Vehicle connectivity and ADAS/autonomous technologies are indispensable for the future vehicle, one that can communicate with the world outside and drive itself powered by AI and sensors. Technologies both in and outside the vehicle are combining to create mobility-changing services, above and beyond conventional telematics and infotainment. What services will future users will demand, and how they can be realized and delivered?

TU-Automotive Japan 2017 will consolidate your understanding of the challenges ahead for the connected and autonomous vehicle. Gain insight from and debate with industry leaders and define your strategy for technology, the changing mobility landscape and user requirements.

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2017 Expert Speakers

  • Toshiro Muramatsu
    Toshiro Muramatsu

    Deputy General Manager Telematics Engineering Gr., Connected Car & Service Engineering Dept./ Monozukuri Gr., Connected Car & Autonomous Drive Div.
    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Takahiro Tochioka
    Takahiro Tochioka

    Senior Principal Engineer, Integrated Control System Development Division
    Mazda Motor Corporation

    Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Lutz Beck
    Lutz Beck

    Daimler Trucks Asia - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus

    Daimler Trucks Asia - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
  • Erik Spitzer
    Erik Spitzer

    Manager IT Process and Innovations / IoT and Cloud
    Daimler Trucks Asia - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus

    Daimler Trucks Asia - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
  • Gaku Nakazato
    Gaku Nakazato

    Director of New-Generation Mobile Communications Office, Radio Dept., Telecommunications Bureau
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)

    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
  • Junichi Ochi
    Junichi Ochi

    General Manager, Automotive Systems Integration
    Bosch Corporation

    Bosch Corporation
  • Hiroshi Nakajima
    Hiroshi Nakajima

    Executive Officer, SVP, Director of Automotive Div.
    DeNA Co.,Ltd

  • Shinpei Kato
    Shinpei Kato

    Tier IV, Inc.

    Tier IV, Inc.
  • Tsuguo Nobe
    Tsuguo Nobe

    Architect and Director Government Policy & Business Development / Visiting Associate Professor
    Intel K.K. / Nagoya University

    Intel K.K. / Nagoya University
  • Noboru Kosaka
    Noboru Kosaka

    Deputy General Maneger, Future Technology Task Force, Corporate Marketing and Planning Dept.
    Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd

    Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd
  • Kazuo Hatakeyama
    Kazuo Hatakeyama

    Manager, Department of System Development for Network, Division of Network Business Development
    Yamato Transport Co., Ltd

    Yamato Transport Co., Ltd
  • Takeki Ogitsu
    Takeki Ogitsu

    Deputy Director-General, Center for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation
    Gunma University

    Gunma University
  • Masashi Hodotsuka
    Masashi Hodotsuka

    Manager, Center for the Strategy of Emergence
    The Japan Research Institute, Limited

    The Japan Research Institute, Limited
  • Sampo Hietanen
    Sampo Hietanen

    MaaS Global Ltd

    MaaS Global Ltd
  • Modar Alaoui
    Modar Alaoui

    Founder and CEO

  • Niall O'Doherty
    Niall O'Doherty

    Head of Industry, Business Consulting and Solutions, Think Big Analytics
    Teradata International

    Teradata International
  • Yoshiki Chubachi
    Yoshiki Chubachi

    Business Development Manager (Automotive APAC)
    QNX Software Systems K.K.

    QNX Software Systems K.K.
  • Hank Thunberg
    Hank Cohen

    Data Security Consultant
    INTEGRITY Security Services

    INTEGRITY Security Services
  • Daniel Thunberg
    Daniel Thunberg

    Global Head, Connected Transport

  • Mikko Hurskainen
    Mikko Hurskainen

    Link Motion Ltd.

    Link Motion Ltd.
  • Adam Emfield
    Adam Emfield

    Head of DRIVE Lab, Principal User Experience Manager
    Nuance Communications

    Nuance Communications
  • Makoto Ueno
    Makoto Ueno

    Division Manager, Project Development Division
    SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd.

    SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd.
  • Stefan Gudmundsson
    Stefan Gudmundsson

    Principle, Automotive Market Development & Product Strategy

  • Fumihiko Kondo
    Fumihiko Kondo

    Automotive Account Manager
    Valens, HDBaseT Alliance member

  • Scott Frank
    Scott Frank

    VP Marketing

  • James Dawson
    James Dawson

    Head of Strategy, Connected Car
    Cisco Jasper

    Cisco Jasper
  • Brian Hamilton
    Brian Hamilton

    General Manager, Music and Auto
    Gracenote Inc.

    Gracenote Inc.
  • Yossi Moscovitz
    Yossi Moscovitz

    Chief Executive Officer, Automotive Solutions
    Telit Communications PLC

    Telit Communications PLC
  • Tsuyoshi Saito
    Tsuyoshi Saito

    Senior Manager, IoT Business Department

  • Yutaro Higashi
    Yutaro Higashi

    notteco Co., Ltd.

    notteco Co., Ltd.
  • Nowaki Harada
    Nowaki Harada

    Senior Leader, Chiiki Ecosystem Project Team
    AEON CO., Ltd.

    AEON CO., Ltd.
  • Kenichiro Waki
    Kenichiro Waki

    Ficha Inc.

    Ficha Inc.
  • Kazuya Watanabe
    Kazuya Watanabe

    LeapMind, Inc.

    LeapMind, Inc.
  • Tetsuro Ida
    Tetsuro Ida

    Head of Japan
    Nauto Japan G.K.

    Nauto Japan G.K.
  • Roger Lanctot
    Roger Lanctot

    Director, Automotive Connected Mobility
    Strategy Analytics

    Strategy Analytics
  • Takaaki Sugiura
    Takaaki Sugiura

    Principal researcher, Group Leader, Next-Generation Infrastructure Division
    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
  • Lee Colman
    Lee Colman

    Head of Connected Car Division

  • Ali Izadi-Najafabadi
    Ali Izadi-Najafabadi

    Head of Intelligent Mobility
    Bloomberg New Energy Finance

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance
See the Extended List of Speakers Here

2017 Key Topics:

  • Automakers’ Strategies to Challenge Change:

    The connected car and autonomous vehicle technology are rapidly evolving. Take a look at how Japan, European and US car makers are leveraging data, AI, and connectivity. Understand their global strategies and what kind of ecosystem they want to build

  • Regulation and Global Standardization Trends:

    nderstand how government, industry bodies and US & European automakers are tackling standardization of 5G, maps, and the legislation of automation. Consider the kind of collaboration required for progress

  • AI & IoT in Action:

    Explore the services becoming possible as deep learning technologies are implemented in the car and communication of sensor data expands. Investigate the next level of user experience (UX)

  • Penetration Power of Ride Sharing:

    Ride sharing and the sharing economy is growing globally. Gauge market growth and penetration rate in Japan, while examining Japan-specific challenges and user needs

  • Global Mobility Case Studies:

    Understand what kind of mobility is appropriate for cities and rural areas and the technology that needs to be implemented. Learn from smart city case studies in the EU/US, and road tests in Asia and Japan

See the Most Updated Agenda Here

TU-Automotive Japan is the one event that you can’t afford to miss:

TU-Automotive is the number one forum for connected vehicle industry. It will give you the opportunity to network and share knowledge with pioneers and decision makers in the telematics, autonomous and smart mobility space. This year’s event will include:

  • 30+ expert speakers to give you the knowledge that you need to succeed
  • 25+ interactive sessions to help you brain storm
  • 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the telematics value chain with targeted networking and coffee breaks. Exchange business cards with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and socialise

If you want to get new ideas, fresh approaches and an action-plan of how to rev-up your telematics offerings, you simply can't miss this conference!

Hear from our Past attendees:

  • Tokai Rika Co.,Ltd

    "It was great to hear the thought of both domestic and overseas OEMs.It was good to develop an understanding of the connection between the telecom, automotive and other industries in the telematics space."

    - Tokai Rika Co.,Ltd
  • Bosch Corporation

    "I got the latest updates on the connect vehicle at this year’s conference"

    - Bosch Corporation
  • Canvasmapple Co.,Ltd

    "It was very informative to hear different perspective and positions of players from across (the telematics) ecosystem"

    - Canvasmapple Co.,Ltd

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