Confirmed Agenda for the Consumer Telematics Show 2016.

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Jaguar Land Rover: Accelerating the Connected Car Ecosystem

In the past year Jaguar Land Rover announced its first Linux based IVI system, and the creation of its Technology Incubator in Portland, Oregon.

  • GENIVI showed its first fully open source demo platform, and announced the focus on upgrading it to a fully connected and software upgradable platform.
  • Just how are the efforts of JLR, and other members of the GENIVI Alliance, contributing to the connected car ecosystem? What's coming next?
  • Big announcements and guest participants will give an indication of just that!

Matt Jones, Head of Future Infotainment - Senior Technical Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover

Exclusive Announcement from Global OEM Disruptor

Full details to be announced shortly

Is This The Real Life, Is This Just Fantasy?

It’s clear; the automotive industry is experiencing a period of profound and rapid change. But as auto undergoes a renaissance, ensure you keep focus on the trends crucial to your business.

  • Decide what’s mission critical! Wherever you sit in the ecosystem, grasp how to put data and cyber security front and center of your strategyh
  • Data: just because you can collect it, doesn’t mean it’s useful. Move beyond the hype to understand which insights are valuable to enhancing your connected service offering
  • “Auto-pilot”, “self-driving”, “Assistance”? Re-calibrate how to communicate active safety technologies to manage expectations surrounding the road to autonomous mobility

Thilo Koslowski, VP Distinguished Analyst & Founder of Automotive Practice, Gartner

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Cyber Security: At the Forefront of the Public Eye

The growth of vehicle connectivity is generating very real concerns over the security of modern vehicles. Get up to speed on this fundamental building block of future auto tech.

  • Map out the connected vehicle attack surfaces in order to create a strategy that is built around secure a core
  • Get to grips with public perception and understand how to communicate the security of the vehicles in order to answer consumer fears
  • No More Recalls: Look into the latest Over the Air (OTA) solutions as an effective ways of updating vehicle systems on-the-fly without recalls

Henry Bzeih, Head - Connected Car & CTO, KIA
Jonathan Allen, Principal/ Director, Booz Allen Hamilton
Dirk Reimer, VP Sales & Marketing, Telit Automotive Solutions
Andrew Poliak, Global Director, Business Development, QNX Software Systems

Green-Hills-SoftwareExclusive Presentation from Green Hills Software

Full details to be announced shortly

Speaker TBC, Green Hills Software

Survey & Consumer Reactions: CES Tech and the Connected Car

Hear from tech fans live on stage and get the results an exclusive survey to see how CE expectations are set to shape the next generation of connected auto tech and services.

  • Automotive & the Internet of Things (IoT): Find out what services make sense for consumers to see which other connected ecosystems auto needs to tap into
  • Grasp how innovative technologies such as gesture recognition will be crucial to perfecting the automotive user experience
  • Drive consume uptake: See how to integrate CE devices, including smart watches, to create real excitement around connected vehicles

Andrew Hart, Director, SBD
Plus a panel of consumers

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Regulating Auto Tech: Winning Consumer Trust

Autonomous vehicles and new software systems are disrupting the automotive industry. With scandals hitting the headlines, tackle the regulation minefield.

  • Pinpoint where the ultimate responsibility lies for the certification of autonomous vehicles and the security of the systems they are equipped with
  • With the integrity of the automotive industry being called into question over the emissions scandal understand how to position technology as the key to winning back consumer trust
  • Discuss how the future of the automotive tech should be regulated; will it be driven by government, the OEMs or associations?

Gail Gottehrer, Partner, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP
Sven Andén, Cyber Security Consultant, Sandab
Mariel Devesa, Head of Innovation, Farmers Insurance

CovisintNew Insights from Covisint

Full details to be announced shortly

Speaker TBC, Covisint

The Platform Jungle

It’s a platform jungle out there!  With automakers, consortia and the CE big guns all offering solutions, evaluate how the industry will develop.

  • Should OEMs stick to their guns? Debate the pros and cons of automakers letting the Silicon Valley giants into the dash over their proprietary systems
  • Do consumers want a unique vehicle experience or a copy of their smartphone platform? Get to grips with what experience the public is looking for inside their vehicle
  • Understand how OEMs can meet the expectation of consumers through improving the user experience and truly integrating the car and the ‘digital lifestyle’

David DiMeo, Director, Connected Car Innovations, FordDirect
Georg Doll, Managing Director, Luxoft Automotive
Todd Peterson, Milteq
Moderator: John Ellis, Founder, Managing Director, Ellis & Associates

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Making Autonomous Driving a Reality

With millions of miles already being racked up on public roads, tackle the crucial obstacle facing the self-driving car; consumer perception.

  • Understand the perception of consumers around autonomous driving to gain vital insight into the best ways of effectively communicating with the public
  • Convenience vs. Safety: Discuss the best marketing strategies for autonomous/ assistance features to meet the needs of consumers
  • With the growing fear around the security of autonomous driving, debate and discuss the best practices enabling the industry to make the public embraces the autonomous future

Jeremy Kaplan, Editor in Chief, Digital Trends

InrixInsight, Innovation and Intelligence - How Cloud Services Are Enabling New Driver Experiences

In the past decade, the proliferation of data from connected cars and devices has driven some of the most innovative automotive services. But how will new data sources impact mobility now and in the future?

  • Get to grips with how big data is driving key connected services beyond real-time traffic information, such as smart parking solutions and next-generation driver safety applications.
  • Understand how new cloud-based innovations will be the driving force behind intelligent connected car services that will impact automakers and their customers.
  • Learn about the role that intelligent mobility will play in solving urbanization challenges as well as being a key component of helping to make the autonomous vehicle a reality.

Steve Banfield, Chief Marketing Officer, Inrix

Smart Mobility as a Service – Putting Each Individual User First

The automotive and transportation business model is being turned on its head. Get the inside track on a future based on ‘usership’ rather than ownership.

  • Harness data to create an on-demand operating model that puts the unique mobility requirements of each consumer first
  • Build a system that utilizes digitalization as well as strong cooperation between the public sector, business and users to create a sustainable transport ecosystem
  • Mobility & the OEMs: Understand what this shifty mobility landscape really means for the automakers – sort the opportunity from the threat and the hype

Remi Tachet des Combes, MIT

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NissanThe Future of the Connected Customer Relationship

Understand how connectivity and data is revolutionizing the OEM/ consumer journey, from one of ‘ship and forget’ to ‘ship and remember’.

  • Connectivity Sells: Debate the importance of putting connectivity front and center of the marketing campaigns for modern vehicles
  • Product Development: Harness real-world data to optimize product development, from services to design, by tapping directly into consumer habits
  • Sticky Customers: Create a suite of services, encompassing IVI, maintenance and third party value adds, that will optimize the ownership experience and create brand loyalty

Chip Goetzinger, Senior Manager - Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan
Nino Tarantino, CEO – North America, OCTO
John Morel, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Strategy & Analytics, Honda

LuxoftFrom Assisted to Autonomous Driving: An HMI Perspective

HMI is becoming the center of the consumer experience in non-autonomous and autonomous driving.

  • How does automated driving impact the user experience? Autonomous driving from an end-user and usability perspective
  • Discuss the paradigm shift in the driver-vehicle relationship with advanced automation. Driver’s role is changing from “driving” to “supervising”
  • Understand the HMI development challenges specific to autonomous driving, as well as requirements for future HMIs

Speaker TBC, Luxoft

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