Connectivity, IoT, AI: Grasp the latest technology trends to anticipate how your business will change

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Day 1: Tuesday, Oct 18

Morning | Plenary

7:30– 9:00 Registration, Morning Coffee & Pastry

Keynotes: AI, IoT, Connected Car Latest Trends

9:00- 9:05 TU-Automotive Introduction

9:05- 9:20 Global Updates: Identify Trends and Current Challenges of Connected Vehicles

Day 1 Keynote Chair
Lee Colman, Head of Connected Car Division, SBD

9:20- 9:55 Automaker Presentations + Discussion: New Strategies to Leverage Connectivity, IoT and AI

"The new frontier that Honda telematics services will explore"

  • Hear about telematics service approaches to utilize IoT and Big Data
  • Overview of the next generation telematics services combined with AI

Toshinori Utsugi, General Manager, Telematics Division, Business Development Supervisory Unit, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

“Volvo Cars Approaches for Connectivity and Autonomy”(Short Introduction of Day 2 Presentation)

  • Understand what users want in the connected area: How automakers can leverage connectivity, vehicle data, drivers' behaviors to provide more value to the customers
  • Look into approaches Volvo Cars is taking in autonomous vehicle arena: Hear about global Drive Me project and cooperation with new players

Carl Christensson, Senior Manager, Connected Car IT Services Concept, Volvo Car Corporation

Lee Colman, Head of Connected Car Division, SBD

9:55- 10:30 Joint Presentation Panasonic + IBM: Reveal the Car’s Potential with IoT

  • Understand how machine learning across multiple industry domains creates a new mobility experience
  • Explore a coherent framework combining embedded, edge and cloud-computing elements to better predict vehicle and driver needs

Sebastian Wedeniwski, CTO Global Industrial Sector, IBM
Yuri Tsuji, Manager, Product Planning Silicon Valley Center, Panasonic

10:30- 10:55 The Change AI Will Bring to the Car

  • Hear an overview and learn from case studies about how AI is contributing to ADAS and autonomous driving
  • Looking ahead, understand what kind of impact we can expect from AI on autonomous driving and the connected car

Daisuke Okanohara, Executive Vice President & Director, Preferred Networks, Inc.

10:55- 11:25 Networking Coffee Break

11:25- 11:50 Think Differently; How to Build Telematics Solutions That Operate at Scale

  • Leverage real world customer examples from automakers to fleet operators, and understand ways to perform different types of data analytics to gain the right insight
  • Realize how data and analytics can drive transformational change to the business and operating models within the automotive industry

Niall O’Doherty, Manufacturing & Energy Sector Lead, Teradata International

11:50- 12:15 Connectivity on Its Path from 4G to 5G – Explore the Consequences for the Connected Car

  • Learn how 5G technology will augment today's 4G networks to impact vehicle digitalization and automation and figure out what new commercial models will spring up around it

Gene Claxton, Sales Director Automotive, Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson

12:15- 13:00 Panel Discussion: Disruptors Will Change the Automotive Industry: Startup Review Presented by Autotech Council Based in Silicon Valley

  • Discovering innovation is challenging, but essential - how are automotive companies doing this?
  • Being a new company in this traditional industry is also challenging - how are startups succeeding?
  • Several new and early stage companies will share their technologies in short presentations

Paul Drysch, Vice President, Business Development and GM of APAC Region, RideCell
Weihua Sheng, CTO, Silexica Software Solutions GmbH
David Abell, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, TriLumnia

Derek Kerton, Chairman, Autotech Council

13:00- 14:25 Networking Lunch

Afternoon | Room A

Connectivity Track: Global Update and Data Utilization

14:30- 14:50 Building up Connected Car & Services in the Global Market

  • The market demand for connected car services is increasing. However, the demands and environment differ from market to market. Plus they are changing ever more rapidly as new players enter the market from outside the traditional automotive industry.
  • This presentation addresses the challenges OEMs face in launching an innovative connected car service portfolio tailored to the needs of regional markets - on a global scale.

