The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Connectivity, IoT and AI are steadily evolving the car before our very eyes, while ride-share, autonomous car and changes in user needs, are challenging the industry’s core business model. How should companies leverage these technological advances and external factors to create new business?

TU-Automotive Japan 2016 will investigate the impact of new technologies and debate how to turn them into a business advantage. This is the marquee event where leading figures and senior executives in the connected car, autonomous and mobility arenas will discuss critical issues, share key insights and visions.


2015 Speakers (2016 Speakers will be updated in late August):

Koji Yamamoto

Koji Yamamoto
Division General Manager, Vehicle-IT and Autonomous Drive Division
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Nakajima

Hiroshi Nakajima
Executive Officer, SVP
Executive Officer, SVP
DeNA Co.,Ltd
CEO/Member of the Board
Robot Taxi, Inc.
Hakan Kostepen

Hakan Kostepen
Executive Director
Strategy and Innovation
Masashi Yamasaki

Masashi Yamasaki
Deputy General Manager
Integrated Control System
Development Division
Mazda Motor Corporation
Yoshikazu Watanabe

Yoshikazu Watanabe
Connectivity Development Project Team
Accessories Development Dept.
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Hisashi Chiba

Hisashi Chiba
General Manager
Advanced Driver Assistant
Engineering Department
Bosch Corporation
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2015 Speaker Companies:

2016 Key Topics:

  • Reveal the Car’s Potential with IoT:

    Gain a macro-perspective on how IoT will evolve the car. Examine its impact from real-time data value-added services and vehicle diagnostics to product development and marketing strategies

  • Connected Car Strategies for the “Open Approach” Age:

    Understand the kind of connected car ecosystem global OEMs are building. Get an overview of the latest strategies

  • The AI Revolution:

    Gauge the impact of AI and deep learning on generating algorithms for autonomous driving, sensor fusion, maps, and vehicle production in the near future

  • How the Autonomous Car Will Open up New Markets:

    Review proof-of-concept tests and look ahead to the next phase of development to understand where and how the autonomous vehicle’s influence will manifest

  • Impact of Ride Sharing on the Automotive Industry:

    Explore how ride sharing and car sharing will impact the traditional automotive business model and figure out how it can be a viable revenue stream for automakers

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TU-Automotive Japan is the one event that you can’t afford to miss:

TU-Automotive is the number one forum for connected vehicle industry. It will give you the opportunity to network and share knowledge with pioneers and decision makers in the telematics, autonomous and smart mobility space. This year’s event will include:

  • 30+ expert speakers to give you the knowledge that you need to succeed
  • 25+ interactive sessions to help you brain storm
  • 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the telematics value chain with targeted networking and coffee breaks. Exchange business cards with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and socialise

If you want to get new ideas, fresh approaches and an action-plan of how to rev-up your telematics offerings, you simply can't miss this conference!

Hear from our Past attendees:

  • Tokai Rika Co.,Ltd

    "It was great to hear the thought of both domestic and overseas OEMs.It was good to develop an understanding of the connection between the telecom, automotive and other industries in the telematics space."

    - Tokai Rika Co.,Ltd
  • Bosch Corporation

    "I got the latest updates on the connect vehicle at this year’s conference"

    - Bosch Corporation
  • Canvasmapple Co.,Ltd

    "It was very informative to hear different perspective and positions of players from across (the telematics) ecosystem"

    - Canvasmapple Co.,Ltd

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