Take a Look at the Topics that are Steering Connected Car Insurance in 2017

We have compiled 3 months of independent research to bring you the most business critical issues for the connected car and auto insurance.

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Day One
Keynotes Track 1: The Foundations of Connected Car Insurance Services Track 2: The Expanding Ecosystem

Day Two
Keynotes Track 3: The Future of Connected Car Insurance Track 4: Connected Claims

  • Day 1

    Introduction from TU-Automotive
    Andrew Pym, Senior Project Director, TU-Automotive
    OEM Data Integrations Throughout the Insurance Lifecycle

    By 2025 half of all vehicles could have native connectivity. Hear about integrations LexisNexis has undertaken with OEM data sources to help insurers, OEMs and consumers benefit from this change

    • The OEM case studies: Analyze the obstacles encountered, areas of trial and error and innovations that came with working with multiple automaker integrations
    • New opportunities to create exceptional consumer experiences across the insurance lifecycle, starting by leveraging insurers’ existing integrations within quoting and underwriting
    • The importance of taking a device-agnostic, platform approach to help ensure consistent analytics and consumer experience regardless of the data sources involved
    Pavan Mathew, Director of Automotive Business Development, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
    The ZEN of Telematics-Based Insurance

    Connected cars are here, the data is streaming, and insurers are first in line to benefit. How will that data be used to create peace of mind for insurers and consumers alike? CCC’s 30-year history helping insurers build smarter businesses now extends to connecting insurers with an emerging sea of driving data via a hyper-scale platform that already supports two million connected cars and scores 8 million trips every single day. CCC will share how its platform’s new OEM capabilities, together with an unmatched automotive ownership network and 180M history of automotive claims, is empowering insurers to:

    • Win more (and more qualified) customers
    • Place smarter bets on risk and maximize profitability
    • Revolutionize the claims experience in an on-demand world
    Andreas Hecht, SVP, General Manager OEM, CCC Information Services
    The Risk of Distracted Driving in a Digital Age

    2016 saw a shocking 10% rise in traffic fatalities - the sharpest increase since 1996. Here we assess the tech that's steering distracted driving from prevention to causation and management.

    • Understand the multiple facets (e.g. infotainment, mobile compatibility) contributing to distraction resulting in rising premiums and increased costs for insurance companies
    • Incorporate a distracted driving score as a key factor of risk based on smartphone use, both active (e.g. text messaging) and passive (e.g. GPS navigation)
    • Measure the impact on risk as OEMs add features like ESC, FCW and AEB to vehicles. To what extent is ADAS contributing to diminished situational awareness in drivers?

    *ESC – Electronic Stability Control | FCW – Forward Collision Warning |AEB – Automated Emergency Braking

    Dave Pratt, General Manager - Usage Based Insurance, Progressive Insurance
    Nino Tarantino, North America CEO, Octo Telematics
    David Lukens, Director - Telematics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
    Ted Gramer, CEO, TrueMotion
    Moderator: Jeffrey Hannah, Director, SBD North America
    Future Proof Telematics

    Insurance is being impacted from many directions and the era of connected customers is underway. Consider the requirements of a telematics platform fit for the digital and connected car age of auto insurance.

    • The next generation telematics platform: Create interoperability across varied data sources spanning dongle, vehicle embedded to mobile solution to deliver next generation insurance solutions
    • Overcome legacy issues of integration with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach that enable the utilisation of telematics data and services that is available today
    • The risk of doing nothing: Understand the implications to your business of being overly cautious in the connected car arena - Can you afford to fight against innovation and insure unconnected drivers?
    Jonathan Hewett, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Octo Telematics
    Morning Coffee & Networking
    There’s a Lot of Talk, But is Anyone Listening?

    Take stock of UBI and autonomy and conversations amongst all the stakeholders. Here we will assess what is being said by which part of the ecosystem and paint a true picture of the market as we hear about it.

