2017 Agenda

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This year we have brought in new formats and features to maximize your ROI! Get the best networking and learning in the connected car business as we move towards the autonomous car.

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Programme at a Glance

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Day One: 6 November 2017
Coffee Break
Track One: Smart Cities & Mobility
Track Two: Connected Services
StartUp Content
Coffee Break
Track One: Smart Cities & Mobility
Track Two: Connected Services
StartUp Content

Day Two: 7 November 2017
Coffee Break
Track Two: Connected Services
Track Three: ADAS & Autonomous
StartUp Content
Coffee Break
Track Two: Connected Services
Track Three: ADAS & Autonomous
StartUp Content


Full Conference Programme

Keynotes Case Studies for Smart Cities and New Mobility Connected Services: Infrastructure
Connected Services: Data & Artificial Intelligence ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles Innovation Stage

Vorsprung Durch Experience - Shaping The Future Of Digital Customer Services
Re-Defining Automotive Luxury

Auto tech innovation usually trickled down from premium segments. Connected cars disrupted that model. Autonomy and shared mobility may catch out luxury OEMs again, unless they re-define themselves and their customer experience.

  • Understand the opportunities to transform automotive luxury beyond features and technologies, and into new experiences as part of  the mobility world
  • Watch video interviews with premium and luxury car buyers, and what matters to them (and what doesn’t) when choosing a brand or model
  • Hear first-hand from the big names in the luxury auto market on their visions for future driving luxury
Becoming a Digital Brand: Changing Perceptions

As auto brands become platforms, unpick the process of transitioning from a carmaker to a tech company in the eyes of consumers.

  • Engage with consumers digitally and identify new ways to sell to and communicate with targeted demographics
  • Manage changes to brand image in a MaaS driven environment. Assess what the commoditisation of OEMs will mean for brands
  • Prepare market entry for autonomous driving, from the value proposition to educating consumers about  technology
Embrace the New Auto Ecosystem

Create a killer strategy for the new auto business; from making money to building the right ecosystem partnerships

  • Plan for the shared economy. Learn how automakers and partners can make the operational and strategic shifts to capitalise on new business models
  • Identify the new revenue streams opened up by e.g. contextualised data, working with advertisers and emerging models such as shared leasing and insurance
  • It's time for ecosystem openness! Learn the best way to approach and work with OEMs, while OEMs can learn to adapt to new partners and ways of working
European Car Makers Pop the Data Bonnet

The connected car industry has put tremendous time and effort into getting data right, where does this put us today?

  • The Custody Question! Identify the sources of & types of data in play. From neutral servers to shutting off the OBDII port, get up-to-date on discussions around ownership and access
  • Balance privacy & security with safety & monetisation. As OEMs start to open up to the digital marketplace, learn the steps to alleviate consumer (and regulatory!) concerns
  • From the automaker to insurers to cities; map out the data value chain and use cases to untangle who benefits (& who doesn’t) from the European connected vehicle data scene
Carsharing or Ridesharing: Which Is The Best Preparation For Autonomous?

AVs are coming, on this we can all agree. But see how the new mobility market today can be the most profitable way to prepare for the autonomous revolution.

  • Understand how vehicle utilisation in new mobility services drives profitability and increases utilisation, incl. using the same fleet of cars for multiple services
  • Learn what’s required to launch a new MaaS offering, incl. end-to-end workflow, dispatch, scheduling, balancing supply, demand, CRM and payments
  • Anticipate common challenges with running carsharing, ridesharing & autonomous services, such as fleet management, balancing supply and demand, and how to overcome them
Digital Identity: The Competitive Differentiator for Connected Services

As services become an important revenue source for OEMs, digital identity is set to become the cornerstone of both customer experience and security.

  • Provide a customer profile management experience that seamlessly transitions to in-vehicle personalisation for owners, drivers and passengers (including vehicle sharing scenarios)
  • Leverage authenticated driver/passenger identity to enable provisioning of payment methods, network operators, and subscription-based vehicle features and cloud services
  • Create a trusted digital identity of the vehicles themselves to enable trusted V2X transactions that include the context of the driver or passenger identities
Collaborating Across Digital Industries

Changing attitudes and circumstances have led to a lot more collaboration across industries, even amongst rival companies.

