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Panel of Judges 2006

Phil Magney Phil Magney
Principal Analyst, Telematics Research Group

Phil Magney, founder and principal analyst for TRG, has nearly 20 years experience in the computer, communications, and telematics industries. He has been an industry analyst since 1987 with core specialties in computer technologies and telematics. Phil is also a specialist in automotive safety and control and is an active ITS member. He has regularly written columns and papers for industry trade publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences in the US, Europe and Japan. Phil Magney earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of Minnesota in 1982.

Thilo Koslowski Thilo Koslowski
Lead Analyst and Director - Automotive Research, Gartner

With responsibility for the U.S. automotive market, Mr. Koslowski assists strategists in the automotive industry in guiding and growing their business. His research centers around critical automotive topics related to the automotive demand and supply chains, in-vehicle information and communication technologies and business-to-employee related initiatives.

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Koslowski was a consultant in GartnerConsulting's Executive Market Analysis Program, where he participated in customized domestic and international consulting assignments for vendors in the services and e-business markets. Prior to that, he worked in various marketing positions for a German automaker. Mr. Koslowski graduated with honors from the Technical University (RWTH) Aachen, Germany and holds a master's degree in Business Studies with majors in Marketing, European Economy and Production Engineering. As Gartner's lead analyst for the automotive vertical, Mr. Koslowski is regularly quoted in global publications, TV and radio broadcasts including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNET, BBC, Automotive News, Red Herring, Computerworld, ABC News and others.

Thilo Koslowski Bernie Wagenblast
Editor, Transportation Communications Newsletter

Bernie Wagenblast is the editor of the Transportation Communications Newsletter, a daily e-mail publication with over 5,400 subscribers. In addition, Bernie is an ITS Specialist for SmartRoute Systems, a Westwood One company . Bernie also provides the voice for several transportation-related services, including the AirTrains at John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Bernie had his start in the transportation field as one of the original on-air Shadow Traffic reporters in New York City. After five years of radio traffic reporting he joined the New York City Department of Transportation, helping to establish the city's first transportation communications center. He then moved to the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and was operations manager at TRANSCOM, a unique coalition of transportation agencies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He also was involved in the start of the I-95 Corridor Coalition, serving as the co-chair of the Highway Operations Group.

Following over a decade of work in government, Bernie rejoined the private sector serving as the NYC Director of Operations for SmartRoute Systems, a Senior Associate for TransCore and working with SmartRoute Systems to help grow their public sector ITS business. 

Myles H. Kitchen is a Silicon Valley based consultant/analyst, focused on Automotive Electronics

Myles H. Kitchen has spent over 30 years involved with Automotive Electronics including product design, marketing, and manufacturing.  

Since 1986, he has been owner and principal of   M.H. KITCHEN & ASSOCIATES (MHKA), a technology consultancy specializing in transportation electronics.  

Based in Aptos , California , MHKA provides market research, contract engineering, business development, and other specialized services to high-tech firms doing business with the global auto industry.  

Previously, he was part-owner of and Vice President of Marketing for Quantic Industries, a pyrotechnics and electronics manufacturer doing business with the Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive occupant restraint industries.   Prior to founding MHKA, Mr. Kitchen was Vice-President of Product Development and Marketing for Zemco Group, Inc., an aftermarket and OEM supplier of automotive electronics systems in San Ramon , California and Kaohsiung , Taiwan ..   Mr. Kitchen also served as Strategic Automotive Business Manager for Intel Corp., and National Semiconductor Corp., both in Santa Clara , California .   Earlier in his career, Mr. Kitchen was a Product Development Engineer and Marketing Manager for Motorola's Automotive Products Division in Schaumburg , Illinois .   Throughout this career, Mr. Kitchen has been involved with virtually every on-board application of electronics in the vehicle, including Navigation systems and their components.  

Mr. Kitchen holds several degrees from and is an alumni of the University of Cincinnati , the University of Kentucky , and Northern Illinois University .

Scott Andrews - Mr. Andrews is the Managing Director of Cogenia Partners

LLC where he provides consulting services for the major automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the conceptualization and development of multimedia and new technology products and services for future generations of vehicles.

He was previously with Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan where he led a variety of advanced computing and vehicle technology projects. Cogenia Partners, LLC is a consulting firm providing strategic and technical consulting to auto makers, suppliers and emerging technology companies.

Formed by two leading experts in vehicle computing and connected systems, Cogenia Partners supports companies in defining their product roadmaps and business development strategies, and provides a knowledgeable, experienced hand in reducing those plans to action.

Dave McNamara was recently Manager of Advanced Infotainment at Ford Motor Company’s Research and Innovation Center prior to his retirement in February 2006. 

His charter was the development of new electronic features for Jaguar, LandRover and Volvo to allow customers to bring digital media to the vehicle. In the past, his product development responsibilities for Ford Multimedia have included Audiophile Systems, Family Entertainment and Navigation. Dave’s extensive 31 year career in automotive electronics included assignments in Powertrain sensors, instrumentation, vehicle networks, and voice control and body electronics. Key accomplishments include the launch of Ford's first navigation for Europe. Other product achievements include the first US OEM reversing aid system and with Jaguar the first Adaptive Control System in Europe for which his engineering team received the Henry Ford Technology Award.  Dave is now starting his consultant business to work with the automotive community in the areas of new business planning, mentoring of new suppliers and program management.


David McClure, Technical Director, SBD

David McClure has been involved in the development of in-car audio, communication, navigation and telematics systems since the mid-1990ís, including 7 years as the program manager for telematics research at SBD. Prior to joining SBD David worked for Ford in a number of product development and manufacturing positions and was responsible for the design and development of multi-media systems, specifically audio and hands-free phones, at Nissanís European Technology Centre. He is currently responsible for SBDís comprehensive range of market intelligence reports and related projects covering all aspects of the European telematics value chain.


Lisa Peterson, Managing Partner LBS Consulting, LLC

Ms. Peterson has over 13 years of experience in the telecom industry, having held management and senior staff positions in Product Management, Marketing, Network Engineering, and Finance.   She is experienced in both wireless and wireline technologies and has worked with US and international telecommunications providers.  

Ms. Peterson was formerly a Sr. Product Manager in Location and Mobility Solutions for Sprint-Nextel, where she was responsible for managing business relationships with 3 rd party application software providers.   Her accomplishments include the commercialization of a wide array of Enterprise and Consumer Location Based services, including the first, mobile phone-based, audible and visual turn-by-turn GPS Navigation solutions.   Since 2003, Ms. Peterson has played an integral role in driving LBS product strategy and marketing programs for both the consumer and enterprise segments.   Ms. Peterson is a subject matter expert in wireless GPS device and network technologies and has evaluated and launched a variety of LBS applications on wireless A-GPS phones.  

Lisa has a B.S. in Finance and an M.B.A with a concentration in MIS, from the University of Maryland .   







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