    • Explore how Connected Auto conversations are happening, consider examples of who is (and isn’t) listening, and discuss how all of it will impact the ultimate acceptance of Connected Car-driven changes
    • Gain clarity of the UBI segment by understanding the discourse between insurance carriers, their current and potential customers, and then the consumer as they speak to carriers and each other
    • In the autonomous vehicle space, automakers, insurance companies, consumers and government entities are all talking to each other. Cut through the noise and derive a business plan from the rhetoric
    Roosevelt Mosley, Principal, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources
    Lessons Learned: A Mobile Program and What the Future Holds

    We take into account a case study as mobile proliferates as the connected car solution for insurance and explore the possible direction mobile applications can go in the future.

    • Get up close and personal: Hear a live and unedited a “fireside” conversation between The Floow and their insurance partner where we explore the strategic drivers to go mobile
    • Learn about the ‘what next’ for the program and their take on what the future holds for mobile programs - prepare your product roadmap
    • Get to grips with the operational challenges and successes of a live mobile program. Understand choices made, their reasoning and how to come to a successful outcome
    Aldo Monteforte, CEO, The Floow
    Steve Brown, Senior Vice President - Insurance Operations, Auto Club Group
    InsurTech Startups on Stage

    In 2016, InsurTech companies raised $2.6 billion — more than the last five years combined. Hear elevator pitches from six innovative startups in the connected car insurance industry today.

    • Six startups go head to head! Identify where startups are filling gaps in connected services, reacting to the autonomous and mobility trends utilising brought-in and on-board vehicle tech.
    • Three expert judges: See what carriers, accelerators and venture capitalists are identifying as winning ideas for connected car insurance services, then can pick your own winners!
    • At the end of the elevator pitches meet the founders and CEOs of these startups - develop relationships to put you in the driving seat for connected insurance services
    Judge: Matteo Carbone, Founder & Director, Connected Insurance Observatory
    Judge: Ali Safavi, Director, Plug and Play Tech Center
    Judge: George Burgess, Venture Partner, InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover
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  • Track 1: The Foundations of Connected Car Insurance Services
    Insurance Telematics: A Fleeting Opportunity

    Operating with unsatisfactory loss ratios insurers have reached a turning point in commercial lines coverage. Here we explore the window for innovation and opportunity.

    • Debate the methods in which policies should be written for fleet vehicles with ADAS features such as AEB & LDW, which will be the subject of future hardware and firmware updates
    • Implement triggered and extended video recording tech to accompany telematics data to protect drivers from liability of prosecution and enable onsite exoneration
    • Identify circumstances (i.e. policy interpretation & reliance on exclusion clauses) to which claims are being disputed resulting in costly court involvement - is telematics the solution?
    John Hansen, Director, Office of the CIO & Connected Services, Navistar
    2017 - The Year Commercial Insurance Telematics & UBI Becomes Inevitable for Insurers

    2017 marked the poorest underwriting results in recent years for commercial lines insurers. Due to adverse loss frequency and severity trends, including those caused by distracted driving, commercial lines combined ratios have risen to over 100%. In order to stay profitable, commercial insurers have been forced to increased rates to the ultimate dissatisfaction of customers. Is there a better way?

    • Understand how to insurers can tap into existing fleet interest in telematics insurance for usage and advantage to become profitable again
    • Discover the importance of first to market with telematics, and how it can change the current dynamics of customer acquisition and retention
    • Understand whom to target and the complete spectrum of solution capabilities you need to offer, including the available telematics models from OBD to mobile and more
    Christopher Dell, Senior Director, Product Development & Strategy, IMS
    Guy Dougherty, Head of Commercial Auto Product Development, Farmers Insurance Group
    Shobana Sankaran, VP of Insurance, Nauto
    Moderator: Tom Cullen, Managing Director, Aon Benfield
    UBI from the Ground Up

    Insurance carriers are now realising the importance of moving their business digital. Understand how carriers that also move their products digital that will win out.

