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Telematics Connectivity Strategies Report 2013


An Analysis of the Revenue Models, Commercial Strategies & Consumer Demands that are Driving Content, Apps & Smartphone Integration

The disparity between product development cycles of the car, apps and connected services has proved challenging for automakers, Tier ones and app developers. TU’s business intelligence report explains how to ensure your products remain relevant to the connected-car customer.

Topics Essential to Telematics Connectivity Success

  • Market prospects: Discover how infrastructure and the role of wireless carriers will affect the connected car to develop a durable business model to monetize in-vehicle content
  • Top global innovators: Find out who is innovating to integrate content into the vehicle to ensure you partner with the right companies and the most suitable segments of the value chain
  • Market trend critique: Learn which services and content such as insurance, traffic and entertainment, will drive automotive sales for the next 3-5 years in order to attract the next-gen consumer
  • The connected car of the future: Get up to date with the 3 most popular apps, in order to visualize the future car and integrate that into your product development plan to lead the market 

  • OEM and app developer case studies: Learn from tried and tested content integration strategies from companies such as Volvo, Toyota and Vodafone in order to differentiate your products
  • Region-specific strategies: Identify the in-vehicle content needs of North America, Europe, China, Brazil and Russia in order to tailor your products and solutions to further penetrate these markets

  • Technical challenges: Learn how the iPhone, tablet integration and smartphones will affect business models to enable you to position your products at the forefront of innovation


Leading companies who bought our previous telematics connectivity reports:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • OnStar
  • NNG
  • Geotrack
  • Qualcomm
  • Toyota
  • Shell
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • Lo Jack
  • Intel Corporation
  • Neusoft
  • Hyundai
  • Volkswagen
  • John Deere


Who are Telematics Update?

Telematics Update offers unique and incisive news and analysis for the automotive telematics space.

Our business know-how includes areas such as Insurance Telematics, Safety, Infotainment, In-Car Content, Navigation, LBS, Fleet Management and Telematics for EVs.

Our newsletter, reports and global B2B conferences unite thought-leaders from across the automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, wireless, digital and web industries to drive innovation, build relationships and bring vehicle connectivity to the masses.

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Expert reviews from our previous Smartphone Integration Report:

"The Telematics connectivity strategies report provides an interesting analysis of the strategies being used to bring content and apps, as well as the integration of the smartphone into the connected car. I would recommend it to those seeking to remain relevant in the next development cycle of the connected car. It’s a report that I am eager to come back to and consider more deeply."

Tom Blackie, VP Mobile, RealVNC

"The Telematics connectivity strategies report 2013 is a valuable and thought provoking analysis of the connectivity space.  I agree with the ideas and conclusions made in the report, and believe that it provides an important perspective on the evolution of the connected car. I recommend this report to those seeking to improve their connectivity strategy and overall position in the industry."

Joseph Berry, Managing Partner, JBJ Advisors

"Telematics Update’s Telematics connectivity strategies report 2013 is a great, comprehensive summary of the industry today. I would thoroughly recommend it to all in this domain." 

Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director, Panasonic Automotive Systems America

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