The Most Groundbreaking Topics in the Connected Car in 2016:

After months of research into what issues will be the most pertinent to the industry in 2016, we have put together an agenda which explores all the angles for the business critical use cases of big data in the connected car.

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Day 1 Conference Program

7:00-8:30 Registration, Exhibition & Welcome Coffee
Smart Car in the Smart City

8:30-9:00 Mobility As A Service

The biggest success story in the mobility industry takes to the stage to discuss their current plans. Hear how data and mapping expertise allow a company with no cars to become the largest mobility provider in the world.

Christoph Weigler, General Manager, UBER

9:00-9:30 Big Data’s Big Success: Parking

For a multi modal service to work drivers need to be able to leave their cars somewhere and for them to work seamlessly that ‘somewhere’ needs to be known before they arrive.

  • Explore the successes of parking services as the first true triumph of big data and how the lessons in big data and analytics can be applied in adjacent implementations
  • Learn if we need to make the jump from smartphone apps to embedded to allow parking finders to mesh with more automated parking systems
  • Discover whether, with the low barrier to entry, OEMs are happy to leave this space to start ups and third parties or if they will start to take the reins

Martin Wiecker, Research Engineer, Ford

9:30-10:00 Bridging the Gap Between Infrastructure and Automotive

Effective traffic management is imperative, as roads get ever more congested; connected management systems will allow for higher density of cars with less jams

  • Explore how road operators can utilise connected services in the car to bring personalised traffic control messages into the vehicle
  • Hear what needs to happen to allow road operators and OEMs to begin exploiting each other’s data, from creating a data gateway or opening up silos
  • Discover how connectivity can increase road capacity by 30% without building more roads through dynamic routing and speed changes

Jan Cools, CEO, Be-Mobile

10:00-10:30 The Car’s Place in the City

As many cities look at removing cars from the urban equation over the coming years, what will come to define the role of the car in our cities?

  • Explore whether car sharing platforms are pulling customers away from traditional purchase models or if there are two separate markets defined by age
  • Discover the future of the car in the city now that private ownership is no longer the defacto mobility model and what the most effective combination with other services will be
  • Rising levels of autonomy will have an effect on urban ownership in particular. Hear how driverless cars will change our buying habits going forwards

Moderator: Jack Bergquist, Automotive, Lead, GfK
Steffen Schäfer, Senior Principal Mobility IT Solutions, Siemens AG
Holger Weiss, Board Director, Gestigon
Heiko Barnerßoi, Country Manager, Drivy

10:30-11:00 Exhibition & Networking Coffee
Predicting Infotainment’s Future

11:00-11:30 Infotainment: This Time it’s Personal

The hurdles to getting services into the car have mostly been overcome and the next big challenge is making these services personal and hyper relevant.

  • Explore the ways that cars can recognise who is driving or a passenger and tailor the services to suit through smartphone, Key ID’s or a third party ID layer
  • With the car now firmly ensconced in the IoT explore why a ‘single sign on’ makes more sense than ever to get a seamless experience
  • Hear whether the smartphone is already so entrenched in our lives that it will become the de facto ‘key’ to your IVI and all connected entertainment

Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics
Remith Ravi, Group Leader - Connected Car Group, Honda R&D Europe
Antonio Sanchez Calderon, Connectivity & Infotainment, Kia Motors
Dr Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, Deutsche Telekom

11:30-12:00 The Future of the Connected Car

The number of cars connected to the Internet is projected to grow rapidly worldwide - from 14% in 2013 to over 55% in 2020. As the connected car evolves, we discuss how automakers will create unique in-car experiences.

  • Discover what today’s drivers expect of a car/UX and more importantly, what they will expect tomorrow when the IoT, the self-driving car & smart cities are all truly interlinked realities
  • Explore how automakers will be able to enhance their brand and satisfy customer demand for third-party content and applications in a customizable UX that they fully control
  • See how new cloud-based innovations act as the driving force behind intelligent, personalized and seamless driver experiences that will impact automakers and their customers

Andreas Hecht, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Automotive, INRIX

12:00-12:30 Your Car Knows What You’ll Do Next Summer

After personalisation the next step is predictive IVI, this is already possible with your smartphone, but

  • Learn how your car can utilise all its data about you to deliver seamless, surprising, services from altering your phones alarm to get you up earlier due to traffic to suggesting new restaurants based on previous experiences.
  • Discover what data sets are required to power a service like this and how they can be designed to allow them to interact and communicate.
  • Utilising such large quantities of data does have regulatory hurdles, especially in Europe, learn what needs to happen to overcome them

Peter Virk, Director of Connected Technologies and Apps, Jaguar Land Rover

12:30-14:00 Exhibition & Networking Lunch
Data Sets - Stronger Together

14:00-14:30 Data Exchange: Open Data Opens Up New Opportunities

OEMs are slowly shifting from their traditional siloes and beginning to embrace the idea of a freer exchange of data to accelerate innovation

  • Discover open data and open ecosystems:and learn why openness alone is not enough and how this is being seen by traditional players
  • Explore the connected vehicle as a part of the internet of things and discover the central role is can play through BMW's project bIoTope
  • See how traffic management 2.0 can be the win-win approach to individual mobility services and public traffic management

Ulrich Fastenrath, Head - Traffic Information Management & Routing Optimization, BMW

14:30-15:00 Connecting Cars and Customers - and Keeping Them!

