USA)

Development of Dynamic Route Guidance System for telematics


Current Status of Telematics Standardization in Korea

Seung-Min Kang, Research Engineer , Korea Highway Corporation (Korea)

Kyung-Ho Kim, Manager, ETRI
15.50 - 16. 05 Networking Break

16.05 Telematics Terminal & Server Technologies

16.05 LBS Killer Application Analysis
Byung-Tae Jang, Team Leader, ETRI   (Korea) Choul-Ho Choi, Manager, KTF

16.35  Telematics Testbed

16.35 LBS Service As-Is & Commercialization Strategy

Wan-Sik Choi, Team Leader, ETRI Young-Ki Lee, Manager , SK Telecom  (Korea)
17.05 Legal and Institutional Consideration : Korean Telematics Industry 17.05 LBS Application and Alert Services Technology Trends

Myung-Whan Im, Team Leader, ETRI

Byung-Ik Ahn, CEO, POINT-I Co.Ltd., (Korea)
End - approx 5.30 pm

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