  • Pool knowledge and collaborate with digital industries. Structure for openness between businesses
  • Learn the latest developments in AI, virtual reality and more. Identify applications for the auto industry to  build on current R&D efforts in key areas incl. autonomous driving
  • Identify common challenges faced by digital industries and apply learnings to auto, incl. overcoming connectivity issues and developing modern business models
Case Studies for Smart Cities and New Mobility

Through a mix of case studies and panel discussion, get up-to-date on the work being done across Europe to test and roll out new mobility concepts and technologies through smart city pilots.

Finding a Place for the Car in the Modern City

The city is a hostile environment for the car these days. Identify how the auto industry can buck the trend to work with regulators and cities to deliver on efficiency, environment and convenience.

  • Today’s Smart Tech, Tomorrow’s Dumb? Discuss the will of authorities to plan and budget for infrastructure that will support the capabilities of future transportation
  • Assess how cities & countries will balance public transportation with other mobility offerings, as well as meeting needs of both city centres and suburbs/rural connections
  • Discuss the value of combining data sets from the city (e.g. smart infrastructure) with vehicle insights (e.g. pothole detection, weather), plus the best partners and platforms
Connecting Mobility in Barcelona

Get a look at the new SEAT Digital Lab in Barcelona to improve mobility and the work being done by SEAT; including projects combining city data with vehicle sensor data to improve parking and congestion.

Mobility as a Service: From “Niche” to Scale

MaaS is gaining traction in Europe. Understand how to go from a one-city (or neighbourhood!) solution to implement your offerings at scale.

  • Fragmented pilots and niche market openings make the mobility market difficult for new starters. Strategise to achieve scale, incl. going beyond cars to integrate bikes
  • Identify new customers as mobility becomes commoditised e.g. Cities and businesses - understand their needs & processes
  • The UX sweet spot: Achieving a unified MaaS interface for seamless payment & travel remains a challenge. Understand the legal questions and identify the right partners
Expanding the Mobility Mix

From buses to drones, there’s a lot of new designs and concepts for mobility solutions emerging – automated or not. Plan to meet consumers’ mobility needs other than the car.

  • Explore the mobility offerings from vehicles beyond the car, including self-driving buses, pods and drones, and their role in the transportation mix e.g. first/last mile
  • Debate how to balance transport offerings in increasingly crowded inner-city spaces, incl. making the most of space via pavements, roads, tunnels, and the air!
  • Identify the infrastructure necessary to connect and harmonise different vehicle types, incl. developing data plans across devices
Connected Services: Infrastructure
5G: Rolling Out the Network for True Connectivity

Forecasts for standardized 5G network roll-out keep being brought forward and the possibilities of what it can do seem to be endless. Learn what it means for automotive.

  • LTE or 5G? Understand where to invest in both the short and long term, plus get up-to-date on the progress in developing 5G standards and regulation
  • Learn what functionality will be enabled by 5G, e.g. V2X, over-the-air software updates, and how a shared spectrum opens up cross-industry services and sharing
  • Map out the ecosystem for 5G development and roll-out to identify the best partners to work with to make it happen!
V2X: Overcoming the Communication Barriers!

Connecting the car to intelligent transport systems and other cars is a crucial facet of safety and collision avoidance. Here, we assess the prospects for V2X connections.

  • Retrofitting V2X - Learn the need for the aftermarket to offer "V2X in boxes", like GPS navigation, to create a critical mass of vehicles that can connect to smart infrastructure
  • Debate how V2X based on 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, ITS G5 connections can offer fast, uninterrupted sessions to meet latency requirements for critical applications
  • Examine how V2V/V2X will evolve as we transition to fully autonomous vehicles in a longer timeframe
Beyond 5G - Delivering the Radically Connected and Safe Car Experience

Today’s connectivity solutions won’t scale to keep up with the data demands required to keep cars safe and connected. Support the unquenchable thirst for global, always-on connectivity.