Toshiro Muramatsu, Deputy General Manager, Telematics Engineering Gr., Connected Car & Service Engineering Dept./ Monozukuri Gr., Connected Car & Autonomous Drive Div., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

14:50- 15:10 China Market Update: The Latest on Developments and Trends in IT, Wireless Comms, Maps and Ridesharing

  • Gauge how user expectations in the Chinese market are changing. Grasp the latest key trends and how they compare with changes in mobility in Japan
  • Analyze the business direction of main players in China – BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), wireless comms and mapping companies, and Didi Chuxing (ride sharing)

Keisuke Tajima, Senior Supervisor, Car Electronics Business Strategy Division, Pioneer Corporation

15:10- 15:30 Indian Automotive Industry - Changing Market Trends & the Outlook on the Connected Car

  • Understand the changing trends in India, and difference in India market requirements in comparison with developed markets like EU, US, Japan
  • Analyze Maruti Suzuki’s approach of offering affordable and valuable product/technology to delight Indian consumers
  • Explore the role of connected solutions in future mobility in India

Gaurav Mathur, Senior Manager, Product Planning, Engineering, Research, Design & Development, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

15:30- 15:50 Study Business Models – How Local Players and Global Players work together

  • Business models in India: Learn how MapmyIndia cooperates with the government and other players to build maps and database solutions to provide unique and low-cost user services/ Smart City services
  • Understand the differences in required services in developing countries, and how local and global players can work together to build low cost, effective service platform.

Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director, Map My India

15:50- 16:20 Networking Coffee Break

16:20- 16:40 Digitize to Monetize

  • Learn from the consumer electronics internet revolutions about how to successfully monetize connected car services.
  • Consider connectivity management platform requirements such as split billing, service level controls and cloud based automation

James Dawson, Global Head of Strategy, Connected Car, Cisco Jasper

16:40- 17:00 How IoT Initiatives Increase logistical Productivity, Efficiency, and Empowers a New Telematics-Based Business Model for Insurance

  • Case studies: Telematics Insurance, introducing UBI for Indonesian market: How driving data is used for UBI and enabling connected car experience for end users
  • Look into how integrating telematics data into business processes helps local logistics companies maximize their fleet potentials
  • Understand key differences in trends and user needs between Indonesia and Japan, EU/US

Kenny Marchel, Chief Executive Officer, DigitalInstincts Teknologi

18:00- 19:30 Networking Party


Afternoon | Room B

Autonomous Track: The Technology and Challenges That Lie Ahead

14:25- 14:30 Autonomous Track Chair Introduction

Phil Magney, Founder & Principal, Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC.

14:30- 14:50 The Building Blocks of Autonomy

  • Break down the major elements of an autonomous solution, from sensors, to modules, including the latest trends in algorithm training
  • Examine the challenges with sensors and sensor fusion and the need for localization assets to improve motion planning

Autonomous Track Chair
Phil Magney, Founder & Principal, Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC.

14:50- 15:10 Understand the Contents of the Dynamic Map That Can Help Realize Autonomous Driving

  • Elements of the Dynamic Map required to realize autonomous driving
  • Areas of the Dynamic Map to be defined as a common platform for industry collaboration
  • Challenges of mapping in Japan and overseas and actions to be taken

Tsutomu Nakajima, President and Representative Director, Dynamic Map Planning Co., Ltd.

15:10- 15:30 Explore How Software Functions Can Be Leverage to Realize Reliability, Functional Safety and Security for Implementing ADA and Autonomous Driving

  • As well as the hardware, software support is essential for realizing sensor fusion and for ensuring the functional safety for large systems. Furthermore, for communication between ECUs the AUTOSAR standard must applied across the all-purpose OS
  • From assembling the hardware, to market, to maintenance, throughout product lifecycle the application of security and PKI authentication is necessary

Yoshiki Chubachi, Manager, Business Development (Automotive APAC}, QNX Software Systems K.K.

15:30- 15:50 An Overview of Companies and Key Technologies in the Autonomous Space

  • Accelerating toward Level 4: Take a deep dive into the key trends we’re seeing and the driving forces behind them
  • Examine key technologies – Vehicle IoT, sensors, AI, security and robot ethics – and the new services that will lead to the creation of new business models for autonomous driving

Tsuguo Nobe, Architect and Director, Government Policy & Business Development, Intel K.K / Visiting Associate Professor, Nagoya University

15:50- 16:20 Netwoking Coffee Break

16:20- 16:40 Lessons from the Spaceship for the Sedan: How Open Software Approaches Can Accelerate the Autonomous Vehicle

  • Examine the intricacies of autonomous driving, and how to best leverage open software approaches and frameworks to achieve high-level autonomy.
  • What can the automotive industry learn from other industries, such as aerospace and defense, with similarly mission critical applications and tight safety restrictions?

