TU-Automotive Awards 2016 Winners

The 2016 TU-Automotive Awards winners have been selected by a panel of high-level experts. With over 400 nominations coming in this year, the selection process has been particularly difficult. The winners below have stood out based on the following criteria: Innovation, Industry Engagement, User Experience and Market Update. 

  • OEM of the year – Joint winners: Volvo Car Group & Ford Motor Company
    • It was a very tough decision, after 1 hour of deliberation there was no agreement on a single winner. So we have a joint winner
      Volvo Car Groupd were described as covering all angles of auto tech innovation: safety, antonomous, insurance, v2x, big data. They were selected for their great vision and well balanced approach.
      Ford Motor Company were selected for their very open, ambitious, holistic and collaborative approach. The judges apreciated the fact that they are bringing tech to the masses.
  • Telematics Service Provider of the year – Wireless Car
    • The judges highlighted their consistant performance and the fantasic level of business they achieve. They appreciated the fact that Wireless Car does a lot of the unsung work - the critical business.
  • Best Telematics Product/Service – Movimento for Movimento’s Over-The-Air platform
    • The judges really appreciated the fact that Movimento is really moving the needle in terms of OTA and for keeping vehicles relevant. They also highlighted Movimento's global reach, broad customer list, and full package for updates.
  • Best Insurance Telematics Product/Service – AXA Global Direct France for YouDrive
    • YouDrive by AXA Global Direct France was selected for their ambitious program that is very innovative in what is seen as a difficult market. The judges also mentionned the fact that they had established some very clever partnerships.
  • Best Active Safety or ADAS Product/Service – Volvo Car for Pilot Assist
    • Pilot Assist by Volvo Car has been caracterized as the most advanced deployment of autonomous features scoring very high in terms of innovations with the judges.
  • Best Auto Mobility Product/Service – Veniam for Veniam
    • The judges said of Veniam that is was a significant innovation with an even greater potential. They've caracterized it as so much more than a mobility product.
  • Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service – Security Innovation for Aerolink
    • The judges highlighted the quality with which Aerolink from Security Innovation is tackling the mission critical challenges.
  • Best Aftermarket Telematics Product/Service – MagellanGPS for Magellan eXplorist TRX7
    • Magellan eXplorist TRX7 was recognized for being a creative product that really hit the spot and disrupted an underserved market.
  • Newcomer of the year – PolySync (previously Harbrick Technologies)
    • PolySync was described as having excellent credentials, partnerships and a solid technology. The judges appreciated that they are having a big impact and said that they will continue to.
  • Influencer of the year – Julia Steyn, Vice President of Urban Mobility Programs, General Motors
    • Julia Steyn was awarded this recognition by the judges because she has stepped in to a fairly long line of telematics & connectivity leaders at GM and has shown boldness particularly in embracing car-sharing at the level she has.
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