Connectivity, IoT, AI: Grasp the latest technology trends to anticipate how your business will change

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Day 1 & 2 (morning) Keynote Session themes:

Connected Car Strategies for the “Open Approach” Age

  • Understand the kind of connected car ecosystem global OEMs are building. Get an overview of the latest strategies for open application platforms, standardising middleware, and creating data centres

Reveal the Car’s Potential with IoT

  • Gain a macro-perspective on how IoT will evolve the car. Examine its impact from real-time data value-added services and vehicle diagnostics to product development and marketing strategies

The AI Revolution

  • AI and deep-learning are game changers. Gauge their impact on generating algorithms for autonomous driving, sensor fusion, maps, and vehicle production in the near future

Security Measures for the Evolving Car

  • Automation and connectivity are evolving – take a look at how security measures need to change to keep pace. Where exactly should we be seeking collaboration for the greater good?

The Impact of 5G

  • 5G will be a key enabler of connected services. Get a handle on the infrastructure and costs required in realising connected services and form a strategy to address the associated challenges

Building the Ecosystem Required to Deliver Services that Users Want (Panel discussion)

  • Increasing the value proposition of the connected car hinges on delivering valuable services to the consumer. We will debate what these services look like, what kind of ecosystem is required to deliver them and the issues surrounding data and privacy

How the Autonomous Car will change our Society

  • The autonomous car’s influence will be seen on our highways, in urban mobility, depopulated areas and in many other scenarios. Review proof-of-concept tests and look ahead to the next phase of development

Impact of Ride Sharing on the Automotive Industry

  • Ride sharing is growing aspect of how people get from A to B but is it a viable revenue stream of cause for concern for the OEM? Explore the monetization and business angles in light of changing consumer needs

High-Definition Maps for Next-Generation Vehicles

  • Cars are connected to the cloud; autonomous vehicles are evolving: what role should the map play in this context? Examine the necessary functionality, format and the services enabled by high-definition maps

Reconsidering the Legal Framework for Rapidly Evolving Technology and Mobility

  • Legislative issues are arising as more and more user data becomes actionable through the autonomous car, ride sharing, and connecting. Take into account the guiding principles that will become the backbone of future legislation

Connecting the Connected Car with Urban Transport

  • The urban transport model is changing: measure the effect of new technology and consumer needs herein and the trends that will emerge in the near future

The Disruptors: Ventures and New Industry Entrants (Panel discussion)

  • Ventures and new entrants to the automotive market are continuing to lend their innovations and visions to the automotive industry. See the automotive industry from a fresh perspective and take-away new ideas
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Day 1 & 2 (Room A, afternoon) Connectivity session
  • Global Market Trends: Take a look at the Chinese and Indian telematics markets and learn from the strategies employed by European and American companies
  • Vehicle Data and Services: Understand how OEMs envision leveraging vehicle data and what kind of value-added services they are considering
  • Data Management and Platforms: Debate what kind of data platforms and management are required to fully take advantage of vehicle connectivity and the IoT
  • Insurance Telematics: Get an update on the latest trends in Japan and globally
  • Data Monetisation: Discuss what kind of framework and ecosystem needs to be in place in order to monetise vehicle data - take into account case studies and new ideas (panel)
  • Apps and Infotainment: Explore the latest trends in apps and infotainment while taking a look at how consumer desire is changing
  • Personalisation: Examine the technology essential to advance personalised services, with a close look at voice recognition technology, data analysis and AI
  • In-vehicle Connectivity: Get the latest train of thought about how the smart phone should link-up with the car's user interface based on how CE tech is moving forward
  • OTA Upgradability: See the technology currently available and investigate the issues regarding making software and firmware upgrades safe and secure
  • User Experience (UX): Consider what technological elements are necessary to improve the user experience taking into account the user perspective
  • Next Phase in Infotainment: Discuss the necessary approach, HMI, and collaboration (Panel discussion)
Day 1 (Room B, afternoon) Autonomous Session
  • Active Safety and Autonomous Tech Overview: Get the latest update on sensor and sensor fusion technology needed for ADAS and autonomous driving
  • Vehicle Architecture: Examine the in-car software and functional safety developments required for fully automated driving
  • IoT for Autonomous: Better understand how vehicle data standardisation, and cloud and edge computing can be leveraged to further the autonomous vehicle proposition
  • Human Factor and HMI: Take a look at the challenges of switching between car and driver and what kind of HMI strategy can ensure a safe transition
  • Integrating Map Technology: Examine the challenges of integrating sensor, location and 3D map data and debate just how much ECU processing power and AI can help overcome these
  • Macro View of Autonomous Technology Challenges: pinpoint where the key hurdles to automation can be found - sensors, maps, cost and draw a road-map for overcome these (Panel discussion)
Day 2 (Room B, afternoon) Mobility session
  • IoT's Role in Sustainability: Understand how EVs, PHEVs, the connection of the car to the home are embracing IoT technology and take a look at the progress being made in these areas
  • New Mobility Needs: Grasp how new forms of mobility such as ride sharing and park & ride are changing how we think about urban mobility both inside and outside Japan, and understand how mobility needs are changing from a business, personal, and rural community perspective
  • Commercial Angle: Realise how commercial vehicles, delivery and distribution are changing and will continue to do so due to the development of the autonomous vehicle, connectivity and the rise of the sharing economy
  • Fresh Perspectives on Business: Hear new business ideas and visions to harness the power of mobility from other industry players, local governments, and businesses like shops and hotels
  • IoT, 5G, and Autonomous - Tech Influence: These technologies are impacting automotive - examine how these technological innovations relate to and how they will bring change in the mobility arena
  • Crowd Pleasing Services: Discuss what kind of mobility services we expect to see in the future stemming from the consumer trends and needs we predict (Panel discussion)

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