Marques McCammon, General Manager, Connected Vehicle Solutions, Wind River

18:00- 19:30 Networking Party

Day 1 Day 2 Top

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Day 2: Wednesday, Oct 19

Morning | Plenary

8:00– 9:00 Registration, Morning Coffee & Pastry

Keynotes: Autonomous, Mobility, and Connectivity Trends

9:00- 9:15 How can we create sustainable business models from the changes of the mobility society?

  • Take a look at the mobility society evolving from changes both in urban and rural areas
  • Discuss mobility needs and the mobility market value
  • Determine what needs to be taken into account when creating sustainable business models

Day 2 Keynote Chair
Takaaki Sugiura, Principal researcher, Group Leader, ITS Business Group, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

9:15-9:40 Volvo Cars Approaches for Connectivity and Autonomy

  • Understand what users want in the connected area: How automakers can leverage connectivity, vehicle data, drivers' behaviors to provide more value to the customers
  • Look into approaches Volvo Cars is taking in autonomous vehicle arena: Hear about global Drive Me project and cooperation with new players

Carl Christensson, Senior Manager, Connected Car IT Services Concept, Volvo Car Corporation

9:40-10:05 Autonomous Drive Technology, Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and Image of Future Mobility

Takeshi Kuroshima, Manager, Autonomous Drive Strategy Department, Connected Car and Autonomous Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

10:05- 10:30 Mapping the Road to Autonomous Driving

  • Explore the role of the map in autonomous driving and how it can be leveraged to fulfill a broad range of advanced driving applications
  • Learn how maps will play a crucial role in localizing the vehicle and seeing beyond the vehicle’s sensor horizon, extending the range of in-car sensors in autonomous driving modes.

Jan-Maarten de Vries, Vice President - Product Management and Marketing, Automotive, TomTom

10:30- 11:00 Networking Coffee Break

11:00- 11:25 Gauge the Expansion of the Autonomous and New Mobility Markets

  • How will mobility services change based on local area needs? Predict the influence of technologies - autonomous technology, the smartphone, Internet, etc. – in this space based through examples of how DeNA’s business has developed

Hiroshi Nakajima, Executive Officer, SVP, Director of Automotive Div., DeNA Co.,Ltd / CEO Member of the Board, Robot Taxi, Inc.

11:25- 11:50 Tapping into the Growing Demand for Ride-Sharing and Car-Sharing to Create New Revenue Stream for OEMs and Service Providers

  • Examine the global trends of new mobility services and changing user needs: Lessons learnt from launching the largest car sharing program in the US market
  • Learn how technology can predict user demands, build a truly multi-dimensional mobility platform and automate the entire transportation workflow, end to end; from dispatch, routing and scheduling to balancing supply, demand and cost, CRM and payments

Michael Cottle, VP of Sales and Business Development, RideCell

11:50- 12:50 Panel Discussion: Building the Ecosystem Required to Deliver Services that Users Want

  • Uncover what kind of services will need to be offered into order to increase the value of the car and mobility moving forward
  • Discuss what kind of ecosystem automotive and related industries should strive for in order to deliver services for new kinds of markets and approaches to mobility, by leveraging connect car data

Carl Christensson, Senior Manager, Connected Car IT Services Concept, Volvo Car Corporation
Hiroshi Nakajima, Executive Officer, SVP, Director of Automotive Div., DeNA Co.,Ltd / CEO Member of the Board, Robot Taxi, Inc.
Niall O’Doherty, Manufacturing & Energy Sector Lead, Teradata International
Staffan Wallin, Sales Director Automotive, Ericsson AB
Takeshi Kuroshima, Manager, Autonomous Drive Strategy Department, Connected Car and Autonomous Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Takaaki Sugiura, Principal researcher, Group Leader, ITS Business Group, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

