The Hub of Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS in Japan

With 200+ executive attendees, 20+ top level industry speakers and 15+ insightful sessions, Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS Japan 2017 conference & exhibition is the place you can gain all you need to know in ADAS and autonomous arena in 2 days!

2017 Speakers

  • Lutz Rothhardt
    Lutz Rothhardt

    Development Japan Director
    BMW Japan Corp.

    BMW Japan Corp.
  • Hiroki Mori
    Hiroki Mori

    Group Manager, Advanced Safety System Research and Development Division
    Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Hiroyuki Asada
    Hiroyuki Asada

    General Manager, Advanced Vehicle Development Department, Development Management Div.
    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

    Mitsubishi Motors
  • Masahiro Higuchi
    Masahiro Higuchi

    General Manager, ADAS Business and Technology Development Div., Business Strategy Planning Dept.
    DENSO Corporation

    DENSO Corporation
  • Shuji Okuda
    Shuji Okuda

    Director, Electric Vehicle, Advanced Technology and ITS promotion Office
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Hisashi Chiba
    Hisashi Chiba

    General Manager, Automated Driving, Engineering Systems Development, Chassis Systems Control Division
    Bosch Corporation

    Bosch Corporation
  • Hiroki Uchiyama
    Hiroki Uchiyama

    Vice President, Advanced Development Center
    Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas,Inc.

    Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
  • Yuji Hirabayashi
    Yuji Hirabayashi


  • Masato Kawade
    Masato Kawade

    Manager of Vision Sensing Lab., Vision Lab., Sensing Technology Research Center, Technology and Intellectual Property H.Q.
    OMRON Corporation

    OMRON Corporation
  • Yasuhisa Shimazaki
    Yasuhisa Shimazaki

    Senior Manager, CPU System Solution Department, Core Technology Business Division, 1st Solution Business Unit
    Renesas Electronics Corporation

    Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Sadao Osawa
    Sadao Osawa

    Senior Project Manager
    SB Drive Corp.

  • Tsutomu Nakajima
    Tsutomu Nakajima

    President and Representative Director
    Dynamic Map Planning Co., Ltd

  • Mandali Khalesi
    Mandali Khalesi

    Head of Asia-Pacific, Automotive

  • Ryuji Wakikawa
    Ryuji Wakikawa

    Senior Director, CTO Office
    SoftBank Corp.

  • Eric Pineau
    Eric Pineau

    Director of Business Development, Automotive

  • Axel Bialke
    Axel Bialke

    Head of Japan Office

  • Björn Giesler
    Björn Giesler

    Senior Director, Head of Driver Assistance
    Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

  • Kyosuke Tomoyasu
    Kyosuke Tomoyasu

    Sales Manager, Sales Department
    Virtual Mechanics Corporation

    Virtual Mechanics Corporation
  • Aravind Ratnam
    Aravind Ratnam

    Head of Connected Vehicles Products
    Wind River

    Wind River
  • Kenji Kameya
    Kenji Kameya

    Director, Customer program Management, Japan
    HARMAN International Japan Co Ltd

  • Tsuguo Nobe
    Tsuguo Nobe

    Architect and Director Government Policy & Business Development / Visiting Associate Professor
    Intel K.K. / Nagoya University

    Intel K.K. / Nagoya University
  • Tomoya Ikeyama
    Tomoya Ikeyama

    Project Manager, Industry Technology Unit Automotive Industry Group
    Yano Research Institute Ltd.

    Yano Research Institute Ltd.
  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    Research Director of Transportation Security
    Rapid7 Japan K.K.

    Rapid7 Japan K.K.
  • Jitendra Deshpande
    Jitendra Deshpande

    Principal Solution Architect
    KPIT Technologies Ltd.

    KPIT Technologies Ltd.
  • Phil Magney
    Phil Magney

    Founder & Principal
    Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC.

  • Deepa Rangarajan
    Deepa Rangarajan

    Senior specialist – Autonomous Car

  • Danny Kim
    Danny Kim (Moderator)

    Director and Senior Advisor
    Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC.

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Key Topics 2017

  • ADAS and Autonomous: A Japan and World View:

    Gain insights into the global value chain, key enablers and growth issues within the ADAS and autonomous driving market

  • AI Powers Autonomy Inside and Outside the Vehicle:

    Get to grips with AI applications to improve HMI and driver detection as well as the recognition of obstacles around the vehicle

  • Cybersecurity in an Autonomous World:

    Keep pace with the methods and entry points of hackers to develop cyber security defenses that protect the vehicle

  • Push the Car into the Autonomous Era with the Perfect Combination of Technology:

    Gauge the latest evolutions in mapping, sensors, hardware, wireless connectivity and infrastructure to create the fully automated car

  • Put the Consumer at the Center of the Autonomous Vehicle:

    Explore what industry and governments need to do to build consumer trust, while providing an outstanding level of user experience

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Companies Already Signed Up for 2017

  • continental
  • fujitsu
  • bmw
  • Zenrin
  • Denso
  • bosch
  • toyota
  • Hitachi
  • HERE
  • subaru
  • Aisin AW
  • SBDrive
  • Mazda
  • omron
  • Denso
  • Honda
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Who Will Attend

The content of the conference is designed for Executives, General Managers, Directors, Senior Managers, Division/Unit/Team Leaders in OEMs, Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers, Technology Providers, Sensor Makers, Software Providers, Map Makers, IT Solution Providers, Wireless Carriers, who are responsible for researching, building, and implementing technologies and strategies in:

Stats by Position

Stats by Position

Stats by Industry

Stats by Industry

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About TU-Automotive Japan conferences

For the past 17 years TU-Automotive (formerly Telematics Update) has been dedicated to providing information and networking platforms to the automotive industry. Our goal is to unite the most influential companies and figures to discuss the challenges, create consensus and identify new partnerships and opportunities in the connected and automated car space. Our portfolio in Japan has a 8 year history and our flagship event, TU-Automotive Japan, is the longest running and widely regarded as the most prestigious connected car event. Last year saw over 300 experts from across the connected car ecosystem gather in central Tokyo.

See what the industry said about our sister event in the United States:

  • Security Innovation

    "Great opportunity to catch up with existing partners, meet new entrants to the market and build partnerships."

    - Security Innovation
  • Volkswagen

    "Very well organized and very informative conference. "

    - Volkswagen
  • Nissan

    "I met people at the conference who had answers to questions I had."

    - Nissan
  • Johnson Controls

    "Well attended across many involved industries. It met my expectations and was well worth the investment. "

    - Johnson Controls

2017 Sponsors

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  • LeddarTech

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  • ai motive
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