JUST ANNOUNCED: The Leaders of the Automotive Digital Revolution

For the first time the pioneers of connected car will take to the stage at TU-Automotive Europe marking 2016 as the year of the automotive digital transformation - with more speakers still to be announced!

Dieter May

Dieter May
SVP Digital Business Models
Christoph Hartung

Christoph Hartung
Head of Connected Car
Patrick Hoffstetter

Patrick Hoffstetter
Chief Digital Officer
Johan Jungwirth

Johann Jungwirth
Chief Digital Officer
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Europe's Largest Conference & Exhibition Dedicated to the Future of Auto Mobility

For 14 years the TU-Automotive Europe Conference & Exhibition has been the central meeting place for those at the forefront of automotive technical innovation and business strategy.

Executives from the leading OEMs, tier1s, telematics services providers, telecoms and government bodies will gather to develop robust proof of concepts, agile business models and effective innovation processes to bring the auto industry up-to-date with the digital revolution.


Three Pillars of an Auto Evolution - Connectivity, Mobility and Autonomy

Through independent research we have uncovered the most critical business and tech. trends that will impact your business in 2016 and beyond:

  • Tech Companies that Make Cars?

    Get in line with OEM restructuring and investments for a world where the car is a connected service delivery platform

  • Trust in Autonomous:

    Develop an integrated product, testing and education roadmap in partnership with governments to strengthen public confidence at this crucial time

  • The Connected Eco-City:

    The city becomes the epicentre for new modes of clean, efficient & connected mobility. Transform the car into an intelligent and networked eco-warrior!

  • Auto-Disrupted:

    From modular autonomous pods to the flying car; ground-breaking start-ups and tech. companies enter auto with concepts that will change the face of transportation

  • New Customers for an Old Industry:

    Digitise the auto user experience in and out of the car as millennials discard car ownership for seamless personalisation and convenience

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Experts Who Already Confirmed to Speak in 2016:

  • car2go
  • BMW
  • FCA
  • PSA
  • google
  • gett
  • UBER
  • Next
  • AeroMobil
  • daimler
  • Department-for-Transport
  • Continental
  • Denso
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • inrix
  • asfinag
  • kia
  • Scania
  • drivy
  • Ericsson
  • gm
  • Neckermann
  • Cisco
  • WirelessCar
  • Frost-Sullivan
  • Jaguar-Land-Rover
  • Security-Innovation
  • Honda
  • strategy-analytics
  • Airbiquity
  • Generali
  • Ptolemus
  • Ally
  • Argus

Key Trends Coming Together to Define the Future of the Car:

Key Trends Coming Together to Define the Future of the Car

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Europe's Biggest & Best Auto Innovation Conference:

The facts below speak for themselves...

  • of delegates rate our speakers good to excellent
  • of delegates rate networking as good to excellent
  • of delegates would recommend the TU-Automotive Europe to a colleague or friend
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Europe's Premier Auto Tech Networking Hub - Anyone Who is Anyone Will Be There!

Condense months of contact building and industry research into two days! In one trip to Munich you can meet your clients, network with prospects and learn from industry thought leaders - put your company at the leading edge of automotive innovation.

  • 1100+ Executive Attendees:

    Over 25% of attendees are automakers. Plus, every person in the room is a serious stakeholder in the connected car market. You can be sure you'll meet decisions makers. No other event can touch the networking credentials of TU-Automotive Europe.

  • 20+ Hours of Dedicated Networking:

    We factor in dedicated networking hours to ensure you have every chance to do face-to-face business with companies from across the value chain. TU-Automotive Europe is the place where the industry comes to do deals!

  • Chase Down Those Impossible to Reach Execs:

    With more leading automakers and tech. disrupters than ever before - e.g. Car2Go, BMW, Google, FCA, Volvo, Uber, PSA Peugeot Citroën - you can meet the people that are usually so hard to reach.Meet face to face to develop those crucial business relationships.

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See What the Industry Thinks:

  • Volvo

    "We're there for the networking. There are so many conferences in this space but TU-Automotive have been able to keep both attendance and the quality of insights very high"

    - Volvo
  • Toyota Motor Europe

    "TU-Automotive has a well-known platform that allows us to showcase our innovations in the European automotive space"

    - Toyota Motor Europe
  • IBM

    "TU-Automotive has a global reputation in the automotive industry because it understands the importance of the trends that are disrupting the car as we know it"

    - IBM
  • FIAT Chrysler Automobiles

    "TU-Automotive Europe presents a unique opportunity to meet all the stakeholders of telematics value chain in one single place, as well as collecting insights, generating ideas and discovering new technologies"

    - FIAT Chrysler Automobiles

If you have any questions regarding TU-Automotive Europe 2016 please do get in touch.

Andrew Pym

Andrew Pym

Project Director
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+44 (0) 203 869 6720 (Global)
Email: andy@tu-auto.com

Lucas Ainscough

Lucas Ainscough

Project Director
+1 877 331 2547 (US)
+44 (0) 203 869 6720 (Global)
Email: lucas@tu-auto.com

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