    • Discard the rating variables and proxies of old (i.e. profession, credit score, marital status) to develop a digital standalone UBI rating model and product utilizing telematics data
    • Identify correlations in telematics data and propensity of loss to develop experience ratings for UBI customers - Assess the risk of individuals over an entire class of policy holders
    • Assess how a digitally structured business will act as a spring board for IoT, home and health based products. Identify the connection points today through this period of investment
    Jim Levendusky, Vice President - Telematics, Verisk Insurance Solutions
    Kelleen Arquette, FCAS, MAAA, Director of Actuarial, Germania Insurance
    Andy Goldby, Chief Product Officer, The Floow
    Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics
    Afternoon Coffee & Networking
    Changing Behavior through ‘Closed Loop’ Telematics-Based Strategies

    Here we assess how to permanently break bad driving habits using a combination of cultural context, policy, leadership, driver scoring, behavior-based telematics, targeted micro learning, and coaching strategies.

    • Understand what a closed loop risk reduction strategy is and how has it been proven to reduce collisions up to 67% and TCO by 20-40%
    • How do telematics and micro learning enable compilation of a much richer driver risk profile and delivery of actionable remediation? Does the inclusion of rewards, gamification and shamification augment the impact?
    • What does FICO’s experience in the consumer credit world portend regarding the effective use of telematics-based scoring to change driving behavior?
    Celia Stokes, CEO, eDriving
    Sally Taylor-Shoff, Scores Vice President, FICO
    Consumer Benefits of a Data-agnostic Telematics Platform

    Half of all people who have been offered UBI have accepted and this rate is likely to improve even further as a rich telematics ecosystem develops across OEMs, insurers, retailers, repair shops and many other service providers.

    • Gain insights on how a telematics platform creates consistency for consumers regardless of the data sources involved
    • Understand how consumers are protected by keeping them engaged, informed and conscious of their risk profile resulting in safer drivers and better loss ratios
    • Activate new opportunities to enable enhanced consumer experience and engagement across the insurance lifecycle, starting by leveraging insurers’ existing integrations within quoting and underwriting
    David Lukens, Director - Telematics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
    The Shifting Regulatory Landscape in Connected Car Insurance

    As UBI gains traction across North America, carriers look to launch new products and expand their coverage - but is there a need for a better dialogue with regulators to do so?

    • Understand how extraction of data from sensors such as GPS, accelerometer can conflict with state-by-state regulation - align your backend infrastructure to maintain compliancy
    • How do you approach filings for UBI programs when state regulators require evidence of data correlation to risk at wide variance of frequencies?
    • Adhere to regulatory standards at each step of data transmissions - from the phone, app or dongle to data warehouse where it's processed & packaged - prior to reaching the data exchange
    Eric Nordman, Director of Regulatory Services, NAIC
    J. Stephen Zielezienski, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, American Insurance Association
    Bob Passmore, Assistant VP - Personal Lines Policy, Property Casualty Insurance Association of America (PCI)
    Moderator: Dave Huber, President, Kairos Solutions
    Centralized vs. Decentralized UBI Product Development

    Explore the operational challenges in UBI product development when looking at centralized vs. decentralized processes.

    • Where's your UBI business? New markets, big platform needs and acquisitions? Go centralized! Big growth targets, markets segmentation and strong business leaders? Go decentralized!
    • Align with a corporate wide strategy by instilling cross UBI product portfolio management - create interoperability, a common customer UI while eliminating costly development duplication
    • Create true accountability for UBI business lines and a deeper understanding of PnL while enabling superior, tailored product design that overcomes generalization or "platformification"
    James Spears, Assistant Vice President, Auto Experience, USAA
    Venkataraman Tiruppayanam, VP of Auto Experience, USAA
    Networking Drinks Reception
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  • Track 2: The Expanding Ecosystem
    Risk Factors in the Smartphone Era

    Using real-world data from hundreds of thousands of drivers, covering nearly a billion kilometers, and including about 1000 crashes and tens of thousands of near-crashes, we analyze how well different measurable risk factors predict the likelihood of a crash.

