Follow the 3 Simple Steps to Nominate Your Company

1. Pick a Category

Click through each of our 12 categories to see which are most suitable for your business. You can see the full list of categories at the bottom of this page.

You can nominate for multiple categories, but we recommend you tailor each nomination to their respective category. We also suggest not nominating for more than 4 categories.

2. Complete Your Nomination Form

As well as your company name and contact details, you will need to enter a short description on why your company should win this award. You will find the nomination form by clicking on the above categories. There is a maximum of 500 words per submission and no links are to be included.

3. Click Submit

Click on the submit button to place your final nomination. You will receive an email to confirm reception of your nomination in the next few days.

The nominations are now closed.

We will announce the shortlist of nominees on Wednesday April 8.

The available categories

  1. Car Maker of the Year 2015
  2. Commercial Vehicle Maker of the Year
  3. Telematics Service Provider of the Year
  4. Commercial Telematics Service Provider of the Year
  5. Best Connected Car System Integrator
  6. Best Commercial Vehicle System Integrator
  7. Best Insurance Telematics Product
  8. Best Telematics Product or Launch in an Emerging Market
  9. Best Safety or ADAS Solution
  10. Best Mobility Solution Industry Newcomer
  11. Industry Newcomer
  12. TU-Automotive Influencer of the Year

If you need any further information, please contact me on the details below.

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