The Primary Platform To Promote Your UBI Business

The landscape of motor insurance is shifting - Whilst UBI steadily increases in it's adoption rates, mega trends such as IoT, connected mobility and the autonomous car are set to send shockwaves through the motor insurance industry and demand the construction of new insuranc products.

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Show The Market What You Are Capable Of

  • Establish or reaffirm your company as market leader: In a market that is rapidly changing it is crucial to position yourself as a leader. Speak to the industry directy and assert your position and dedication to this burgeoning market. 
  • Do be seen. Don't be conspicuous by your abscence: As new players emerge with multi-faceted UBI services and products it will be integral to your business to give a clear mission statement to your target audience and express your core competencies.  
  • Create a hot sheet of new leads: We'll position your brand in front of 300+ Insurers, OEMs, Tier 1’s, TSPs, Integrators, Wireless Carriers and Software/ Hardware suppliers to increase your exposure and grow your market share
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Impress Potential Clients with Relevant, Targeted Marketing

We’ve helped many businesses grow. Let us work with you to understand the best way in which we can help deliver a focused message to a decision making audience. We will develop a sponsorship package bespoke to your business, to enable you to:

  • Increase visibility of a new product or service
  • Demonstrate your business and technical expertise
  • Grow your business development network
  • Inform the Insurance Telematics eco-system and its new entrants of your unique viewpoint
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How We've Helped Companies Like You Before

We have worked with several Insurance Telematics players over the past 4 years and created unique sponsorship packages to help them achieve their goals and meet new clients.

Previous sponsors & attendees attest:

Redtail Telematics

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Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

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Find out about the unique solutions we can offer to help grow your business


Lead the Insurance Telematics Market

Our Packages are Bespoke to each Individual Client depending on their Business Development and Marketing Goals

From taking to the stage, utilizing effective brand management, to hosting a networking party, we are only limited by our imaginations. By talking to you and understand your objectives in this space we will be able to create a package to help you achieve your goals.

Reach a realm of new customers with a custom made package that can include:

  • Keynote Presentations to the entire audience of key decision makers
  • Panel Participation among a group of senior level executives
  • Exhibition Space in the solutions zone
  • Premium Branding before, during and after the event
  • Exclusive Podcasts & Social Networking Presence
  • Conference Passes for you and your team

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Find out more about sponsorship opportunities:

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