7th annual TU-Automotive Japan 20-21 October 2015, The Westin Tokyo

TU-Automotive Japan 2015 Agenda

Day 1 & Day 2 Keynotes

Understand the core value of connected car and what it means to Japanese and global customers

  • Convenience, entertainment or safety? Look into what kind of value global and Japanese OEMs are focusing on right now as the connected car expands the horizon of vehicles
  • Create organizational conditions for success: Learn how the role of CXO to structure and their teams are changing in-line with how technology is changing our industry

Define the future role of automotive OS

  • Think of right distance between OEMs and tech giants, such as Google and Apple, to understand how OEM's could benefit from collaboration
  • Shed new light on the ongoing debate: whether proprietary coding in automotive software platform is really necessary and how open are automotive APIs

Get an overview of the autonomous vehicle's development

  • With daily announcements flooding  the news-take a step back to get a true view on the development of ADAS, automated and autonomous vehicles
  • Confront the tough legal and ethical challenges that will define the future of automotive innovation

Mobility in 2020 - Tokyo Olympics: What will Japan show off to the global audience?

  • Get the latest roadmap to Tokyo 2020: How to mobilize ITS, traffic data and autonomous vehicles and understand what should be ready by when 
  • Learn necessary developments in V2I, V2V and how the government, OEMs, tier 1s, and industry players should work together

Transform the user experience with accurate 3D map and real-time data

  • Understand the standard map format/ vehicle position accuracy required for autonomous driving and future connected vehicles
  • Discuss what kind of functions and data, such as real-time route guidance, information about traffic and surroundings, vehicle navigation requires to differentiate OEM's service in the future

Tackle cyber security: Don't let hackers take control of the wheel

  • Learn how the automotive industry can build secure automotive software architecture and make sure any partners have very high security standards to prevent malicious third parties gaining access to the vehicle network
  • Recognize challenges of over-the-air(OTA) upgradability of IVI software and navigation : How to detect threats and address them

Get to grips with vehicle data management and utilization

  • Create new tailored experiences by leveraging vehicle and driver behavior data: Find out which data should be useful to add more value to your customers without causing privacy concerns
  • Look into data exchange: How OEMs, Tier 1s, third party service providers can exchange probe and driver behavior data to create new driver experiences, better products & new business models

Get the latest updates on global markets- US, EU, China and ASEAN

  • Learn the latest telematics trends, changes in customer needs and regulations in the US and EU markets: Take a close look at how European and American automakers are reacting
  • Examine how to build business in China and other Asian markets, considering communication infrastructure, user needs and the impact of online service providers, such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent

Telematics Tracks - Day 1 & Day 2

Explore the car's role in the connected lifestyle

  • Ensure compatibility of your vehicle with the home, office, city, users' wearables and smartphone by leveraging IoT and the cloud

Examine key elements of HMI to incorporate various connected services

  • With more services and information flooding in from devices, road, the vehicle itself, establish key enablers of HMI, such as voice control and haptics to avoid driver distraction and make services user-friendly

Find out apps and infotainment coming soon into the car

  • Users are demanding. Look at what kind of new apps and infotainment - game, social, road service, entertainment apps  -  available from third parties to go beyond user expectation

Get the latest technological overview on IoT and Big Data to structure your services

  • As serge in data coming from the connected car and its surroundings, analyze the implications on IT architecture and data management for all involved

Learn about the legal framework of drivers' data privacy

  • Understand issues involved in data sharing, privacy, accountability and ownership and how legal framework is changing

Lay the groundwork for wider Insurance Telematics adoption

  • For insurance telematics to truly succeed in Japan a clear value proposition, shift in consumer mentality and industry regulatory relaxation are crucial.  Hear about key players' activities

Recognize the latest development in fleet telematics

  • Revolutionize fleet business from vehicle data generated by connected fleets, as they are more and more connected to enterprise, supply chains and infrastructure

Discuss whether to expand and localize your telematics services to cater to regional needs

  • Understand difference in regional customer needs, communication infrastructure and supply chain ability in order to decide your next strategies to expand your telematics services

Autonomous Track -  Day 1

Harness sensor fusion for ADAS and autonomous driving

  • Build knowledge on the current data processing capability and types of data coming through sensors- such as lidar, millimeter-wave radars and cameras- to gauge the development curve for this technology

Understand how to get accurate vehicle position

  • Learn the latest development of locating vehicle position by combining GNSS, V2X, accurate 3D map and sensor. Understand current technological challenges and how to address them

Build a strong bridge between telematics and autonomous

  • Understand how to strengthen your autonomous driving with more telematics data- accumulated probe data, navigation technologies, and drivers' behavior etc.

Assess Japanese V2X technologies and their difference from other global standards

  • Examine the Japanese V2I such as DSSS on general roads, unique DSRC data communication,  and 700Mhz spectrum for V2V to establish how those technologies support driving safety

Evaluate impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and “deep learning” advancement

  • Gain insight into how the advancement of AI is getting close to, or going beyond, human recognition and prediction capability under difficult road situations and poor weather

Mobility Track - Day 2

Analyze the business opportunities of spreading car sharing economies

  • Look into the business models of car sharing and what business opportunities (or threats) they will present to all the automotive industry

Think of how the connected vehicle supports sustainability and congestion relief

  • Get an insight into how OEMs and other industry players utilize the latest technologies to enable sustainable vehicles, unblock gridlocks in congested cities and contribute to urban environment

Explore the future of the small mobility budding in Japan

  • Hear about which part of society small mobility - Japan's new category of micro car - fits in and how drivers, urban traffic, local economy and municipal governments can benefit from it

Move towards zero emission: Evaluate EV's telematics

  • Explore the value of EV's real-time in-vehicle and traffic data that supports safe driving, ease congestions and is becoming increasingly important source that connects vehicle, public transport and infrastructure

Learn about urban design that lays foundation of smart mobility

  • Explore how the connected car fits into intermodal transport picture, creating efficient connections to train stations, bus stops, airports, Park & Ride parking space, etc. by utilizing advancing IoT technologies


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