Consumers are increasingly viewing their vehicles through a consumer device lens and expect data-driven features on a consumer device schedule.

  • Explore how to maintain the safety and reliability for all systems at all levels in complex vehicles while greatly decreasing the time from conception to delivery.
  • Uncover the best way for Automakers to leverage the Connected Vehicle for delivering differentiated customer experiences, while monetizing connected vehicle data through improved customer loyalty.
  • Understand how to develop innovative in-vehicle services, acquire and analyze vehicle sensor data, and retain customers with modern Customer Experience solutions.

Rob van der Aar, Director Business Development, Oracle

15:00-15:30 Vehicle Sensor & Diagnostics Data: For the OEM’s eyes only?

Pressure is mounting on OEMs to share the data that they collect from vehicles with third parties, including independent servicing garages and lease & rental companies.

  • Explore whether car makers should be looking to share vehicle data with the rest of the value chain? Might they be obliged to by law in the future?
  • Discuss the privacy concerns this may open up for OEMs and whether these outweigh the benefits to the other parties, such as rental companies, insurers and advertisers
  • Whose decision is it anyway, analyse the various opinions around who should be making the call on this. Should the customer be given a voice?

Moderator: Lee Colman, Head of Connected Car, SBD
Toby Poston, Director of Communications and External Relations, BVRLA
Paul Verkinderen, Sales Director Europe & MEA, Chevin Fleet Solutions

15:30-16:00 Exhibition & Networking Coffee
Regulation and the Future

16:00-16:30 The Car as a Second Living Room

Drivers spend on average 2 hours a day in their cars and as their digital life follows them everywhere else they are more than ever expecting their car to follow suit.

  • With the car being one of the fastest developing area in our connected world discover the unique opportunities available
  • Learn how the evolution of in-car WiFi is delivering a true second sitting room experience in todays connected car
  • Explore how a multi-national approach is the key to delivering a successful experience in this competitive space

Dr Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, Deutsche Telekom

16:30-17:00 Regulating the Unexpected

The regulatory environment is looking ever more promising for the connected car,

  • Discuss the impact of the EU’s ‘Digital Single Market for Europe’ proposal from the EC and the UN meeting in Q1 2016 to discuss a unified set of rule for data sharing and security
  • Explore whether we are entering a ‘golden age’ of innovation with public and private interests aligned behind the connected car and what more can be done
  • Learn how companies can best work around the last major legislative hurdle, the slow speed of implementing legislation, through a technology first approach

Francois Guichard, Engineer, UNECE

17:30-18:00 Auto 2025: Industry and Consumer Perspective of the Self-Enabling Vehicle

By 2025, the vehicle will be sophisticated enough to configure itself to a driver and other occupants. It will be able to learn, heal, drive and socialize with other vehicles and its surrounding environment

  • Hear how self-enabling vehicles will become increasingly sophisticated and able to far exceed their main function of transporting people.
  • Learn how consumer-driven mobility, stemming from new innovators and digital technologies, is making it possible to deliver personalized experiences beyond the vehicle itself.
  • Explore how the 6 key concepts of self-integrating, -configuring, -socialising, -learning, -healing, -driving are changing the current mobility systems

Paul Fielden, Global Lead - Automotive Centre of Competence, IBM

18:00-20:00 Exhibition & Networking Drinks Reception
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Day 1 Day 2 Top

Day 2 Conference Program

8:00-9:00 Registration, Exhibition & Welcome Coffee
Customer Relationships in a Data Driven World

9:00-9:30 The Billion User OEM

Facebook steps up to utilise its vast consumer insight and data resources to push OEMs to broaden their horizons and look beyond the car buyer and instead start thinking of users. Discover how to leverage a brand to create the first billion-user OEM.

Christoph Stadeler, Head of Automotive, Facebook

9:30-10:00 Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make (24/7 Customer Relationship)

As OEMs move from traditional manufacturers to service providers, they are looking to be more integrated into people’s lives.

  • Learn how to keep the OEM brand front of mind for all mobility requirements through the provision of additional services like car sharing and pooling
  • Explore what needs to change at the highest levels at OEMs to integrate non-car owners in the ecosystem to ensure future growth through branded experiences like apps and car sharing
  • Find out how OEMs are managing this increased interaction with consumers e.g. data subscriptions and OTA updates to drive loyalty and create lifetime customers

Moderator: Jack Bergquist, Automotive, Lead, GfK
Armin Fendrich, CRO, OneConnect by Panasonic
Speaker TBC
Speaker TBC

10:00-10:30 The Techno Creatives

Joel Rozada, CEO, The Techno Creatives

10:30-11:00 How Do You Solve A Problem Like Dealerships?