    • How do traditional factors like mileage compare with traditional telematics factors like hard braking and acceleration, versus factors uniquely measurable via smartphones such as phone distraction?
    • How do we make drivers better and safer? What methods work, and why? We share data from applications like Boston’s Safest Driver, EverDrive, and several others. 
    • How does driving quality vary by region and country? How well do regulations work to make drivers less distracted and safer; are penalties more effective than incentives?
    Hari Balakrishnan, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Cambridge Mobile Telematics
    Disruption at the Door of Auto Insurance

    Car safety tech. and shared mobility could bring non-traditional players to the $400 billion global auto insurance market. Understand how they could amass 20% of the auto insurance market.

    • Re-position as the likes of Tesla, Google, Amazon etc. bolster distribution and logistics departments as the foundations for an insurance offering via a "shared mobility" initiative
    • Understand the impetus to re-platform, restructure and reduce overheads as the paucity of claims brings premiums to all-time lows and invites new and aggressive competition
    • Build contingencies for when tech giants leverage driver data (from apps such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps) that enable competitive, tailored insurance offerings to its customers
    Greg Ross, (formerly) Global Director - Business Development & Alliances, General Motors
    Louwrens Appelcryn, Global Telematics Strategy and Business Development Leader, Willis Towers Watson
    Mac Fraser, General Manager, Telematics, CCC
    James Dodge, Practice Leader, Milliman
    Moderator: Karen Pauli, Principal, SMA Strategy Meets Action
    The Retrofit Market in HD

    The affordability of cameras and video files has made them a means to measure accountability and measure behaviour. Assess how insurers and service providers are leveraging this tech.

    • Understand current capabilities of camera tech. (i.e. omnidirectional for 360-degrees video) that can be deployed for insurance purposes such as claims and UBI scoring
    • Creating a picture of risk: Integrate video and image data within the risk rating parameters of a UBI programme. Can the lengthy actuarial process of 3-5 years be sidestepped?
    • Rear vision cameras reduce claims by 17%. Create a value proposition for consumers to open access to the OBDII port to access vehicle data for increased UBI adoption rates
    Stephanie Forster, Director of Insurance Programs, SmartDrive Systems
    Stefan Heck, CEO, Nauto
    Harry Storck, Global Fleet Technical Specialist, AIG
    Moderator: Larry Karp, Sr. Business Development Executive, IoT, SAS
    Afternoon Coffee & Networking
    BMW CarData - Boosting Transparency and Data Access

    Here how BMW look to leverage innovative technologies, digitalization and sustainability to deliver unique customer experiences.

    • Learn how telematics data will move from the vehicle to the BMW data center to corporate third parties via a customer approved process of data sharing for unprecedented insights to vehicle and driver behaviour
    • Assess how BMW are positioning themselves and their data services for insurance carrier companies and how these types of 3rd parties may offer incentives and benefits to BMW customers to share data
    • Get to grips with the new ecosystem of services and service providers that can come into fruition and provide another level of value for the customers of BMW and BMW CarData 3rd parties
    Heini Schulz, ConnectedDrive Services Manager, BMW of North America, LLC
    Next Gen: Mobile's Role in Evolving Insurance Products

    Over 80% of consumers have mobile phones and they are spending an average of 4 hours per day on them. See how mobile phone sensor, location and usage data combined with machine learning is enabling the next generation of insurance products and services.

    • Analyse and assess the nuances of why UBI adoption is growing and mobile is leading the way
    • Distraction on our roads is growing, the phone is both the problem and solution but what how do strike a balance?
    • Navigate claims as the last frontier. Utilize mobile to capture accident scene data to enable straight through processing and AI
    Ted Gramer, CEO, TrueMotion
    David Pratt, General Manager - UBI, Progressive Insurance
    Moving at Startup Pace with Digital Foundations

    Insurance carriers are at risk of losing out on huge market share as agile startups make quick adjustments to their digitally based business to adapt and capitalise on gaps in the market.