12:50- 14:00 Networking Lunch


Afternoon | Room A

Connectivity Track: New In-Vehicle Services and Infotainment

14:00- 14:05 Connectivity Track Chair Introduction

Vivek Vaidya, Vice President, Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan

14:05- 14:25 Cockpit IVI System Trends and Architectural Challenges

  • Learn from an overview of the key trends affecting cockpit IVI systems
  • Examine the technological challenges and available solutions when it comes the architecture for building cockpit IVI systems

Masashige Mizuyama, Executive CTO, Infotainment System Business Division, AIS Company, Panasonic Corporation

14:25- 14:45 Delivering the Services that Users Will Demand from the Connected Car – Infotainment, Location Data, OTA (Over the Air) Upgradability Made Possible by Digital Radio

  • How do you provide the driving information, weather warning information, and high quality audio experience that users require? Explore how digital radio will make this happen
  • Applying digital radio to improve car safety and to augment autonomous driving: Examine the mechanics of updating maps and software while listening to the radio

Takeshi Imai, CEO/ Founder, Amanek telematics design inc.

14:45- 15:05 Voice Artificial Intelligence: the Next Gen Interface for Cars

  • Speech Technology in cars is evolving: Understand the technology road map from Command and Control of the past, to Natural Language of today, and Next Gen Voice Artificial Intelligence of tomorrow
  • Understand how Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks apply to voice systems, and how connectivity increases the usability of Voice AI systems in the car, cross-device, and multi-user

Rich Kennewick, President, VoiceBox Technologies

15:05- 15:25 How Vehicle Connectivity and New Technologies Change Services Provided in the Car

  • Understand the trends in connectivity, autonomous technologies and mobility trends transform the user needs and how automakers should adopt the changes
  • Look into our research results: What kind of changes are happening in the connected car and infotainment space

Vivek Vaidya, Vice President, Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan

15:25- 15:55 Networking Coffee Break

17:15 End of Conference


Afternoon | Room B

Mobility Track: Car sharing, Technology, Commercial, Fleet and Transport

14:05- 14:25 Understanding Usage Trends in Car Sharing to Understand the Extent of Mobility Needs

  • What we’ve learned from our car sharing users: Picture new ways of using the car from our customer data and their feedback
  • User morals derived from IoT: Realizing our initiative of maaking a driverless service more comfortable and convenient through systems

Motoharu Uchitsu, General Manager of Times Car PLUS Department, Times24 Co., Ltd.

14:25- 14:45 Approaches to Transform the Commercial Vehicle Business Models by Utilizing IoT

  • Gain insight form examples of Isuzu’s data utilization, and consider the road blocks that lie ahead
  • Understand how evolution of the IoT will impact the business models for commercial vehicles and what challenges we can expect to see

Noboru Maesono, General Manager, Sales Planning Dept., Isuzu Motors Sales Co., Ltd

14:45- 15:05 Challenges Facing the Logistics Industry and What Shape Next-Generation Distribution Services Will Take

  • Customer needs: Diversified delivery requirements arising from the rapid growth in EC services
  • Worker’s needs: Declining working population, the role played by female and elderly workers
  • Social needs: Realizing labor-saving and increased efficiency with automation technology using ICT and IoT, such as “RoboNeko Yamato”

Kazuo Hatakeyama, Project Manager, Division of Strategic Network Development and Management, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd

15:05- 15:25 EV Car sharing: Explore what services and business models can be created by cooperating with local government and leveraging user data

  • Kobe City case study: Learn how EV car sharing has contributed to public transport and sustainability

Yasufumi Suzuki, Manager, Public Utility Industries Sales & Marketing, Nihon Unisys,Ltd.

15:25- 15:55 Networking Coffee Break

15:55- 16:15 Approaches to creating service models and improving sustainability by using real-time data

  • Investigate how to create a framework that will improve safety, comfort and efficiency using data arising from the vehicle. Learn from case studies involving vehicle systems
  • Using said framework, explore how it can bring about beneficial business models for automakers and suppliers

Daisuke Emmanji, Interior Electronics Solutions, Interior Division, Continental Automotive Japan K.K.

Day 1 Day 2 Top

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