  • Examine how integrating satellite connectivity into a wireless solution will enable a scalable, full coverage solution that meets consumers skyrocketing demand for data
  • Define steps you can take today e.g. incorporating satellite connectivity, to create a truly mobile, seamless connected service with unlimited internet applications in all environments
  • Learn how to increase safety and security of connected vehicles with real time multicast updates – and how it will save you millions compared to manual updates
Vehicle Architecture: Legacy, Cloud and Edge Computing

With countless legacy systems and mature telematics systems co-existing with new ones, decide the best way to move forward as complexity & processing needs increase.

  • Understand integrated cloud & edge computing to manage the combination of sensor data, critical local processing and the need to connect to advanced data analysis tools
  • Overcome the challenges of building on mature telematics systems and vehicle platforms and learn how to bring legacy systems up to scratch for new features and processing
  • Sign off the business case for OTA capability for retrospectively adding features, security updates and maintaining a link with customers
Simplifying In-Vehicle Connectivity

The ability to provide effective and efficient communication within the car is taken for granted, and expected by all consumers. Overcome remaining challenges to meet these expectations.

  • Understand the scope of challenges incl. the need for increased bandwidth, cabling weight & complexity, EMC & latency, & scalability, and how they affect in-vehicle connectivity
  • Discuss today’s solutions, e.g. Ethernet Automotive and SerDes, and what to expect as we address the more complex advanced needs of infotainment, telematics and ADAS
  • Explore the potential benefits of simplified connectivity within our cars, addressing latency & bandwidth while delivering the experience expected by end users
Beyond Connectivity & Above the Cloud

As vehicles become increasingly connected, it’s time to realise the full potential of full digitisation in the automotive industry.

  • Bring in all the elements of a connected car i.e. personalisation, prognostics, services such as in car delivery together into a single digital platform
  • Integrate with an OEMs digital transformation e.g. developing new service models to bring tangible innovation to the new auto industry
  • Look into how vehicle data connected into a CRM will allow OEMs to establish consumer needs and new revenue opportunities as we shift to more automation and electrification
The Digital Economy Toolbox

Take advantage of data to generate more revenue and thrive in the digital economy.

  • Build up a data sharing marketplace with partners incl. insurers & dealers to learn about customer needs and develop better monetisable services e.g. remote repairs
  • Unlock new income streams through services which also add value to the driver, such as in-vehicle payments
  • Harness technologies like blockchain to enable secure data exchange with trusted partners and build a reliable digital marketplace for all parties
Delivering The Hyper-Personalised UX: Infotainment

Vehicle interiors have never been more complicated, from balancing the needs for elegant user experiences while minimising distractions, to pulling data through sensor fusion technologies to the cloud.

  • Debate the importance of an in-house, proprietary platform and operating system vs. an open source base platform as we move towards shared, integrated vehicles
  • Partner across industries to deliver the experience that consumers expect from next gen vehicles, such as connection to home, enabling brought in devices, and high personalisation
  • Get a glimpse of the new technologies in infotainment, incl. occupant authentication, personal profile audio & cognitive infotainment
Connected Services: Data & Artificial Intelligence
A.I.: Enabling the Truly Personalized Auto Experience

A.I. will be the final word in the in vehicle HMI. Realise its full potential and understand what elements you can apply immediately.

  • Apply current A.I. systems i.e. gesture and voice recognition to HMI to create a seamless and simple UX and discuss how different A.I.s – e.g. phone v car based – will integrate
  • Understand how the cognitive cockpit, such as humanized voice recognition and personality insights, can create a truly personalised experience
  • Accelerate your A.I. strategy within the long auto development cycle, incl. applying current aftermarket solutions or “bolt-on” layers to infotainment stacks
Blockchain for the Auto Industry

Blockchain is hot right now. Understand some key disruptive applications of blockchain to the automotive industry.

  • Identify advantages using blockchain technology, incl. pushing software updates over-the-air to add new features and security updates
  • Enable a more automated process of e.g. sharing, insurance and servicing when it comes to running autonomous vehicles
  • Learn the security benefits of blockchain, from avoiding counterfeits to providing secure asset sharing for MaaS to immutable in-vehicle transactions
Inside The Mind of a Hacker: Putting the Brakes on Cyberattacks Targeting Connected Cars

The increased connectivity and complexity in modern vehicles is resulting in new risks and threats to personal safety, security and privacy. How can the connected car ecosystem be secured?

