Exhibition Floorplan: 2015

Last year’s exhibition sold out and so we are expanding the expo floor. We are likely to sell out again so get in touch as soon as possible if you’d like to secure a booth. Take a look at last year's floor plan below. 

Click here to download the floorplan PDF


A4 Wind River C13 Texas Instruments C116 CSR MRV 1 Texas Instruments
A10 Osram Opto Semiconductors C30 Corporate Auto C123 Parrot MRV 2 Elektrobit (EB)
A11 ublox C45 Mentor Automotive C125 Altran    
A21 DiSTI C56 Autonet Mobile C127 REC Global Exterior Live Car Demonstrator Zone
A22 Furuno GPS & Timing Division C58 UIEvolution C128 Infogroup Data Licensing   Hortonworks
A23 Security Innovation C60 7Layers C129 OPISNAVX   INRIX
A26 Movimento C61 Luxoft C130 AllGo Systems   Installernet
A28 FEV C62 Dataiku C131 Argus Cyber Security   Mentor Automotive
A29 ARC Technologies C63 Taoglas Antenna Solutions C132 Ericsson    
A38 TestEquity C67 Fornetix C133 Green Hills Software    
A39 Cogent Embedded C68 Mobile Devices C135 OBD Solutions    
A47 STMicroelectronics C69 The QT Company C136 Cognizant    
A48 Freer Logic C72 Airbiquity C138 Laird    
A51 TU Automotive C76 Covisint C139 AT4 wireless    
A52 TU Automotive C79 Qualcomm C140 OpenCar    
    C90 SiriusXM C144 CETECOM    
C92 QNX Software Systems C145 OpenSynergy    
MOBILITY C98 Redbend C146 CellControl    
M167 Driving Management Systems C99 peiker acustic C147 ABALTA Technologies    
M168 Magellan C100 Octo Telematics C148 RealVNC    
M170 Verisk Telematics C102 GrammaTech C151 SBD    
M171 Telogis C103 Neusoft C152 CalAmp    
M173 NNG C106 Cogniance C153 Telit    
M175 Anritsu C107 CloudMade C154 Novatel Wireless Inc.    
M176 Embedded360 Inc C108 ESCRYPT C155 Arynga    
M179 TomTom C109 Tech Mahindra C156 WirelessCar    
M181 Gemalto C111 Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) C160 Hortonworks    
M182 miRoamer C112 Symphony Teleca C163 P3 Group    
M186 Zuora C113 Crank Software C164 Baron    
M191 KORE C115 Rightware C165 Dealer-FX    
M192 Lochbridge     C166 Link Motion    
M204 Tech Stars            
M209 Jasper            

Diamond Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

  • Dealer FX
  • Gemalto
  • Gestigon
  • Green Hill Software
  • Harman
  • Linkmotion
  • Lixar
  • Nuance

Badge Sponsor

  • xtime

Lanyard Sponsor

  • Panasonic

Bag Sponsor

  • Laird

Co Sponsors

  • AT&T Drive
  • Neusoft
  • Symantec

If you have any questions on exhibition opportunities that are available at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 please do get in touch.

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Business Development Manager
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Andrew Bold

Andrew Bold

Business Development Manager
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+44 (0) 207 422 7585 (Global)