15th Annual Focused Conference & Exhibition

TU-Automotive Detroit 2015

June 3-4 | The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI, USA

Connectivity Enables a New Paradigm for Auto Mobility

TU-Automotive Detroit is the unparalleled event for the evolving automotive technology market as it converges with consumer electronics, mobile and IoT to re-define the telematics, auto-mobility and autonomous use-cases.


See TU-Automotive Detroit in Action

This is an all-encompassing event for the evolution of automotive technology. Sessions will be split across the telematics, auto mobility and autonomous vehicles to ensure we explore the car in all its use-cases and how the market can move forwards.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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The Biggest Names in Automotive Tech

The top 100 minds behind this new era of auto mobility will take to the stage this June. There will be a special focus on C-suite level automotive and innovation centric key note sessions. Take a look at our previous super-panel below.

Phil Abram Tom Gebhardt Tim Yerdon Henry Bzeih Don Butler
General Motors Panasonic Automotive Systems of America Visteon Kia Ford Motor Company
Phil Abram
Chief Infotainment Officer
General Motors
Tom Gebhardt
Panasonic Automotive Systems of America
Tim Yerdon
Henry Bzeih
CTO & Head of Connected Car
Don Butler
Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services
Ford Motor Company

As 2014 was the year the connected car message moved from the margins to the mainstream, we brought you our most senior panel of automotive visionaries to date to deliver their assessment on how connectivity is set to enable the auto-mobility revolution.


The Trends Changing the Face of Mobility in 2014

You can see what we focussed on in 2014 below. This year’s agenda will move with the evolving industry, exploring the inter-play between the telematics, auto mobility and autonomous vehicles.

  • The Internet of Things Meets the Road: Explore the connected car as a crucial node in the IoT as the cloud’s potential in automotive shines through
  • The Future of Advanced Safety: V2X today. Piloted tomorrow. Autonomous…? Embrace intelligent mobility, because the question is no longer if, but when! 
  • Real-Time Relationship Management: Engage customers with connectivity enabled touchpoints, from dealers to diagnostics to discounts and create OEM affinity through a seamless user experience
  • Turning Bytes into $ Bills: Drinking from the data fire hose can be daunting. Collect, select and analyze telematics data to open up brand new revenue streams
  • Tech Giants Want a Piece of the Action! Cross-pollinate Silicon Valley’s out of the box thinking with Detroit’s automotive prowess to complete the total connected lifestyle


Top Connected Car Execs Take to the Stage

Take a look at the speakers TU-Automotive Detroit attracts. We hand pick experts guided by independent research:

  • Don Butler, Executive Director of Connected Vehicles and Services, Ford
  • Johann Jungwirth, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz R&D
  • Phil Abram, Chief Infotainment Officer, General Motors
  • Tim Yerdon, Director, Visteon
  • Tom Gebhardt, President, Panasonic Automotive Systems America
  • Henry Bzeih, Head of Connected Car/CTO, Kia
  • Dan Teeter, Director - Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan
  • Frank Weith, General Manager Connected Services, Volkswagen Group of America
  • Steve Schwinke, Director of App Development, GCC, General Motors
  • Thilo Koslowski, VP & Distinguished Analyst - Automotive, Vehicle ICT, Gartner
  • Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics
  • Andrew Hart, Head of Advanced Research, SBD
  • Sue Bai, Principal Engineer, Honda
  • Robyn Williams, Senior Manager Connected Services Marketing & Ops, Nissan
  • Rich Glassman, Director - Commercial Telematics Products, Volvo
  • Dan Kraft, Director New Product Development, Allstate
  • Shawn Meredith, Manager – Telematics Services Development, Daimler Trucks
  • Dave Pratt, General Manager Usage Based Insurance, Progressive Insurance
  • John Du, Director - China R&D, General Motors
  • Gary Strumolo, Manager, Vehicle Design and Infotronics, R&A, Ford


TU-Automotive Detroit 2014 Highlights:

TU-Automotive Detroit 2014 had more exclusive automaker presentations, C-Level speakers and consumers live on stage than ever before. Check out some of the highlights:

  • SUPER-PANEL: Hear from C-level execs in a newly devised hour-long panel tackling the future of the connected car and their visions of how connectivity is changing the ways in which we perceive mobility
  • CONNECTIVITY MEGATRENDS IN THE CAR: Look at how initiatives such as mobile health and wearables are infiltrating the car, taking safety and user connected experience to the next level
  • LIVE CONSUMER FEEDBACK PANEL: Hear from a panel of real-life consumers on their experiences of buying and owning connected cars;highlighting the trials and tribulations of interfaces, content, safety tools and more
  • DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS TRACK: Get a snapshot of some hand-picked start-ups whose products could change the way in which we think about vehicle connectivity – each disruptor will have 5 minutes to pitch their innovative ideas to a voting audience!
  • BRAND NEW CONFERENCING APP: Build your own bespoke conference agenda, navigate via the interactive exhibition floor, plus much more for an enhanced mobile centric networking experience
  • MORE OEM PRESENTATIONS THAN EVER BEFORE: This year we have secured more exclusive presentations from major OEMs than ever before, incl. Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and more will give you first hand access to announcements and automaker connected car visions


The Industry's Unparalleled Networking Event:

There may be a new look to TU-Automotive Detroit, but one thing won’t change – this is the best in class event for networking that the industry has to offer. You can expect:

  • 2700+ Executive Attendees:  30% of attendees are from OEMs and over half of all attendees are C-level execs and senior management level. No other event can touch its networking credentials
  • Form Cross-Industry Partnerships: Make connections across the evolving automotive technology market with attendees from the converging connectivity, mobility and autonomous segments.
  • 20+ Hours of Dedicated Networking: Meet face-to-face and do business with otherwise un-accessible senior-level decision makers. TU-Automotive Detroit is the place where the industry comes to do deals
  • The Prestigious TU-Automotive Awards 2014: On the eve of TU-Automotive Detroit, the industry's leading lights gather for an evening of awards and networking to honour the leaders of the industry

The Agenda Evolves With Automotive Tech

  • 3 conference tracks dedicated to telematics, auto mobility and autonomous vehicles , the inter-play between them and what it means for your business
  • C-suite level automotive and innovation centric super-keynotes, where the role of the car as a tech-centric form factor will be explored
  • Senior automotive visionaries will debate how the car is no longer a standalone unit, but a mobility service that’s second to none
  • All major US automakers represented on stage and in the audience – no other automotive tech focussed event can make this claim

The Big Names in Automotive Tech Rate TU 

The show is a great place to get an accurate pulse on the telematics industry and to meet or keep in touch with industry leaders.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Impressed with the conference. Both days were full of discussions and presentations based on innovative topics that project the next phase of technology to the automotive industry. There was great representation from all players in the industry, including the OEM's, mobile carriers, internet radio, etc. It was great to see how many of these companies are joining together in partnerships to make telematics a success.



It was a great event with a very good participation of the telematics community

Volvo Group

Volvo Group

The one event to be at in North America for Telematics and Infotainment

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

This was my first year attending and I plan on attending next year. The show is excellent and very informative



My first show so I was naturally blown away



Press Testimonials:

Telematics Detroit remains the most extraordinary networking opportunity in the industry as well as a great place to discover new technologies, companies and industry visions

Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics

Telematics Detroit is a great place gauge the state of the connected car and spot trends



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