  • Discover how hackers have exploited vulnerabilities to access a vehicle’s ECUs, controller area network (CAN) bus systems, & even auto. apps through the cloud
  • Implement a well-defined strategy where OEMs, tier-ones and IT service providers work together to define cybersecurity solutions. Understand vulnerabilities from a hacker’s perspective
  • Understand both threats and risks, and adopt new practices, such as a defence in-depth approach to cybersecurity. Ensure long-term success as the software-defined vehicle evolves
Securing the Next Gen Vehicle

Data volumes are increasing, the systems are getting more complex. Understand the next big developments so you can prepare your method of defence!

  • Identify what developments in autonomous, V2X and  smart cities mean for vehicle cybersecurity, e.g. critical functionalities sharing consumer spectrums on 5G connections
  • Gain insight into what other IoT industries and systems, from mass transit to coffee shops, will be communicating with the vehicle. Apply verified communication keys and protocols
  • Uncover how to secure a system that's safety critical by design, incl. identifying which connection/network (eg 5G v ITS G5) is best to for critical system messages and functionality
ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles
Embracing Robot Cars: What Does Society Think?

The autonomous car is coming. But how to we know the public are willing passengers? Answer that question by hearing the results from the FIA’s AUTOPILOT user acceptance study.

  • Learn whether connected automated driving technologies, incl. ADAS offerings already on the road, are acceptable to European road users
  • Determine which external environmental factors and personal preferences influence user acceptance e.g. early tech adopters
  • Where’s the Money? Identify how much the European consumer is inclined to pay for connected & automated driving technologies so you can adapt your business plan
Insuring the Autonomous Car

Autonomous cars will disrupt the auto insurance space beyond recognition. Make sure research and development and project teams are in place now to stay ahead of the trend.

  • Determine the need for insurers to access data that shows which vehicles are equipped with ADAS features and how/if they are being used in order to price risk more effectively
  • Decipher the effect on risk assessment as automated driving reduces ownership, moves towards product liability and decreases accidents
  • Look at the need for insurers to be involved in debates about ethics and morality surrounding automated driving so the industry can build a common standard
Mapping an Autonomous World

Look at how mapping technology is developing to meet the growing demands of automation.

  • Grid modelling, pre-mapping, HD mapping; evaluate the attributes of the latest mapping solutions to focus in on the technology that meets your mapping needs
  • Enhance interoperability between sensor data and mapping through enhanced in vehicle computation to create the required data for simultaneous localisation and mapping
  • Analyse how the integration of A.I. with mapping software will enable accurate, real time updates for HD mapping platforms
Autonomous Testing: An Action Plan for Europe

From the top level European standards to nations and individual cities, understand the European testing landscape and map out an action plan for true deployment.

  • Put your tech to the test by understanding what the EU vs. each state (vs. each city!) requires to test your vehicles on the road
  • Look at how data supplied by a digital simulation can be applied in the design process enabling a more streamlined and efficient application process
  • Get to grips with the progress of testing real world environments, incl. vehicle-to-pedestrian, and reactions both of and to self-driving vehicles in the streets
Innovation Stage
StartUps Pitch on Stage

Hear from a batch of the latest, innovative start-ups focussing on automotive technology development & business models. This is your chance to hear from the newest teams in the race to shared, automated mobility!

Investing in Success

Companies in the auto tech and mobility space are attracting a lot of attention. Understand the trends, where to invest, and ask the question: partner, acquire or be acquired?

  • Analyse the big moves in the market, such as recent MaaS investments. Determine its impact on the ecosystem and the diversity of suppliers – what’s next?
  • Assess the role of investment branches of OEMs & Tier 1’s and how it interplays with R&D efforts across the company
  • Crystal ball time! Understand where investors are looking over the next 6-12 months to make gains in the next 5-10 years

If you have any questions regarding TU-Automotive Europe 2017 please do get in touch.

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