The Experts on Stage in 2016:

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TU-Automotive Cybersecurity dissects the real issues behind the headlines, helping you to apply technology and best practices to deliver robust security defenses and processes within a more secure ecosystem.

The conference unites players from research labs, automakers, tier 1’s, security researchers, and the complete supply chain to plan for the imminent future.


Topics to be Discussed:

  • Connectivity: Risky Business or Savior? Map out the risk landscape and key attack surfaces, but also understand the opportunities connectivity provides for more up-to-date, cost-effective security
  • The Ecosystem Levels Up: It’s dangerous to go alone! Unveil ways to tighten security in your own business and across the ecosystem, through improved standards, assessments and collaboration 
  • Constant Vigilance! Get to grips with the cybersecurity process, including design, testing, intrusion detection, OTA updates, data encryption and more, so cybersecurity won’t be an afterthought
  • The Legislative Arena: With the US Government determined to take an active role, understand what form regulations might take, as well as delving into the latest legal action in the courts 
  • Gear-Up for Future Tech. Infotainment, cellular connections and OBDII are common focuses now, but what about when V2X and autonomous hit the road? Prepare for the next wave
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What to Expect: Sessions, Networking and More!

  • 30+ expert speakers from automakers, associations, security research, tier 1s, and more
  • 20 + dedicated sessions covering the technical, business, and legislative perspectives
  • Interactive roundtables: Take the chance to get your teeth into and openly discuss potential scenarios and debates
  • We're famous for uniting the entire industry under one roof. Millions of dollars of business is signed every year at TU-Automotive events
  • 20+ hours of networking sessions will ensure you walk away with a host of genuine new contacts and potential partners
Click here to access the conference presentations and audio

See What the Industry Has to Say About TU-Automotive Events:

  • US DoT

    "It was a great event and I look forward to next year’s conference"

    - US DoT
  • Auto-ISAC

    "This was a fabulous conference bringing together companies, vendors, researchers and other technical experts. This event showcased and share many valuable insights and was well organized and conducted."

    - Auto-ISAC
  • Geotab

    "TU-Automotive Cybersecurity USA provided both informative industry leading practices and a valuable networking environment to advance vehicle cyber security practices."

    - Geotab
  • Hyundai

    "TU-Automotive Cyber Security event was engaging and informative."

    - Hyundai
  • Argus Cyber Security

    "It was great to be at an event with so many attendees laser-focused on automotive cyber security. It meant that no matter with whom I spoke, our interests were aligned and each interaction was useful, meaningful and interesting."

    - Argus Cyber Security
  • Subaru

    "Great show and good content."

    - Subaru

Executive Pass: Cybersecurity in the Connected Vehicle Report 2016

Purchase an executive pass to receive a copy of the Cybersecurity in the Connected Vehicle Report 2016 at a discounted rate with your conference ticket.

  • Mapping the Attack surface in the Vehicle: Assessing vulnerabilities and precedent in connected vehicles today as well as tomorrows technologies
  • The Types of Hacks and the Threats They pose: Why hack a vehicle? What form do they take? How best to protect against them?
  • The Available Market solutions: What products and services are on the market and how best can they be used to protect specific areas of the vehicle
  • Standards: What standards exist? What standards are being worked on? How might the auto industry evolve best with the introduction of certain standards?
  • Lessons from Other Industries: What lessons and practiced can be applied to the automotive sectors? What can the aviation, defence and financial industries teach the automotive industry
Find out more information about the report here

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