With a purchase as large and emotive as a car, a personal sales approach is important. But more can be done to improve the relationship between customer and dealer.

  • With dealers predominantly being franchises, it can be more difficult to keep a consistent brand message, learn how to mitigate this with a solid Data Management System
  • Learn how dealers and OEMs can work together to leverage the available customer data to create a more seamless buying experience
  • Discover how intelligent deployment of data can keep a car in the dealer’s ecosystem from 1st owner through to the last with hyper personal services

Nick King, Head of Insight, Autotrader

11:00-11:30 Exhibition & Networking Coffee
Disruptive Innovation

11:30-12:00 Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success

The European market is not always an easy one to set up a new venture with multiple languages and sets of regulations, but some OEMs are stepping up to change this.

  • Learn how OEM's are embracing startups/early stage companies through localized teams to help them innovate and grow
  • Discover how Mobility is continuing to change the OEM model both internally and in their relationships with startups and how will it benefit consumers
  • Explore what Ford is doing to spearhead engagement and innovation in this area and what lessons can be learned from this

Abraham Philip, Manager of Connected Vehicle & Services, Ford

12:00-12:30 Developers Maketh the Ecosystem

Traditional OEMs have very high barriers to entry for companies wanting to get their apps into the car; we explore what the industry can do to enable a new generation of developers

  • Explore the ways OEMs can welcome developers through outreach programs, greater standardisation and relaxing of IP
  • Learn how to safely open up the car to third parties to allow greater competition which will improve the quality of in car apps
  • Hear how OEMs can position themselves to ensure they are able to compete with the hundreds of millions of users in Apple and Android ecosystems

Thomas Schulte-Hillen, Chief Executive Officer, Infoware GmbH

12:30-13:00 Mapping Out a New Delivery Model

Cars are becoming more than just a mode of transport, they are slowly morphing into a hub for our lifestyles and in-car delivery is another step along that road

  • Hear how a single use digital key enables the driver to track when the delivery is made and remotely control access to the vehicle
  • Explore how in car delivery fits in with a general move towards OEMs becoming service providers and integrating themselves within our lives
  • Learn how the inherent issues around locating the car and routing deliveries have been overcome through better use of data

Tommy Hansson-Strand, Director - New Business Creation, Volvo Car Group

13:00-14:30 Exhibition & Networking Lunch

14:30-15:00 Multi Modal is the Future

Building out a true multi modal routing service requires taking into account all travel options which necessitates an unprecedented level of data sharing.

  • Learn the steps and safeguards required to bring together OEMs, public bodies transport providers and car sharing companies
  • Discover how standardising each party’s data before bringing it together is vital to deliver a seamless end user experience
  • Explore how the insight generated by these data sets communicating will also feed other systems such as traffic management to route people through least congested areas

Moderator: Niranjan Thiyagarajan, Senior Consultant, Frost & Sullivan
Alexander Pilz, Head of Passenger Information, Verkehrsbund Berlin-Brandenburg
Michael Stumpe, CEO & Founder, CarJump
Holger Weiss, Board Director, Gestigon

15:00-15:30 Privacy in the Age of ‘Always On’ Connectivity

There is a need to move to ‘privacy by design’; with connectivity being built into every facet of the car, legal teams need to be involved with the design process from the outset.

  • Assess whether the current rules on data privacy around personal data, including diagnostic, provide enough certainty for OEMs to make significant investments
  • Learn how to keep costs to a minimum through a thorough an understanding of the privacy landscape before the release of new products and services
  • Explore whether OEMs are doing enough to involve their customers  and if they are fully acknowledging that the most important consideration in privacy discussions is consent

Stephan Appt, Partner, Pinsent Masons

15:30-16:00 OTA to the Rescue (Again): Avoiding Recalls

The majority of faults now come through software bugs rather than mechanical issues and as EVs become more popular that will only increase.

  • Explore the steps and systems that need to be implemented to allow secure remote access to vehicles to enable fixes without the car ever leaving the driveway
  • Learn what issues still need resolving to enable this to be done securely and safely, such as backdoors, poor design and flaws around implementation
  • Discuss the issues that arise from OTA updates around data ownership with customers, dealers, garages and OEMs all having a stake

Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics
Jörg Lützner, Head of Portfolio & Innovation Management, Continental
Bob Andrews, Consultant, EE
Duarte Ramalho, Product Manager, Kia Motors
Theo-Han Jansen, Global Strategic Account Mgr. CCAR, Cisco Jasper

16:30 End Of Conference
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