    • Evaluate a platform as a service (PaaS) development processes that allows for rapid, low-cost experimentation required to run UBI and other IoT applications
    • The demand of scale: Get to grips with redundancy processes that need to be installed for hardware and software (at the data transmission and gateway) to decrease service lag
    • Combine business-IT collaboration with multi-cloud deployment enabling cross-functional/vertical teams to rapidly deliver web and smartphone apps
    Mike Koleno, CTO, Solstice
    Chetan Phadnis, CTO, Arity
    Cyril Zeller, VP - Key Accounts, Scope Technology
    Moderator: Jeffrey Hannah, Director, SBD North America
    Data & Risk - A Sensory Delight

    Across the value chain vehicle data is in high demand which requires more sensors in the vehicle. Now the question is how to harness that data to create cost effective services.

    • Identify new areas of the value chain such as roadside assistance providers, dealerships & repair shops that can benefit from embedded and aftermarket sensor data
    • Understand how you combine sensor data from HW such as laser and radar to create holistic picture of the driving and vehicle environment - build a higher resolution image of the risk
    • Identify the variance in data sets when paired with different transmission devices from the ECU such as OBDII and Bluetooth
    Sapna Sainani, Head of Business Development, Continental Intelligent Transportation System
    Chad Ammons, Vice President - Global Strategy & Development, Assurant
    Dr. Ben Miners, Vice President - Innovation, IMS
    Colin Smithers, CEO, Redtail
    Moderator: Kevin Cheng, Automotive Technology Analyst, SBD Automotive
    Networking Drinks Reception
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Day One
Keynotes Track 1: The Foundations of Connected Car Insurance Services Track 2: The Expanding Ecosystem

Day Two
Keynotes Track 3: The Future of Connected Car Insurance Track 4: Connected Claims

  • Day 2

    The IoT Impact: Distribution, Rating and Underwriting of Personal Auto

    Until recently, insurers have largely determined car insurance premiums based on proxies for actual driving behaviors but this is changing rapidly as other sources of data emerge.

    • Eliminate overlaps of telematics data and traditional proxies to calculate provisional premiums and avoid further adjustments pending a telematics-based driving score
    • As OEMs, telcos, mobile handset providers & location-based app providers (collectively called "data suppliers") move to monetize prepare for game changing revisions of auto insurance pricing
    • Envisage how “data suppliers” could fundamentally change the way insurance policies are sold, underwritten and rated and the knock on effect to auto insurance carriers
    Geoff Werner, Global Telematics Product Leader, Willis Towers Watson
    Driving ‘No Touch Claims’ With the Data Exchange

    As insurance companies become more insightful & automated the customer and ecosystem benefit. Here we explore how we reached this point and where to go from here.

    • Solve the 'many-to-many' problem by utilizing the exchange model framework to collect data from the OEMs, TSPs and other providers to streamline operations and efficiency
    • Enable cutting-edge capabilities (e.g. predictive analytics to severity threshold filtering) to bring the relevant party into play (i.e. property adjustors) to expedite claims and increase satisfaction
    • Build a roadmap to no touch claims and proactive loss mitigation including fraud detection, total loss identification and the right next step (i.e. accident management) for added cost reductions
    Saurabh Khemka, SVP and General Manager, IoT/Telematics, Verisk Insurance Solutions
    Ramon Lopez, VP of Claims Innovation, USAA
    Behavioural Telematics - The Missing Link to Better Risk Assessment

    Here we assess the insights of the ecosystem from technology provider to insurer on how understanding driver behavior will set the foundations of  future book of business in auto insurance.

