7th annual TU-Automotive Japan 20-21 October 2015, The Westin Tokyo

TU-Automotive Japan 2015 Agenda

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Day 1, Tuesday October 20th

Keynotes: Identify Trends and Current Challenges of Connected Vehicles

Chairperson: David McClure, Director Research & Consulting, SBD

IoT & Connected Car Lifestyle: The Silicon Valley Perspective

  • Learn about what kind of changes are happening regarding IoT & Connected Car Lifestyle
  • Explore the benefits that OEMs can provide to consumers through connected services

Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director - Strategy and Innovation, Panasonic

The Global Future of Location Based Services

Understand developments of location based services (LBS) in China and other global markets (Content TBC)

Speaker TBA, Alibaba/AutoNavi

Simpler is Better: Groundbreaking SoC Architecture for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

  • Learn the motivation for a new System-On-chip (SoC) & System Architecture
  • Understand the benefits of new a new architecture, which can achieve over a 50% reduction in cost & power consumption compared to today’s IVI & Telematics systems
  • Introducing a LEGO®-like modular approach called MoChi, which enables car OEMs to maintain SW investment, makes it easier to develop IVI platforms that are able to scale across entry level to luxury autos, while gaining flexibility in interface and peripheral selection

Sehat Sutardja, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Building a Secure Automotive Operating System

  • Look into benefits and challenges of making automotive software platforms more open
  • Discuss how the automotive industry can act together to build secure automotive software architecture

Masashi Yamasaki, Deputy General Manager - Integrated Control System Development Division, Mazda Motor Corporation
Moderator: David McClure, Director Research & Consulting, SBD

Telematics Track: Infotainment, Security and Latest Connected Car Tech.

Infotainment Systems - The Weakest Cyber-Link - and Means for Protection

Examine how to ensure a secure implementation of IVI enabling telematics growth without compromising safety and privacy

  • Understand what makes IVI the primary attack vector for hackers
  • Learn the key elements of securing the IVI through holistic product life-cycle protection

Asaf Atzmon, Director of Business Development, IoT/Automotive Security, Cisco

Utilize the Cloud to Power Automotive IoT Services

Learn how to exploit the cloud to support connected car IoT services and strengthen the gathering, storing and utilizing of sensor data and real-time analytics.

Shinpei Ohtani, Manager, Solution Architect Solutions Architecture, Amazon Data Service Japan K.K.

Mapping: The Key to Next Generation Telematics Services

  • Understand the value generated from visualizing and analyzing probe data and its analytics
  • Learn about the new role that the map will play for future connected car and autonomous driving

Motohiro Watanabe, Manager - Product Management Group, Esri Japan Corporation

The Evolution of Business Models on a Global Scale

  • Learn about next generation business models and the needs of your integration efforts today in order to accommodate the rapidly growing global services market.
  • Get inside subscription models: Explore “sponsored data”, “pay per use” and the evolution of “pay for use” to see the future business models driving of the auto. connectivity
  • OEMs need control of connectivity at the service level. Explore “split billing” where customers pay for retail WiFi services and OEMs pay for OEM services

James Dawson, Sr. Director, Market Development, Connected Car, Jasper

Put Infotainment at the Center of the Connected Lifestyle

Discuss the necessary vehicle infotainment and HMI elements to hook up to the consumer's connected lifestyle.

Stéphane Petti, M2M & IOT Business development Director, Orange Business Services
James Dawson, Sr. Director, Market Development, Connected Car, Jasper

Autonomy Track: ADAS, Sensors and Latest Tech. And Social Challenges

Autonomous Driving: The Complete Market Update

  • Understand the development of autonomous technologies, including AI (Cloud and Edge), 3D Map database, WAN/DSRC, vehicle IoT, sensor data
  • Discuss the major challenges, including legal and ethical issues facing the growth of autonomous driving in Japan

Moderator&Speaker: Tsuguo Nobe, Chief Advanced Service Architect and Director, Strategy Office Automotive Unit, Intel K.K & Visiting Associate Professor, Nagoya University

Case Study: Making Autonomous Driving a Reality

  • Hear about latest sensor developments and technologies to enable system advances
  • Understand the next technological challenges set to shape the future of autonomous driving

Hisashi Chiba, General Manager, Advanced Driver Assistant Engineering Department, Bosch Corporation

Developing the Autonomous Vehicle: HMI & Data

Explore the HMI and automotive data management necessary for autonomous vehicle development

  • Learn about necessary HMI elements that support smooth communication between driver and vehicle and reduce burden of handling the car
  • Understand how vehicle data and external traffic information will contribute to autonomous drive and active safety

Emmanji Daisuke, Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental Automotive Japan K.K.

Safety and Security Requirements of the Automotive OS to Support ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Actualize the integrated cockpit incorporating both safety and non-safety software components, as well as functional safety for embedded ADAS and autonomous solutions with reasonable cost
  • Learn the important role that the OS will play regarding automotive safety when IoT and V2V are used in ADAS and autonomous driving as opposed to conventionally in infotainment

Yoshiki Chubachi, Manager, Business Development (Automotive APAC), QNX Software Systems K.K.

From ADAS, to Automated and Autonomous

Discuss how current ADAS will lead to the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. Map out the key challenges and how to overcome them.

Hisashi Chiba, General Manager, Advanced Driver Assistant Engineering Department, Bosch Corporation
Emmanji Daisuke, Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental Automotive Japan K.K.

Moderator: Tsuguo Nobe, Chief Advanced Service Architect and Director, Strategy Office Automotive Unit, Intel K.K/Visiting Associate Professor, Nagoya University

Day One Day Two Top

Day 2, Wednesday October 21st

Keynotes: The Future of Autonomous Vehicles and New Forms of Mobility

Chairperson/ Moderator:
Takaaki Sugiura, Principal researcher, Group Leader, ITS Business Group, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

The Future of Connected Vehicles: Zero Emissions and Autonomous Driving

It’s all about connectivity. Identify what value the connected vehicle will bring to consumers and understand how connectivity will contribute to Nissan’s Zero Emission and Autonomous Drive projects

Koji Yamamoto, Division General Manager, Vehicle-IT and Autonomous Drive Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Mobility in 2020 and Beyond

Track the evolution of mobility and debate how the vehicle and transportation can be advanced in the future

Lei Zhou, Partner, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC
Heisuke Ikeda, Director OEM Relations Japan, NNG
Moderator: Takaaki Sugiura, Principal researcher, Group Leader, ITS Business Group, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Connected Safety in the Networked Society

Understand connected safety in the networked society and how to utilize the cloud to provide active support to your drivers

  • Explore how the Cloud manages traffic information, V2X and real-time driving data and help drivers to avoid risk on the road
  • Hear about how vehicle clouds can cooperate efficiently with traffic authorities, smartphone apps and other backend infrastructure for better traffic management and road safety

Gene Claxton, Sales Director Automotive, Business Line Industry & Society, Ericsson

The Real Killer App: A Fantastic User Experience(Content TBC)

Heisuke Ikeda, Director OEM Relations Japan, NNG

Telematics Track: Global Update and Vehicle Data for Business

Chairperson: Yuzo Kuboyama, Deputy Manager, IT Business Dept., Sojitz Corporation

Big Data and Delivering Better Customer Experiences

Discuss the architecture and business models necessary to utilize vehicle data for enhancing customer experience.

Hiroshi Kajiyama, Program Manager, Product Div., Mazda Motor Corporation
Yoshikazu Watanabe, Manager, Connectivity Development Project Team /Accessories Development Dept., Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Yu Nagata, Project Manager, Advanced Development & Business Planning Division, Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd
Scott Frank, Vice President-Marketing, Airbiquity

Moderator: Yuzo Kuboyama, Deputy Manager, IT Business Dept., Sojitz Corporation

Movements in the Chinese Market

Learn about approaches to the automotive industry from an IT company perspective, and how BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) are approaching telematics and autonomous space. How they will impact the automotive industry?

Keisuke Tajima, Senior Supervisor, Business Strategy Division, Strategy Planning Department, Pioneer Corporation

Big Data + Machine Learning = Big Business

Understand how to use Big Data and machine learning as tools to understand and enhance your business as well as to get to know your customers.

  • Showcase of customer examples using both vehicle data and telecommunications network metadata
  • Big Data in the Cloud, machine learning as a service and other global trends

Per Johdet, Manager of Enterprise Architecture, Telenor Connexion

Afternoon - Track Session Room B: The Evolution of Mobility

New Business Models and Business Competencies Revolutionize the Mobility Industry

  • Understand how IoT technologies and new business models, such as car sharing, are transforming the automotive industry and creating the foundations for future mobility ecosystems
  • Explore how connected vehicle data can be monetized along a new value chain utilizing advancing IoT technologies

Sebastian Wedeniwski, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Automotive Industry Japan , IBM

Connected Car Technologies for Smart Mobility

Understand how to harness connected car technologies to enable a smarter mobility paradigm.

  • Learn about tremendous opportunities brought by faster mobile communications(5G), V2X, autonomous technologies, IoT and OTA (over-the-air) upgradability
  • Hear the case studies from Europe to understand how to tackle the complexity and security challenges in future systems. (Content TBC)

Dominikus Hierl, Chief Executive Officer, Telit Automotive

Gauge the Impact on Transportation Brought by New Mobility and Modal Shift

  • Examine how Yamato is approaching and contributing to safety and sustainability, and promoting eco driving by visualizing driving data provided by See-T Navi
  • Understand how the multi-modal transport of goods - teaming up with other transport companies, using public buses and trains, etc - can bring benefit to urban society

Manabu Tanazawa, Assistant Manager, Division of CSR Development, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd

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