    • The Problem - Traditional telematics data which is heavily geared towards vehicle diagnostics and mileage does not provide sufficient insights into the actual risk exposure of the drivers being insured. While some conclusions could be arrived, the picture is incomplete without understanding the real driving behaviors
    • The Opportunity - To better assess the book of business written, and influence the selection and pricing of new risks, or design & market new UBI products, understanding the driving behaviors is key. Influencing youthful driver (the future book) by curbing their bad driving early with fact-based coaching, one can also impact loss ratios of the future
    • The Solution - With the advancing technology and smart devices we already carry, driving behaviors can be reasonable well detected without addition of any new hardware (cost), which in turn deliver new data (missing link) that insurers never had
    Steve Minster, Director of Ignite, The General Insurance
    SriKrishna Tirumala, Executive Vice President for Insurance Services, Prime Technology
    Shane Griffis, National Sales Manager, Nation Safe Drivers
    Ed Mulvey, VP of Personal Lines Underwriting, Pekin Insurance
    Moderator: Karen Pauli, Principal, SMA Strategy Meets Action
    Morning Coffee & Networking
    Connected Car and UBI - A Convergence of Technologies

    As the costs of OBD devices continue to limit the adoption of UBI, and smartphone only based solutions lack the ability to provide comparable data, OEM Connected Car solutions are poised to offer a significant alternative. Over the next few years, as auto insurers look to further implement UBI, the best programs will support a multitude of data acquisition technologies.

    • OEM Data acquisition case studies - How to manage the complexity of different makes and models along with privacy limitations that vary considerably between states and countries.
    • Data Exchanges - how can insurers best leverage OEM data without having to create point to point interfaces, and how can OEMs simplify the monetization of their data
    • Combining the data sources - How to integrate OEM data with OBD and smartphone based deployments
    Cyril Zeller, VP Key Accounts, Scope Technologies
    Tim Kennedy, Global UBI Product Manager and Scope/Milliman Alliance Manager, DXC Technologies (formerly CSC and HP: ES)
    James Dodge, Big Data and Analytics, Milliman Actuarial
    Rate Modelling for UBI

    Address and discuss the technological and business challenges that come with utilizing telematics data to calculate risk.

    • The role of the ‘vendor’: With limited data means limited loss experience. How can you best leverage vendor programs that pool data from insurance companies to develop credible rates?
    • Consider a direct purchasing channel of telematics rates to offset experience of in-house actuaries modelling telematics data
    • Learn how to manage large volumes of data required for both modelling rates and feeding into policy systems for new rating processes whilst ensuring customer data privacy
    Katie DeGraaf, Director of Product - Insurance Solutionst, Arity
    Supercharging the Driving Experience with Intelligence

    Intelligent data and machine learning are fueling a new generation of driving experiences. Infusing telematics into driving solutions can empower consumers in innovative ways that build loyalty and enhance the customer experience.

    • Understand how configurable roadside assistance programs can position carriers as heroes during a policyholder’s time of need
    • See how the transformation of an old-school industry is ‘Uber-fying’ the consumer experience
    • Learn how automating the accident resolution process can benefit both carriers and their policyholders
    Christina DeRosa, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Agero
    Jeff Blecher, Sr. Vice President, Strategy, Agero
    The Evolution of Motor Insurance is Connected

    The face of motor insurance is changing. We speak to two C-Level executives as they shape their companies to meet the challenges and opportunities that connectivity brings.

    • Get a direct insight to the change processes that are ushered in with the advent of connectivity compared to a greenfield approach to fully utilize connected car data
    • Weigh-up the balance of today's business necessities versus developing a new and robust product roadmap to win out in an era of connected mobility and autonomous vehicles
    • Asses the current value chain and how we expect to see this change as motor insurance becomes data and digital driven. Who are the giants at the gate?
    Alex Timm, CEO, Root Insurance
    Danny Maco, Head of Telematics and Advanced Solutions, CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer
    David Braun, VP - P&C Shared Operations, Nationwide
    Moderator: Frederic Bruneteau, Founder and Managing Director, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group
Click here to access the conference presentations and audio
Click here to access the conference presentations and audio
Click here to access the conference presentations and audio

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